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Danning mother beautiful photos, win 10,000 yuan diamond K gold! Mother’s Day, do you have a photo that makes you cry?


The countdown is 12 days! In Mother’s Day in 2016, how can I show their true feelings for mothers?

Starting today, Yangcheng Evening News official WeChat “Yangcheng Evening News” (WeChat: WANBAOWEIXIN) and the Yangcheng School APP “School”, which launched “Love in Mother’s Day -Diamond Diamond” event!

If you love her, say it loudly! A mother’s beauty and a confession from the inner love allows it to explode your circle of friends and pass the warmth!

The top ten sheep powder with the highest votes will win a prize provided by the Italian jewelry brand UnaForte! A wave of prizes such as natural South African diamond pendant and K gold jewelry, such as natural South African diamond pendants, waiting for you! The important thing is to say it again.

How can Mother’s Day, the day of the same celebration, how can I be the right way to expose my mother? Yang Wanjun opened the Eight Star Demonstration Version:

The first thing that is not allowed is the poem wedding with unlimited scenery a few days ago! Liu Shishi’s mother -in -law shone in the entertainment industry instantly.

Similarly, the beautiful photos are brushed, and the following two are:

Well, I am so beautiful! After reading some, Yang Wanjun just wanted to say that the goddess’s mother is the true goddess! There are wood!

The full screen is full of mother -love! But, how do you get a super -flavored old photo? There are pictures and true phenomena!

Li Jiaxin’s mother, foreign!

Liu Yifei’s mother was young and beautiful, and the medium was as standard for the photography hall at that time.

Of course, you can also take a photo of childhood like Mo Wenwei and Peng Yuyan!

your husband! Song Zhongji family portrait! ——The Yang Wanjun knows your heart, right?

It must be emphasized that the face value is not the only criterion for judging! The following elements can definitely add points–

A good picture with a historical sense;

A touching good story;

A confession of warm love.

In short, the standard style of “Love on Mother’s Day -Mother’s Win Diamond” activity is here –

In 1982, Uncle Liang’s family took a photo in the park, when her daughter Lily was just full of moon. Mom smiled, and the Fenghua Zhengmao. (Please feel at your heart here, use the text within 200 words to express your affection for your mother …)

(Note: Photos published on December 30, 2010 “Golden Sheep.com -New Express” “Children’s Great Wish”)

I hope that there will be years to look back, it is still your most beautiful look! Come on, this Mother’s Day, show your favorite -her!


April 25th -April 30th: Mei Zhao Collection

May 1st -May 6th: Voting Sea Selection

May 7: Announce the results


1. Mei Zhao solicitation:

Follow the Yangcheng Evening News official micro -“Wanbaoweixin” (Wanbaoweixin “, and uploaded the old photos of the mother when the mother was young or other beautiful photos reflecting the mother’s style. At the same time, it was sent to the WeChat” Yangcheng Evening News “background with a text of 200 words. The text sending format is “the text describes the real name mobile phone number within 200 words of Mother’s Day”.

2. Mei Zhao Sea Selection:

After the collection of Meizhao, it was launched in the WeChat “Yangcheng Evening News” in the form of a sea election. The top 10 sheep powder with the highest number of votes will receive the diamond jewelry and other prizes provided by the Italian jewelry brand UnaForte. Wonderful participation texts will have the opportunity to push in “Yangcheng Evening News”, Yangcheng Evening News, and Jinyang.com.

3. The results were announced

On May 7th, the “Yangcheng Evening News” will be announced in the Yangcheng Evening News.

Finally, where is the dripping diamond? wakaka! Yang Wan Junmu has forgotten!

This time, UNAFORTE, who advocates love and affection, provides the following prizes for the event:

First prize (1): UNAFORTE, worth 6,000 yuan, natural South African diamond pendant, Italy 18K inlaid natural South African diamonds, with a total weight of 1.65g, gorgeous and smart, and presented a blending chain. Diamond level: SI-VS, color: white, H color above.

Second prize (1): worth 2995 yuan unaForte Italian precision 18K gold butterfly earrings. Weighing about 0.99g, about 0.7cm, 18K rose gold and platinum, double -layer butterfly pattern design.

Third prize (1): worth 2270 yuan UNAFORTE Italian fashion and exquisite pure 18K gold cross necklace, weighing about 0.6g, about 42cm long, 18K gold, classic design.

Memorial Award (7): worth 400 yuan boutique jewelry (random gift)

Win Mei Diamond Mom! Hurry up your fingers and pass the warmth!

The final interpretation right of this event belongs to the Yangcheng Evening News.

Edit: Li Yu