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Let your child pass the happy summer vacation electronic community handmade beads up

Source: Jiaxing Daily-Jiaxing Online

让孩子度过快乐暑假 电子社区手工串珠走起

In order to enrich the summer vacation of young people in the jurisdiction and exercise their hands -on ability, this morning, the electronic community of Xinjia Street, Nanhu District, and Xinjia Street Social Workers’ Station carried out the “handmade beaded to do pendant” hand -made activities. There are more than 30 teenagers in this event. join.

让孩子度过快乐暑假 电子社区手工串珠走起

At the event site, the community “Qiaojiao” aunt Zhang Jinmei prepared the colorful raw material acrylic beads for the children, and demonstrated the steps of beading operations to guide them how to string beads step by step. “Left beads on the left, wearing a piece on the right …” At the beginning of the event, some children said that Aunt Zhang could string dragon boats, Russian castles, small animals, etc., which looked very difficult. After slowly mastering the beading skills, the children gradually had confidence and exchanged it with interest. It was not long before the finished operation. It didn’t take long for a skewers to be completed. Looking at the small beads to become exquisite crafts through their hands, the children have gained a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Through beading activities, the teenagers in the jurisdiction have strengthened exchanges, cultivated the interest of handicraft art, enhanced cultural taste, and added cultural charm to summer life. (The picture is provided by the electronic community)

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