Flashlights & Torches

Modern simplicity ceramic vase pull brushed vase pure handmade home decoration ceramic home jewelry living room ornaments

The fusion of styling and functions will not be mediocre even daily.The streamlined arc design, delicate and soft, modern, versatile and luxurious.

Pure handmade mid -high -grade vases, noble luxury!

Small trumpet 39 yuan, medium 49 yuan, large 66 yuan

Optional color: pure black, pure white, black gradient, white gradient, retro gold, silver gray


A set of 3 pieces of 3 large medium groups with 99 yuan + free shipping!

More than 5 pieces can be approved.A large price can be discussed.

Product Size:

The trumpet is 9cm wide, the height is 17cm, and the caliber is 4.8cm

The middle number is 11cm wide, the height is 22cm, and the diameter is 6.2cm

Large width 13cm, high height, 7.2cm caliber