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10 bridesmaid skirts that are more beautiful than sister skirts are promoted low -key hidden, carefully, let you break out

If the sister group is a supporting role in the big days, the bridesmaid is definitely the second actress of the day. She was prepared by tea, marrying an umbrella, and march-in marriage to the wedding ring. It was always her beside the bride. In order to highlight the bridesmaid status, the bride is willing to find a special bridesmaid skirt for her. If you are in your intention, you can consider the style that COSMO chooses for you when you are worried that you will grab the master’s family.

When choosing a bridesmaid skirt, you should make a corresponding cooperation according to the color of the sister skirt. The color matching should not be completely alternative and the public is petted. In terms of color selection, you should avoid choosing the proprietary red and white of the bride. The elders do not like, and the unlucky blue (white color) should also be avoided.

Some brides may not want to help the sister group arrangement of backlifted sisters, because it is useless to wear once, and it is very wasteful. The editor recommends that the bride can choose a color system, and the sisters and bridesmaids are prepared by themselves. You can see you before shooting.

When attending the grass/overseas wedding, choosing a bridesmaid skirt should focus on the elegant texture. At the same time, pay attention to the skirt length and be careful to be trapped by the grass. Most of the overseas weddings have blue sky and white clouds, and they are also prominent with floral bridesmaid skirts.

There are generally changes in the dresses of the bridesmaid skirt online. Editing the first shift shop in Jordan Baoling Shopping Mall. There are many experienced changing masters to help the wedding shop to change clothes. It is recommended that the bridesmaids go to change clothes in person.

10款比姊妹裙更美的伴娘裙推介 低调款隐藏小心机让你突围而出

This time I will choose 10 online shopping bridesmaid skirt styles, check it out!

10款比姊妹裙更美的伴娘裙推介 低调款隐藏小心机让你突围而出

1. State cheongsam bridesmaid skirt

Regardless of the sisters dressed in pink or pink purple or even dressed in color, this pink pink purple gradient color bridesmaid skirt can be matched. The skirt collar imitates the cheongsam neckline design, and the backbone bundle waist style highlights the waistline. Be careful with the side chest position, remember to take full safety measures!

10款比姊妹裙更美的伴娘裙推介 低调款隐藏小心机让你突围而出

2. Bronx and Banco Tulip’s bridesmaid skirt

10款比姊妹裙更美的伴娘裙推介 低调款隐藏小心机让你突围而出

Australian fashion brand Bronx and Banco’s Tulip dress is very noble and generous. A-Line asymmetric skirt and see-through texture mesh fabric inadvertently shows sexy, and will not snatch the bride’s limelight. OFF-SHOULDER off-shoulder design can cover Bye-Bye meat, which is welcomed by girls.

3. Chi Chi London Pink Titani Miss Skirt

Little floral flowers are easy to wear old -fashioned feelings, and the larger pattern floral totem is even more generous. Chi Chi London’s pink flower art bridesmaid skirt is full of low-key femininity with A-LINE design. The light pink flowers bloom like cherry blossoms. If the color of other sister skirts is pink, the same color with light -colored patterns will never jump TONE.

4. NMD LUNA tube top bridesmaid skirt

If the bridesmaids who are not satisfied with the chest body, this tube top Ruffle style can make up for the shortcomings. Because the Ruffle design helps to enhance the three -dimensional feel of the chest, at the same time, the lotus leaf cutting extends to the hem and divert the attention.

5. Michael Costello Violet bridesmaid skirt

The Violet bridesmaid skirt designed by American fashion designer Michael Cosello is the main color of light pink, with different forms of flowers printed on it. The bridesmaid skirt is designed with a flat collar. It is suitable for girls who do n’t like to show their career lines. The focus is on the hem. It can still expose long legs. It is very desirable for the slimbish bridesmaids.

10款比姊妹裙更美的伴娘裙推介 低调款隐藏小心机让你突围而出

6. Song of Style Loki bag mouth -type bridesmaid skirt

10款比姊妹裙更美的伴娘裙推介 低调款隐藏小心机让你突围而出

Tube Dress has always been a hot bridesmaid skirt. This Baby Blue Tube Dress is cute in the wrinkles and bow of the upper body. Create a three-dimensional curve for girls with flat breasts. The length of the Tea-Length is also very suitable for weddings. Edit the most appreciation of the adjustable waist lace and bag design. It is not a problem to put the iPhone, which is convenient for large days to check in!

7. Vila chiffon bridesmaid skirt

10款比姊妹裙更美的伴娘裙推介 低调款隐藏小心机让你突围而出

Many brides love to choose noble gray to make wedding themes. If they intend to choose gray -tone chiffon sister skirts, this gray -blue bridesmaid skirt not only fits the sister group dress, but also features. The back is designed for Open Back, so that the back is looming; the lotus leaf cuffs can cover the arms, plus the Cocktail skirt facilitate the big days. The most important point: you can still go through after marriage, cost -effective!

8. Amanda uprichard Eden light blue floral bridesmaid skirt

10款比姊妹裙更美的伴娘裙推介 低调款隐藏小心机让你突围而出

The Eden light blue floral bridesmaid skirt of the New York brand AMANDA UPRIChard is cut with irregular skirts. The elegant and thin texture is very suitable for summer outdoor or overseas weddings. The body and mind neckline design is no different from ordinary sisters skirts, but the lower body can show long legs, and successfully break out in the sister group! If the color of the sister group is mainly Baby Blue, this Eden bridesmaid skirt must be the best choice.

10款比姊妹裙更美的伴娘裙推介 低调款隐藏小心机让你突围而出

9. Misa Los Angeles Micaele bridesmaid skirt

10款比姊妹裙更美的伴娘裙推介 低调款隐藏小心机让你突围而出

Worried about girls with unsuitable sizes, you can choose this wearing bridesmaid skirt without zipper design relatively stable. There is a bowstone elastic shoulder strap on the off -the -shoulder cuffs, and the waistline is also designed with rubber bands. Tea-Length’s length is convenient for weddings. There are coral and purple choices.

10. LOVERS + Friends Ora

10款比姊妹裙更美的伴娘裙推介 低调款隐藏小心机让你突围而出

Some brides love to use light pink yellow sisters to make color tones. The yellow bridesmaid skirt is relatively eye -catching and not exaggerated. The satin -designed ORA bridesmaid skirt is narrow and fashionable, and the waist is supplemented by chiffon vertical bands as embellishment. A small girl who puts it on it is not afraid of being ignored.