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Super pretty porch hanging painting Chinese painting flower and bird painting meaning is good and wealthy

The porch is the mouth of the air intake and the throat of the house. The good or bad of the design of the porch Feng Shui is related to the wealth and health of the owner. If the porch design is improper, the indoor financial position causes the phenomenon of direct diarrhea, which will make it difficult for the money to gather at home. Therefore, the porch hanging painting is very important. The decoration of the porch is related to the fortune of the whole family. The door is a very important part in Feng Shui. Some houses or business auxiliary are often reduced because of the wrong direction or other directions, which reduces the entire fortune.

超漂亮玄关挂画 国画花鸟画寓意好又招财

The porch hanging painting decoration must be lively, warm, prosperous, rich, harmonious, atmospheric, so beautiful flower and bird paintings will undoubtedly become the first choice of porch decoration. Flower and bird paintings are the topic of everyone’s favorite, and one of the most popular calligraphy and painting works. It is fragrant, beautiful, smooth ink, elegant and rich in color, like a bright and bright group flower in the flowers. , Elegant and dignified. As an indispensable part of home decoration, flower and bird painting has always been loved by everyone. At the same time, the size of the porch can not be too large. Generally, four feet, three feet, and the fighting side are appropriate. Appreciate a few super beautiful porch hanging paintings together:

Wang Yirong’s new Dou Fang Grape Map “Fruit Picture” works come from: Yi Congwang.com

The teacher uses a pen to be round and smooth, the composition is harmonious and simple, and the color is fresh and bright. The painter vividly depicts the glory of the vine with exquisite brushwork. The yellow leaves are free and elegant, and the crystal grapes are more attractive. The grapes are crystal clear in the painting. It also adds a lot of vitality to the picture. It is fun. Grape is a common theme of flowers and birds painting. It symbolizes fruitful results and means that it is not only suitable for home restaurants, bedrooms, porch and other places. Gifts of children.

Powerful painter Wang Yirong Zhaosai Jiudu picture “More Years” works come from: Yi Congwang

The nine cute carps in the painting play in the water, each with its own expression. The red fish is said to be prosperous. The noble character of the lotus “Zhongtong is straight, does not make the branches, the mud is not dyed, and it is clear that the clear ripples but not the demon” have always been one of the themes of the painting painting of poets from ancient times to the present. The lotus next to the nine fish is full of green and full of vigorous vitality. Lotus is also called lotus, which has the meaning of “company”, and “fish” takes the meaning of “surplus”, so it has the inscription of “more than years”.

The two themes of carp and lotus can not only praise the owner Gao Jie character, but also represent the longing for a better life in the future. The home porch hangs such a picture of the nine fish, which can be lucky to gather money, and you can be happy.

Wang Yirong’s four -foot vertical vice -country painting Peony band bird “Flower Flowers and Fulu Flood Long” works come from: Yi Congwang

The reason why people like peony is because the peony flowers bloom and splendid, and their beautiful flowers have made countless people dump; their graceful, elegant, rich and peaceful image represents the beauty of the happy life, and the country’s prosperity is implicated. Prosperity and prosperity.

超漂亮玄关挂画 国画花鸟画寓意好又招财

Belt birds are often used as ancient Chinese auspicious patterns. Because of the word (Shou), it is used with peony and is called “Fushou Shuangquan”. The inscription of Teacher Wang Yirong, “Flowers bloom and wealthy, Fu Shou Mian Long” also summarized the meaning of the two auspicious patterns of peony and bandbirds. Whether it is to hang it to the porch, living room, bedroom, restaurant or hotel, restaurant, tea house, etc., it is a very classic auspicious hanging painting.

The latest persimmons “Everything Ruyi” works from the year of the chicken year to open the door of the chicken year.

超漂亮玄关挂画 国画花鸟画寓意好又招财

“Persimmon” is flat and round, with the reputation of “jade plate dew, ice teeth incense”. Since ancient times, “persimmon” has been loved by many people. “Persimmon” is also the subject of Chinese painting. In traditional Chinese culture, “persimmon” is auspicious picture, and the persimmon is the same as “things”, which means that the red (red persimmon) head, everything (persimmon) Ruyi.

Whenever the golden autumn season, the red “persimmon” fruit is like a red lantern full of branches. The people of the Chinese people traditionally like red, and the red lanterns are indispensable for happy events and festive celebrations. , Happy auspicious. In this work of Teacher Wang Yirong, under the persimmon tree, there is also a Chinese painting chicken symbolizing the great luck of Great Great. The two auspicious patterns are combined, and they have the beautiful meaning of “everything is good, great in good luck”.

Master of Chinese Painting Master Wang Yirong Four -foot Boutique Peacock Picture “Xiangrui Map” works come from: Yi Congwang

超漂亮玄关挂画 国画花鸟画寓意好又招财

In the eyes of the Chinese people, the peacock is the king of hundreds of birds, and is known as the king’s spirit; the peacock is the incarnation of the “Phoenix” in the myth. It symbolizes the combination of yin and yang, showing people’s sacred sense of marriage and love. The meaning of the pair of pairs, good things. It is also a symbol of wealth, noble, and auspiciousness!

超漂亮玄关挂画 国画花鸟画寓意好又招财

From the perspective of feng shui, the peacock belongs to the sunbird, there is no contraindication, it can Hua Sha Town House, recruiting wealth, and bringing prosperity to the family. It is also a good product to send it to the elders, leaders, customers, and friends.

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超漂亮玄关挂画 国画花鸟画寓意好又招财

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