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Automatic rotation, infrared induction, Three Realm tea set launched smart electric kettle

With the continuous development of science and technology, I believe that most offices have used automatic water and electricity hot pots. It not only solves the problem of large barrels of drinking water pumping, but also has the effect of heat, so it is well received by everyone. Although there are many automatic water on the market at present, most of them can only be used as a pump, which cannot be outstanding in terms of beauty. Product treatment. Just recently, the Three Realm tea sets have launched a new product. It not only changed the appearance of the automatic water and electricity hot pot, but also had a lot of innovation. Today, we will talk about this automatic water -electric kettle from the three world tea sets.

From the appearance point of view, minimalism is very practical, it is difficult to treat it as an ordinary electric pot. This is because it not only has a long pot design, but the long -lifting handle design is a finishing touch in a beautiful appearance. At the same time, it is in line with Human mechanics is pouring water when the water is filled as a whole. Due to the long handle, users can greatly reduce the weight, and the water is not easy to fall.

In addition, in terms of the base, the electric kettle abandon the traditional automatic water and electric hot pot bloated base. When designing, it not only uses a minimalist plan in the base, but only two keys above the base. At the same time, a certain amount of compression has also been made in terms of volume, which makes the electric kettle base not only reaches thin, but also placed on the table will not take up a large space. Small and practical may be the first of this three -boundary tea set electric kettle for me. impression.


In addition to the minimalist design that is impressive, the intelligent function and humanized design of the electric kettle are also particularly attentive. When the amount of water is insufficient, you only need to press the water bond. It is more convenient to avoid the manual rotation faucet, so it will be more convenient. The infrared probe is added to the water head. When the lid of the pot is not opened, even if the water is added by mistake, there will be a voice prompt to remind the lid to open the lid. No need to worry about the flow of water flow out of the way.


Although the three -boundary tea set electric kettle is similar to our traditional water and electric kettle, it has a great advantage in terms of face value and details. In terms of humanized design, such as: automatic rotating water faucets, anti -dry roasted, etc. Function, the grain handle of the ergonomic design, etc., the three -boundary tea set combines minimalist aesthetics with modern craftsmanship, allowing the electric kettle to redefine the desktop art. In the end, what else do you think of this good Sanjie electric kettle? Welcome to leave a message.