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Novel: The master assassinated the guy, but the guy was easily done, and the killer also asked the killer to pay the last arm.

“It’s you again.” Elder Jian’s eyes narrowed, and his eyes stayed on the evil moon wheel in Zhuo Fan’s hand. He was shocked: “How can this magic treasure be in your hands? Elder Yun?”

With a smile, Zhuo Fan directly faced the evil moon wheel to Elder Jane: “What do you think?”

In a short time, Jian Fan’s heart was horrified: “Could it be said … impossible, how could the old man die in the hands of a hairy boy? But …”

Looking at the magic treasure again, Jian Fan’s face was complicated, amazing, hate, more confused …

However, no matter what, the magic treasure of the Ghost Valley must not fall into the hands of outsiders. Suddenly, Elder Jian looked at Zhuo Fan’s eyes was full of naked killing intentions.

Understanding the other person’s mind, Zhuo Fan’s mouth was slightly tilted, and whispered to Lei Yuting: “After a while you listen to me, find the heart position of the old guy, then close your eyes, just poke the thunder finger. Next, you don’t need to care! “

Hearing this sentence, Lei Yuting looked at Zhuo Fan in surprise, how could he hit him with closed eyes? Moreover, even if he opened his eyes, there was no chance of winning against Tianxuan.

But soon, Lei Yuting wanted to understand that, according to Zhuo Fan’s previous behavior, he was a person who did not choose. He saved himself, maybe just to make himself bait and send it to death.

Thinking of this, Lei Yuting nodded bitterly, and he didn’t think about alive anyway anyway.

He hooked his fingers again, Zhuo Fan let the blood baby secretly return to his body, and then sang: “Do it.”

As soon as the words fell, Zhuo Fan rushed forward first, and Lei Yuting said according to Zhuo Fan, closed his eyes fiercely, and poke the direction with a thunder.

Unexpectedly, Elder Jane obviously did not expect them to do it first. But it doesn’t matter. The body of the master of Tian Xuanjing is extremely tough, and the people who gather the gas cannot break the defense at all. The only thing that can hurt him now is the evil moon wheel, so he only needs to stare at Zhuo Fan.

Lei Yuting kept rushing forward with her eyes closed, ignoring anything, and Zhuo Fan moved left and right.

Elder Jian saw it, sneered, and didn’t care about the girl at all.

Finally, Lei Yuting rushed to Elder Jane first, but at this moment, Zhuo Fan flickered in front of her, and the evil moon wheel was slanted to Jian Fan.


Jian Fan grasped Zhuo Fan’s arm lightly and easily, gently, and broke.

“Huh, your little tricks are useful in front of others, but don’t make it in front of the old man. The old man eats more salt than you eat. Don’t play the game with the old man, the old man will not be fooled. “Jian Fan snorted, disdain.

“But … you are still fooled!” However, Zhuo Fan showed a weird smile.

Surprisingly, Elder Jian looked at his expression, and he rose deeply in his heart.

However, he hadn’t had time to figure out what was going on, but a red light suddenly rushed from Zhuo Fan’s body to his body.

In a short time, his broken arms, the blood that had just stopped, suddenly sprayed out like a spring water. The bright blood dyed the trees around the forest into redness.

Jian Fan stared at Zhuo Fan’s eyes, and said angrily: “Previously … also you?”

He also clearly remembered that if he had not had a foreign body in the body, how could he be removed by the three elders of the Qianlong Pavilion.

With a grin, Zhuo Fan couldn’t.

“Okay, your kid has a kind, and the old man loses his arms!” Jian Fan gritted his teeth, “Wait for the old man to force your monster to break your corpse.”

During speaking, Elder Jian has completely gathered Yuanli in his body.

Being able to feel the pressure of blood infants, Zhuo Fan once again showed a weird smile: “Elder Jane, this time you are fooled again.”

As soon as the words fell, Jian Fan didn’t understand what it meant.


Thunderbolt bombarded, Thunder Ting’s thunder fingers suddenly passed through Zhuo Fan’s body and poked straight into Jian Fan’s heart.

Watching Zhuo Fan with a smile on his face incredible, the elder Jane had a bumpy eyes, biting his teeth unwillingly, and the blood water flowed out of his mouth.

“Elder Jane, the main attacker is not me, you guess wrong.” Zhuo Fan laughed and couldn’t help exuding with a sip of blood, but he still smiled and smiled abnormally. “You always thought it could hurt you. Only this evil moon wheel, but don’t forget that you are seriously injured, your body is not as strong as before, and he has gathered all Yuanli in the body, hahaha … “

Seeing this scene, Elder Jane’s eyes were rare in fear.

Such a heart -minded, such a ruthless boy …


As a master of magic, Jian Fan left his last three words during his lifetime, and slowly fell down. Who would have thought that Zhuo Fan would use his own life as a bait, then sneak attack, and finally let Lei Yuting attacked his atrium.

Each step in the middle is a dangerous life. One step is wrong, then they only have a dead end.

Unfortunately, under the design of Zhuo Fan, each step was seamless, allowing Elder Jane to lose the life of Tian Xuanjing under the light of the elder. Especially in the end, Zhuo Fan completely blocked his body in front of Elder Jane, so that he could not pay attention to the attack of Lei Yuting at all, and it was the fatal cause of the elder Jane.

If this incident is out, I am afraid that no one will believe that the two juniors who gather gas can actually kill the master of Tianxuan realm!


Zhuo Fan fell to the ground, full of blood.

Lei Yuting looked at all this, and his tears dripped. Originally, she thought that Zhuo Fan was going to sacrifice her and found a chance to sneak attack by herself. Unexpectedly, he would sacrifice herself and give her the opportunity to survive.

For a while, thousands of feelings are lingering in the heart, heartache, warmth, and a little taste, that is never felt from Yang Ming.

“Zhuo Fan, I’m sorry.” Lei Yuting fell in front of Zhuo Fan, watching his weak face, muttering.

After waved his hand, Zhuo Fan shook his head: “It’s nothing about you. When my blood baby was seriously injured, I was already internal injured.”

Speaking, Zhuo Fan recruited blood babies from the corpse of elder Jane: “I’m afraid, this time it will be treated for a while.”

He was injured by himself, but his destiny blood was injured, but he asked him for his own life.

After hearing this, Lei Yuting burst into tears. She now understands that the monster is not only his baby, but also closely related to his life.

But it was such an important thing, but she blocked her fatal blow at a critical moment.

For a while, Lei Yuting looked at Zhuo Fan’s eyes, and seemed to have a little more things. But this point, Zhuo Fan didn’t pay attention at all.

Pointing at the corpse of Jian Fan, Zhuo Fan said faintly: “You go to pick up all the things he can pick up. The elders of the Ghost Valley must have a lot of good things.”


Nodded, Lei Yuting ran forward to search very professionally, so that Zhuo Fan, who was seriously injured, couldn’t help picking his eyebrows. Damn, it is worthy of the Ganshan thief, it really is professional.

After collecting everything on Jian Fan’s body, Lei Yuting got beside Zhuo Fan and looked at his strange look. Lei Yuting knew what he was thinking. For the first time in her lifetime, she lowered her head ashamed, as if she had done something shameful.

Pushing those things in front of Zhuo Fan, Thunder Ting seemed to avoid Zhuo Fan’s gaze, which had never been before.

Zhuo Fan was a little strange, but he didn’t care, so he began to look at the relics of the elder.

First of all, starting with the storage ring, it is generally the most valuable thing. After looking at it for a while, Zhuo Fan frowned and found what he wanted.

The light in the hand flashed, and the two jade slips were already in their hands. It was the low -level martial arts of the Lei family. The thunder fingers and the Lingjie low -level martial arts of the Cai family, broken legs!

Although he did not understand the secrets of the three martial arts, seeing the ghost valley had been collecting, he did not hesitate into his ring.

Next, he looked at it again. The rest was nothing more than some merit and martial arts and Lingshi. These were not visible in the eyes of Zhuo Fan. So he threw his hand and threw it to Lei Yuting.

“According to the rules of the thief, it should be half the meeting, and the rest will be given to you.”

Lei Yuting shook his head and rejected: “The old man killed, these should be returned to you.”

“I don’t want it, I don’t look at his things!” Holding his head, Zhuo Fan leaned his lips dismissive, and then looked at a cloth bag again.


This cloth bag is only the size of the palm, but Zhuo Fan knows that this is extremely rare and can be pretended to be a living thing. The inside is naturally the devouring ghost crow.

Putting the bag into his arms, Zhuo Fan smiled comfortably. This thing, he has a lot of use, maybe he can put out the secret of Zi Lei Golden Eyes.

“Zhuo Fan, let’s give you this ring.”

After seeing something in the ring in the ring, Lei Yuting couldn’t help but surprised. After thinking about it for a while, he returned the ring to Zhuo Fan: “I know that your Luo family is rich and does not care about these spiritual stones, but there are some spiritual step martial arts here. The method of harmony, it is impossible to meet, it must have a vital role in re -reviving your Luo family in the future. “

It didn’t matter how down, Zhuo Fan cried out the ring and hummed scornfully: “How much is this garbage thing, how much is Lao Tzu, it is not rare. If you do n’t want it, I throw it.”

Speaking, Zhuo Fan was about to throw it out. Lei Yuting immediately grabbed his wrist and grabbed the ring back. Housekeeper’s. If you go on this way, the Luo family will be defeated by you. “

With a laughed, Zhuo Fan shook his head helplessly, and he explained to Lei Yuting without scarceness. When he waved his hand, he included Jian Fan’s body into the ring: “Okay, let’s go back. One night, Qianlong Pavilion over there, Qianlong Pavilion over there, Qianlong Pavilion over there, There should be an explanation. “

Lei Yuting nodded and hurriedly lifted Zhuo Fan. However, Zhuo Fan was too weak, and could only lean on her shoulders, which could not help but quickly stained her cheeks.

“Wait a moment!”

However, after a few steps, Zhuo Fan suddenly stopped, and his eyes gradually became cold: “What about Yang Ming?”

Hearing this, Lei Yuting was also stunned, and he looked around, but he disappeared at all.

Just now they only fought with Elder Jian, and they forgot Yang Ming’s existence, letting him run away.

“Damn, let him slip again.” Lei Yuting gritted his teeth and was unwilling.

Zhuo Fan laughed, shook his head indifferent: “A small character, don’t tighten. But …”

At this time, he suddenly remembered his apprentice, Zhao Cheng, and his eyes flashed in his eyes: “But even if you are smaller, it will always be troublesome. The next time he meets, he must slaughter him! “