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The sound of marbles from upstairs? This is really not the voice made by human beings

I don’t know if you have experienced such an experience. When you lie on the bed late at night, you are very sleepy. When you are going to sleep very fragrant, you suddenly hear the sound of marbles falling to the ground

This anger is full of sleep.

Or maybe there are no residents upstairs in your house, but you can still hear the sound of the marbles falling to the ground, so you are afraid to wrap the quilt on the bed.

I have often encountered such troubles recently. In addition to the sound of marbles, there are also sounds of knocking on the wall and dragging chair.

Some people complain to me that the quality of my neighbors is too poor. Some people say that this is because the sound insulation of the house is poor. Some people think that some things cannot be explained?

Some people say that the house is not good in the community.

In short, the more I think about it, the more annoying it is, but what is the actual situation? In fact, have you ever thought that the architecture itself can make some sounds?

It can be said that the sound of the pinth you heard to the ground is not the bear child upstairs is playing, nor the so -called ghosts are making trouble.

It’s hard to hear the real marbles falling downstairs. Even the top apartment will hear the sound of the pinth upstairs.

I have entered a scientific column to make a special procedure for this phenomenon.

It also created a secret because this is the sound of steel pipes in pressure or heat expansion and contraction, or horizontal wind blowing, or the sound of the ground vibration, bounce in the narrow space, similar to the sound of marbles.

Because it was emitted in the concrete, they all mistakenly thought it was sent from upstairs.

There are also some sounds from the natural phenomenon of buildings. The sound of dragging upstairs is similar to the sound of marble and the floor. It is also a stone hanging from the outer concrete made of reinforced concrete. In the evening, a similar super voice will be heard, which is the sound of hot expansion, shrinkage and telescopic joints of the steel frame.

Of course, in addition to the sound of the building, the neighbors next door did make some sounds.

Then someone had to ask, the sound insulation is too bad, does the house meet the requirements?

At present, the residential sound insulation does not have special treatment requirements, especially for rough houses, so the sound insulation of the house is the case.

If you really want to have special requirements for sound insulation, you need to consider decoration and decoration.

High -rise buildings are reinforced concrete structures. The sound of spreading through reinforced and concrete is far away, so sometimes when I hear the sound upstairs, it may come from other floors and people. The hearing is selective. Various voices in nature will choose to pay attention according to the individual.

I live on the roof. When I moved in for the first time, the sound of the elevator’s main room was particularly obvious. At that time, I was still thinking about how to live after such noise?

But after a while, I didn’t think of him. I am used to it, but I can’t hear such a voice. So after paying special attention to one thing, you will enlarge, enlarge and enlarge it.

Put it down.