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Turn the corner sofa, turn on the style of quality life

There are two important occasions in the home, one is the bedroom and the other is the living room! The living room itself is a place where people use frequent daily people. Whether it is leisure or hospitality, it has important functions, so the decoration of the living room cannot be sloppy.


The quality of the sofa directly determines the overall style and face value of the living room, which can provide a comfortable rest for people’s daily life. Nowadays, the furniture market is very deep. There are too many choices from styles to material workmanship. After a while, I have been finalized for a period of time. After many research, I finalized this sofa.

Detailed experience


The sofa is made of hedgehog rosewood. This material is colorful and beautiful in color, clear and beautiful texture, and a large number of materials are imported mainly by Africa Bi Shao. As a good wood for making furniture, hedgehog rosewood has extraordinary characteristics. The merchants are one of the few woods, which are presented to you very finely.


Hedgehog rosewood is not easy to crack, is not easy to deform, easy to process, easy to engrave, clear texture and fragrance. Coupled with the superb skills of craftsmen, hedgehog rosewood furniture has become a model of the United States in classical furniture. To this day, collectors at home and abroad are proud of collecting rosewood furniture. Hedgehog rosewood furniture has also become synonymous with “the beauty of classical furniture”.

Let you buy cost -effective hedgehog rosewood furniture to add fun to the living room. Antica is a good school incense door. A set of combinations have more collection potential, which is several times higher than the value -preserving space and home space.