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Low frequency and noise reduction coexistence: Skullcandy Crusher ANC headset experience


With the improvement of living standards, more and more people suddenly find that their ears are no longer wooden ear. They no longer listen to the headset, not only start to pursue a sense of fashion, portability, and comfort. Diversity and sound quality have a strong desire. However, when buying, I hope to wear comfort and sound insulation and noise reduction effects, but also have good sound quality. This is undoubtedly directly out of the ear -in -ear and bone passage headset.

Many young people now like bass and dynamic music, especially the feeling of the bass. It seems that only wearing a bag of ear -closure earphones can achieve this effect. Recently, I was fortunate to get SKULLCANDY CRUSHER ANC headset evaluation experience at the Penguin Evaluation Group. This article mainly made a comprehensive evaluation on this headset. The low -frequency performance of the SKULLCANDY brand speaker equipment is generally excellent. Crusher ANC headsets have multiple highlights from the official parameters. Among them, Wuji adjustable low -frequency is particularly attractive. If you want to know how the effect continues to look down.

Packaging design is also an art

Skullcandy Crusher Anc headsets use black and brown mixing packaging boxes. The box body can hardly see a few Chinese. For people with poor English, they will look far away. I can only hope that the instructions can have a Chinese version.

The front of the box is printed with the flat diagram of the headset and the English with a few rows with a small icon. The author understands the meaning of these rows through icons and computer translation software, probably the advantages of showing this headset: wireless, wireless, Bass adjustable, private sound field analysis, and active noise reduction.

The back of the box is more English, and it will not be translated here. After all, we come to see the headset itself, not to examine the English level (hahaha). However, at the bottom of the box, I found a few lines of Chinese, and probably introduced some parameters of the headphones, as shown in the figure below.

When you open the box, first see a storage package made of fabric materials. The workmanship is relatively solid. The front of the storage package has a white logo pattern. The storage package uses the zipper to open and close. The inner surface of the box is used with velvet treatment, which can effectively prevent the headset from being worn in the box. The fuselage and wire fixed slot are preset in the box, which can prevent the headset from shaking after loading.

Contemporary appearance design

From the fixed method of the storage bag, we can see that the SkullCandy Crusher ANC can achieve the eugic rotation turning. The folding fuselage is more compact and convenient for storage and carrying. When it is temporarily picked up daily, you can also rotate the earmuffs flat on the desktop.

Skullcandy Crusher Anc uses black brown matching, which looks more fashionable as a whole. In addition, the workmanship is more focused on details. The entire body can hardly find a flawed place, and the soft bag wiring is relatively neat.

Skullcandy Crusher ANC’s control all uses physical buttons. The left ear is designed with switching keys, LED indicator lights, and low -frequency regulatory keys. In particular, this bass control button uses a push -pull design, which can achieve low -frequency non -pole adjustment.

The right ear is 3 physical buttons. The function of the volume+/previous song, the previous song, the pause/receiving phone and the volume-/next song. At the same time, there are Type-C charging ports and 3.5mm headphones wired input holes at the bottom of its. The Type-C charging port design follows the trend of the times. The 3.5mm wired input hole meets the pursuit of the thrust and sound quality of the burned friends.

At the same time, there is a air -to -pores on the left and right ear shells, which can bring better sound quality and heavy subwoofer effects to the headset. Here it also indirectly illustrates why the headset bass effect with good noise reduction effects is very average. And there is also a radio hole at the bottom of the right ear, which is used to answer the phone daily.

In the end, SkullCandy Crusher ANC uses sponge wrapping on the top of the head beam, which enhances the comfort of the top of the head when wearing. Think that this labeling is completely unnecessary.

At the same time, the texture of the soft artificial leather surface use is more delicate and beautiful, and the chemical taste emits relatively small.

In addition, you can see something similar to the electronic chip to take off the sponge cover of the headset. I guess that it may be the module that can realize the private sound field.

With the app to achieve sound quality field private customization

As mentioned earlier, SkullCandy Crusher ANC can achieve private customization of sound field, but this needs to be controlled with the help of the mobile app, and this process is to draw the auditory curve according to the user’s hearing situation, and then adjust the sound quality and sound field according to the test results. Essence

The results of this test analysis are the comprehensive feelings of multiple indicators such as sound source positioning, perceived sound source width, and space impression. Simply put, everyone has different sensitivity to sound, and even the sound perception of some frequency bands is weak. This test is to find the weaknesses of the user’s hearing and then strengthen it.

The more regrettable SkullCandy APP can only be obtained from the Apple Store and Google Store, which will not be friendly for many domestic mobile phones. Can’t say swear words), but think about the good sound of the headset, this small problem can still be overcome.

Having said that, this APP design is relatively simple, which is in line with the straight character of Westerners. After entering, it goes straight to the theme, including the headset connection status (electricity), settings and hearing tests. Various settings are more intuitive.

The auditory test only needs to select “yes or no” according to the guidance of the APP. The entire test can be completed in 3 minutes. It is best to choose a quiet environment when testing. In the end, the author chose two different people for auditory tests. In the end, it was found that the test results of the two were indeed different. The monitoring curve could intuitively see the situation of the left and right ears. At the same time, the results of multiple users could be added and the corresponding sound field could be developed.

Simple control and comfortable experience

As mentioned earlier, SkullCandy Crusher ANC uses physical buttons to achieve addition and subtraction, song switching, and suspension and playback. The noise reduction function opens or off by quickly double -click the switching key. Open or close.

The entire key design position is just the position of the thumb when holding the earmuffs with a handheld earmuffs, which is more convenient for users to control it. One of the three keys on the right ear is the surface groove design, even if the blind exercise is absolutely no problem.

By the way, the 3.5mm audio input cable comes with it. This line material is soft and easy to take care of. At the same time, there is a physical button design at the headset input end. Switch, and there is a microphone hole on the back of the keys, which can be used for calling.

In terms of wearing, SkullCandy Crusher ANC can be considered relatively comfortable. The ears can enter the earmuffs. At the same time, users of different face shapes can adjust the comfort of the head beam. Ears or other feelings of discomfort, and the top of the head is more comfortable.

As a trendy headset facing young users, it is naturally indispensable for rock and roll heads. The author accompanied a heavy metal rock music to twist his body, and the speed of the dumping head continues to change with the rhythm of music. There is no risk of throwing out, so the stability of wearing is also better. It is no problem to wear fitness or exercise every day, but do not wear swimming.

The new design allows noise reduction and low -frequency coexistence to bring excellent sound quality

The noise reduction effect of SkullCandy Crusher ANC can be said to have achieved a good level. The full closed ear design guarantees that the noise reduction function can also be shielded in a relatively quiet office environment.

You can hear the sound of the earphones when you do not turn on the noise reduction function when you take the bus subway every day, but you can also hear the sound of the people around you or the car itself. After turning on the noise reduction function, you can only hear the weak environmental noise, and the noise reduction effect is more obvious.

Let’s talk about the reasons why the aforementioned noise reduction and low frequencies are coexist. The principle of noise reduction is mainly to offset environmental noise through the frequency band waves that are relative to environmental noise. Generally, the general noise is mainly concentrated in the low frequency band. As a result, noise -canceling headphones need to offset these low -frequency noise, while the performance of the low -frequency capacity of the headset unit will naturally decline.

And SkUllCandy Crusher ANC is equipped with a high -line composite dynamic ring unit combination. It solves this problem by physical adjustment damping and changing the air replacement of the valve and using the binding of the amplifier circuit and DSP to generate a strong vibration low frequency.

Under the noise reduction function, I found a lot of HIFI fever non -destructive audition disc music and songs to feel the sound quality performance of SkullCandy Crusher ANC. First of all, the resolution and thrust of this headset are very good, and the performance of human vocals is more hydrated It seems to be able to listen to the sound of singers’ ventilation and beats, so that every song has a sense of liveness. In addition, the performance of the treble is relatively clear. The sound of heavy metal instruments directly hit Tian Ling Gai, and it is magnificent.

Talking about this low -frequency performance of the infinite adjustment, SkullCandy Crusher ANC is also good at low frequency performance when pushing the adjustment lever to the bottom end. In the second half of the half, it is obvious that the headphones are shaking, and the low -frequency transition details and density reaches the extreme. When using 3.5mm wired input, the thrust is more violent, just like the push back of the supercar, it really really, really really the back of the back, it really really, it is really the back of the back. It really really. It ’s really the back of the back. It’ s really. It ’s really. Don’t be too cool.

In addition to listening to the song, this low -frequency advantage also has the shocking feeling of 3D MAX when watching movies. In addition, after accessing the 3.5mm audio input line, playing the “chicken” game with listening position can bring strong strong. The sense of integration, at the same time, can accurately distinguish the position of its position through the sound of the enemy’s footsteps.


As a Bluetooth headset SKULLCANDY CRUSHER ANC sustainable playback for about 24 hours, such endurance is a leader among similar products. And its delay is low, which can meet the needs of general games, which is valuable for a Bluetooth wireless headset. Occasionally, when you don’t want to hear the optimized sound, you can open the monitor mode to listen to some original sound sources. Especially according to personal audiovisual sound field and low -frequency adjustable, SKULLCANDY CRUSHER ANC’s sound quality can please different ears, which is relatively rare in the same price headset.

After the use of a 3.5mm audio cable access sound source normally, the volume and song switch button of the headset itself are not available, which is not too humanized. At the same time, the amount of headset displayed in the APP is inconsistent with the display of the electricity display of the Android phone Bluetooth. Is it a software problem? In addition, this type of headset also has a great disadvantage and poor breathability. It is not suitable for wearing in summer, but it can still reduce the influence of the disadvantages with air conditioning. In addition, think about the better noise reduction effect and sound quality performance. What are the hardships.