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33 -year -old Mao Xiaotong is dressed as tender, naval -style shirt with jeans, dismantling 520 gifts at home is so cute

The heat in summer will make you want to wear how light it lightly, so that you can start with some clothing elements to make your visual sense more cool. The elements to be mentioned this time are the navy style. The items of the navy style are generally mainly blue and white. From the color point of view, it is very consistent with the blue sky and white clouds of the sea. Both follow the bright.

“Sweet Princess” Mao Xiaotong was much more popular after performing the TV series “Thirty”, and other events related to her was that she was betrayed by her boyfriend, and then exposed her recording to her boyfriend. This girl who can carry things, does not cause trouble, and is not afraid of things has won the support of netizens, and is more and more popular with everyone.

At the 520th festival, she received a big box of gifts, so she was seriously unpacked and shared, shared for 8 minutes. It was really careful. Of course, netizens were more concerned about her dress.

Putting on small knowledge 1: The edge of the navy collar, the age of age is reduced to age

The obvious characteristics of the navy style clothes are blue and white stripes. This blue is the navy blue. In addition to black and white and gray, it is a lot of blue in summer, and the blue blue of the navy is often on the show. Appear. Designers will interpret the naval wind performance a little more trend, but this stripe element will not give up.

Improvement of the Shanghai Army style in the show:

The navy style on the fashion show has a very obvious sense of modern fashion, which is very different from the general navy style style. Such a naval style has become more handsome, and can also enter the workplace or personality activities.

Mao Xiaotong’s navy style has a very obvious stripe element. It is the very traditional navy collar. It presents a V -shaped collar design in front. It can extend the lines of the neck. Failure to lengthen the line. The neckline behind is the traditional rectangular naval collar, which is embellished with a large area, which can enrich the shape.

Putting on small knowledge 2: Combined with the detail bow to enhance the charm of the navy style

In addition to the traditional naval style clothing with blue and white stripe elements, it is also indispensable for some details. If you mention the navy and sailors, what do you think of? Presumably, the anchor, the rudder, the swimming ring, the lighthouse, etc. are all thought of the first time. Many naval -style clothing will include the elements of these items, which are indispensable parts of the navy style.

In order to be able to integrate into daily wear faster, girls’ navy style clothes will also add the element of bow, which can be finned, and it looks particularly sweet. On the front of Mao Xiaotong’s shirt, there was a hidden blue bow decoration, which suddenly enriched the visual sense in front. It looked not monotonous at all, but it looked very girly.

Putting on small knowledge 3: incorporate bubble sleeves and ruffled edges, the navy style becomes foil

Don’t imagine the navy style very neutral. Indeed, when sailing, sailors refer to men, and the navy style seems to have nothing to do with women. But girls control this blue and white navy -style shirt, but they are full of charm.

If you want to enhance your cuteness and sweet value, you may wish to start with the version of the clothing, with such a large bubble sleeve, as well as the ruffled edge of the waist, you can make the navy style more grounded more grounded. Let the girls wear their own princess fan, especially when wearing this cartoon animal hair hoop, Mao Xiaotong’s princess is even more strong. Netizens have seen it and said that they want the same hairband.

Extended wear: What are the extensions of the navy style?

① Navy Dress-Manager: Ni Ni

If you want to create a naval style, you don’t have to choose a naval collar shirt like Mao Xiaotong. You can also choose other items with naval collar, such as a dress. Before Ni Ni’s large lapel dress, the neckline design was extended from the navy style. The contrasting design, chic and dazzling, rich in visual sense, more fashionable than ordinary navy collar.

② Blue and white color striped shirt-controller: Jing Tian

In addition, the blue -and -white stripes are also inspired by the navy style. Many blue and white striped shirts, whether it is horizontal stripes or vertical stripes, not only is extremely comfortable to wear, but it is also effortless to match. Combined, it looks much cool.

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