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Can quartz stone scratches be repaired? How to repair, 1800Pro tells you

Can quartz stone scratches be repaired? How to repair, 1800Pro tells you

When I was a kid, I often saw a very good -looking irregular pattern floor on the floor of the cultural palace of my hometown, and I felt good -looking. When I grow up, I know that this ground is a quartz stone floor. Because quartz stone has such irregular patterns, it looks particularly beautiful. Modern architecture is also widely used in quartz stone. For example, in our common libraries, hospitals, schools, and home decoration environment, you can often see the application of quartz stone. Especially after polishing and polishing, quartz stone forms a brighter texture, which greatly improves the beauty of the entire effect.

However, both the quartz stone wall and the ground will encounter wear more or less during the use of the ground. Sometimes it will be scratched when it encounters more hard matter. It will become very unsightly, and the whole quality will be greatly reduced.

Can I repair it if the quartz scratch scratches can be repaired? The traditional method is to polish the quartz stone with scratches, and then polish, but this method still does not cure the indicator, the quartz stone still has scratches, and this polishing and polishing process also has the quartz stone itself. A lot of loss, such repair methods still cure the standards.

Having said that, can the quartz stone scratches be repaired? The answer is certain, not only can it be repaired, but also allows quartz stone to return to a better quality than before.

There will still be a lot of gaps and small holes on the surface of quartz stone, so since the general polishing process is generally not able to completely solve the problem of quartz stone scratches, then nano -coating can be used. Inside, reach the role of deep repair.

The method of use is also very simple. Just use 1800Pro to apply it to the part where the quartz stone needs to be repaired, and then dry it naturally for 24 hours. Finally, the quartz stone scratches can not only be repaired, but also become shiny. Such a good way can perfectly solve the problem of quartz stone scratches, which is fast and cost -effective.

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