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Several typical psychology and education of middle school students, classics, very practical

(1) Learning psychology

The main manifestations of students’ hate learning are: dispersed attention, listening to lectures seriously, slow thinking, unable to lift the spirit and emotional negative, dragging homework, perfunctory things, accompanied by the decrease in learning efficiency, rising homework error rates, poor academic performance and other consequences Essence Students are a typical psychological fatigue response, which is due to continuous efforts and mental tension or long -term discomfort caused by monotonous work.

It is generally believed that there are three factors that cause psychological fatigue. One is excessive nervous nervousness; the other is to engage in monotonous tasteless work for a long time; the third is emotional stress reactions such as ideological conflict, setbacks, anxiety, and fear. The students’ learning happens to have the above three problems.

So, what are the reasons for students?

A objective reason

1. Learning requires a certain effort

And everything that requires hard work is accompanied by a certain mental tension, and it is easy to cause psychological fatigue.

This requires teachers and parents to change the concept of education so that students can be relieved from the sea of ​​learning, and have more time to engage in what they like to do, participate in various practical activities that are good for young people’s physical and mental health and personalities, so that to make the development of physical and mental development, so that to make the development of physical and mental development, so Students have Zhang Youchi, combined with work and rest, and maintain a strong energy to learn.

2. The learning content is boring and the teaching methods are single


The textbooks used by students focus on its knowledge, science, and logic, and it is rare or difficult to take into account its fun, entertainment, or vividness. In addition, the teaching method is relatively single. Over time, you will lose interest in learning. This requires teachers and ways to change knowledge transmission, and combine learning with a happy emotional experience.

3. Student psychological pressure is too heavy

Whether it is a parent who is looking for Jackie Chan or a one -sided pursuit of a teacher, he pays great attention to the students ‘learning and further studies. It is undoubtedly putting various pressure on students’ learning to make students be poor all day. This requires teachers and parents to reduce the expectations of excessive students and create a relaxed interpersonal psychological atmosphere for them. Fully respect their personality, help them overcome inferiority, make them willing to learn, enjoy, and reduce psychological pressure.

B subjective reason

1. Cognitive factors

Students are deeply difficult to learn content, they do not understand in class, and do not do my homework. Students with cognitive impairment, they have poor foundations and poor ability, and they are difficult to learn. Teaching high starting point. Fast speed, this is equivalent to giving up the future.

Students who cause learning disabilities for cognitive factors should focus on counseling, make targetedly supplement the disconnection of the knowledge chain, and guide learning methods to help them walk into normal learning as soon as possible.

2. Emotional factors

Some students love to learn by their personal love, and have partial thoughts. There are also some students who have prejudice to some teachers, have a rebellious psychology in class, and are unwilling to learn the lessons of this teacher. Students who cause learning disabilities for emotional factors should focus on guidance. First of all, we must communicate the feelings of teachers and students. Only when students trust teachers, they are willing to learn the lessons you teach. Second, the teacher must have enthusiasm in teaching, to induce students with their own feelings and cause students to resonate. Only when you are emotional can students be passionate about learning.

3. Personal factors

Some students, due to poor grades, are often accused, self -esteem is damaged, and inferiority is produced. In the face of various aspects of the family, teachers, classmates and other pressures, these students have caused self -violence.

4. Willing factors

Several exams could not meet the goals, so they were discouraged and had a fear. Those who are weak will follow the current. Students who cause learning disabilities for their will should focus on encouragement. Educate them to deal with failure and treat them correctly. At the same time, it is necessary to create a loose and harmonious environment for them, so that they can study hard under their internal requirements.

5. Conceptual factors

Some students are influenced by the bad social atmosphere and think that learning is the same, and they can still make money without culture.

(2) Reverse psychology

“Reverse psychology” can be said to be a typical psychology of children after junior high school. The reason for the formation of rebellious psychology is because of physiological and psychological development. They have a strong anxiety tendency in their hearts. Reason rebellion and confrontation. There are three reasons for reverse psychology. The first is curiosity; the other is the oppositional emotions, letting you “bitter heart”, but he thinks you are falsely false and fault. Third, psychological needs, the more you ca n’t get it. The more you want, the more you can do it. This desire is more intense because of the poor degree of rationality.

So we should start from the following aspects:

① Be good at children. Reverse psychology often has the characteristics of differences and arguments. It is the spark of children’s wisdom and the source of creation.

② Respect children. Establish a close friend relationship with them, support them as much as possible. When they encounter difficulties and failures, they should encourage comfort and praise immediately if they succeed.

③ Have a sense of democracy. If you have the courage to ask your child, have the courage to admit your fault. Communicate with children equally.

(3) Inferiority

For a long time, there is a tendency to emphasize intelligence and light personality in our education, which means that we ignore the cultivation of students’ personality. Often some high -intelligent and high -scoring students in personality or that defects are not easily found due to the effect of intelligent aura, so that they fail to get timely education and correction. Some people have conducted comprehensive investigations and research on some high -intelligent students, and found that these students generally have personality defects such as selfishness, vanity, arrogance, indifference, self -centered, lonely, jealousy, and poor psychological tolerance. As soon as they suffered setbacks or failures, they accompanied more or less abnormal and abnormal performance in daily behavior.

Both students who are good at learning or poor students will have inferiority. Of course, poor students are often more serious. They showed that they were alone and were silent. They are cautious no matter what they do, and they are afraid of being laughed at by others. If the teacher touches their shortcomings inadvertently, they will panic and be ashamed.

The root causes of students’ inferiority are mainly in the following aspects:

First, the students’ own psychological characteristics are determined. People who belong to depression are not vivid and lively, and they are strong in interior. If this kind of child -type children are in an environment of adverse growth, they are prone to inferiority.

The second is the influence of the environment of life. Or the home alone, or the parents lock it at home due to work reasons, and are not allowed to go out to play. In this way, I have lost the opportunity to associate with other children since childhood. After a long time, it will be separated from the group and lacks self -confidence in interaction.

The third is caused by many setbacks in life and study.

Fourth, parents do not understand the correct educational method. The student’s score was scolded. This axue, in the hearts of students, will cause “parents and teachers think I am stupid, and I may be stupid.”

To overcome inferiority, we must cultivate students’ self -confidence. Self -confidence is gradually formed. In the process of its development, it is mainly subject to three factors: the results of the activity, and others’ attitudes and self -evaluation of themselves.


1. Effect of the results of the activity. A person’s self -confidence is directly proportional to his success rate: the more success, the higher the expectations, the stronger the self -confidence; otherwise, the more failure, the lower the expectations, the weaker self -confidence. Students in non -key middle schools, due to poor education conditions and many chances of failure, their self -confidence is much lower than the self -confidence of students of key middle school students. Therefore, we must create successful conditions and opportunities for students to cultivate students’ self -confidence. Teachers need to create successful conditions and opportunities for students to make students who have a relatively low level of learning feel that success is expected to be available. As long as you double your own hard jump, you can completely pick up the fruit of success.

2. The influence of the attitude of others. The level of self -confidence in a person is often related to others’ attitudes to themselves.

This includes the level and trust of others’ expectations. Generally speaking, all others have great expectations for themselves and have a high degree of trust, which will strengthen their self -confidence. On the contrary, the low level of filial piety of others’ expectations of themselves will weaken their self -confidence. There is no significant difference in the intelligence level of male and female middle school students, but in terms of self -confidence, female students are not as good as male students. One of the important reasons is that the expectations and trust of parents and teachers to men and girls are different.


3. The impact of self -evaluation. A person’s self -confidence is often dependent on self -evaluation. Making too high valuations; low valuations for yourself. Both orientation will weaken a person’s self -confidence.

Therefore, in the specific education practice, we must start from the following aspects:

1. Trust every student.

2. Develop students’ ability. For teaching, the ability to develop students in all aspects of students has improved, and students have improved their ability. Students have a bamboo, and natural self -confidence will be enhanced.

3. Create a successful opportunity for students. Opportunities are opportunities. An appropriate opportunity can become a turning point, so that people will start on the road of success. The breakthrough is often multi -angle on a person, and you need to find it carefully. This breakthrough is generally a person’s specialty, advantages, and potential, especially a flash point, growth point, and development point. Once discovered, it is necessary to be discovered. Create conditions, apply benign stimuli, and actively support it.

4. Proper encouragement and timely evaluation. To see their strengths for the temporary post -temporary students, as long as they have one point, they should give a three -point affirmation and praise, and often give students a psychological hint: “You have the ability to do this well “,” You will definitely achieve good results “and so on.

(4) Dating psychology

There are several types of middle school students on the issue of interaction with people, but there are several types of people worth paying attention to:

1. Remaining type. Some students have a long personality and are unwilling to associate with others. They are unwilling to participate in collective activities. They do not care about collective.

2. Types of self -interest. In my communication, I am close to those who obey myself, compliment myself, and have goodness to themselves, and otherwise they are alienated.

3. Sacrifice type. You invite me to watch a movie, I send you souvenirs, vote for peach, entertainment, and some even make “wine and meat friends”.

4, righteousness type. Some students are talking about their bodies inside and outside the school and outside the school. It can not be divided into right and wrong, and even ignore the discipline.

All these are not conducive to the formation of a good dating psychology, and it also has a bad impact on their communication skills. Starting from the actual situation of middle school students, the most basic criterion can summarize the attitude towards others into six words, that is, understand, care, and learn. Specifically, it is to understand the quality of others, care about the needs of others, and learn the advantages of others. Help students build a healthy interpersonal relationship in practice.

The cause of “early love”

1. Adolescents develop precocious.

2. Sexual education incomplete and lagging.

3. The influence of unhealthy culture in society.

4. Family Factors. For most students who have “early love”, they generally lack normal family education.

Prevention and solution of “early love”

1. Strengthen education and prevent problems. Teachers should clarify that it is a science and cannot talk about sexual changes, so that students have a scientific system of scientific and psychological phenomena through normal channels. For example, our political lessons tell students how to establish a spirit of self -esteem, self -confidence, and self -reliance, help students to dialize their fog, master self -care knowledge, enhance sexual protection consciousness and immunity to unhealthy thoughts, and develop for their healthy development. Provide powerful guarantees.

2. Encourage exchanges and strengthen guidance. Support and encourage them to have extensive contact between them, and at the same time, they have to educate students and men and women. They should maintain a certain distance in communication.

3. Improve quality and strengthen understanding. On the basis of the interest relationship, students can calmly and rationally analyze the consequences and influence of “early love”. Based on the attitudes of their own future and the responsibility of the other party, they have timely ending unsuitable emotional exchanges.

(5) Beauty psychology

Children are more concerned about their appearance than before, and the most concerned is that they are aesthetic psychology.

When it comes to normal beauty psychology, a person has a healthy aesthetic consciousness, which is directly related to whether there is a sound personality and noble sentiment.

From the perspective of psychology, junior high school students are in a transition period from underage to adults. Their psychology is not mature, and the ability to identify beauty and ugliness is still weak. One period is also the most likely to have a rebellious psychology of social mainstream culture. At this time, if they develop their aesthetic consciousness without guidance, their growth direction may have deviations, and may even lead to distorted personality.

Aesthetic literacy includes consciousness and abilities such as understanding beauty, evaluation beauty, feeling beauty, appreciation of beauty, enjoying beauty, expressing beauty, and creating beauty.

These abilities are very indispensable for personal taste and cultivation, and personal taste and cultivation are gradually formed in long -term learning, life, and work.

You are still young, so you cannot form mature aesthetics.

But as long as you cultivate in daily life, you can improve your aesthetic taste. Look at more useful books, listen to beautiful music, watch the landscape of nature, have been dazzling for a long time, and subtly. With the influence of these beautiful things, the aesthetic ability will naturally improve. At present, as long as it is suitable for you, suitable for students, don’t dress too much to be beautiful.

(6) Star chasing psychology

When they talk about the information about the stars, it is like a few treasures, which may be a general psychological psychological psychology of students.

As a student, of course, you must master a degree. You must be rational and unreasonable.

Take measures:

1. No need to be prohibited. The worship of celebrities can be said to be one of the effective ways to self -education for middle school students. Driven by worshiping psychology, the noble virtues, entrepreneurial will, and dedication of the worship of the characters will strongly affect the worshipers, and reveals how they should treat life, career, future, and how to treat success and setbacks.

2. Active guidance. Teachers should guide them to worship stars’ persistent pursuit of career, work hard to start a hard work, and to benefit human behavior in deep levels, so that students can absorb spiritual nutrients from it.

3. Stimulating sublimation, teachers can guide students to learn celebrities’ biography and motto, find the footprints of successful people, discuss and exchange with students, and achieve rational sublimation.

In short, the junior high school stage is a very special and most difficult period for education, so we need to update the concept of education and use the view of new students to achieve true spiritual communication on the basis of adhering to respect, sincerity, and understanding. The key to psychological communication is that the cognitive distance between the two parties and the elimination of emotional gap. Only such communication is two -way and equal communication.

But to achieve this kind of communication, the following four basic conditions must be available:

① Treating students sincerely must be frank to the students’ emotions and attitudes;

② Be able to feel the inner world of students, and to start processing from students’ positions and feelings, so as to mobilize students’ enthusiasm and provide guarantees for students’ healthy growth;

③ Copy positive support for students to show acceptance and enthusiasm to promote the healthy growth of students;

④ You must give students a successful experience. Make different requirements for the specific characteristics of different students so that they can succeed through hard work.

In this way, a successful experience will make students confident, emotional, and vigorous, and will have a healthy psychological life, thereby promoting their psychological improvement.


Source: Education and Nursing