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I often buy clothes for my baby. These 3 kinds of clothes are not suitable for babies

With the arrival of spring, in addition to arranging the baby’s daily necessities such as formula milk, urine, pacifiers, bottle and other daily necessities, the treasure mother also needs to choose the seasonal clothes.

Some Baoma will choose the clothes that they think cute and beautiful, but often ignore the baby’s dressing. There are 3 kinds of clothes that are not suitable for the baby.


Buy clothes for your baby in spring, do not choose a personal clothes for shaking the velvet material:

When buying baby clothes, there are many kinds of clothes that can be selected, such as cotton material, bamboo fiber material, hemp material, knitted material, chemical fiber material, and so on. If you choose clothes for your babies in spring, it is not recommended that Baoma choose clothes with chorply fibrous fiber.

The advantage of this clothes is that the effect of keeping warm, and it also means that it has poor breathability and poor sweat absorption. It is not conducive to the baby’s skin heat dissipation, increased body temperature, and affects the body’s metabolism.


Even in a cold environment, it is not recommended that Baoma choose a close -fitting dress of the velvet material. What is recommended is cotton clothes, which not only feels good, but also has the effect of sweat -absorbing and strong. It does not hurt the baby’s skin. There is no problem with wearing it and wearing outside.

In addition to the cotton fabric, at noon in spring, the weather temperature is high. If you take your baby out, you can choose a gauze fabric and bamboo fiber fabric with better breathability.

Buy clothes for your baby in spring, don’t choose clothes that are not easy to wear and take off:

The newborn baby has a very fast growth rate. By 2 to 3 months, the baby will dance. At this time, the mothers should not buy the baby or hold the jacket.

With the growth of the baby, if the hands and feet are constantly being restrained by clothes, it is likely to affect the baby’s feet and sensory development. During the dressing, the baby may hurt the baby because of the line head in the clothes.

At this time, when choosing clothes, you can focus on choosing a deducted jacket. Not only is it convenient for the baby’s movements, let him wave his leg. When the temperature is low in the morning and evening, it also has a strong warmth, so that the baby will not be cold. For Baoma, it is very convenient to be spitting milk, not wet urine, and needing clothes in the morning.

Buy clothes for your baby in spring, do not choose clothes with ropes with rope:


Hatkers are the types of clothes that many adults like to wear, but for babies, they are not suitable for this kind of clothes. Whether in China or the United States, because the baby wears a rope with a hoodie, there are not a few safety events such as pulling rope wrapped around the neck.

At present, the “Technical Specifications for Infant and Children’s Textile Products” announced by my country also forced infants and children’s clothes. If Baoma sees a hoodie with a rope, do not buy it to avoid hidden safety hazards in the baby.


Mom, did you buy clothes for your children in spring? What channels are it? How is the quality? Welcome to leave a message to discuss their experiences with more parents ~