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After Zhang Xiaofei’s popularity soared, leopard jeans showed the show, fans: domineering side leakage!

Text/Orange Tong

Thirty years of Hedong and thirty years of Hexi, no matter at any time, don’t want to look down on people who are not as good as you. Perhaps more than ten years later, he can far exceed you, and don’t inferiority. Maybe you envy others’ lives. She is envious of you. Life, so when to maintain a normal heart, so as to have your own elegance.

In fact, Xiaobian thinks that fate is indeed a bit unfair for Zhang Xiaofei, because it is also in this year’s Spring Festival file “Hello, Li Huanying” has now reached 4.8 billion in the box office. This is Jia Ling’s success and Zhang Xiaofei’s success. So so far, this “Hello, Li Huanying” has become the third film in the history of Chinese film, ranking second only to “Wolf Warrior 2” and “The Demon Children of Nezha”.

It can be said that this is the conscience of Jia Ling, who is a heart -minded director. In fact, the theme of the story and the theme of the story is not as high as other movies that everyone has watched. , But because she is a true feelings, the love of her parents,

And regret to make up for the nourishment of children to make up for this film, this is the biggest highlight of this movie, letting everyone see the glory of human nature. Therefore, this “Hello, Li Huanying” is probably the biggest dark horse ever in history. It continues to grow in tears and laughter, giving people the biggest baptism.

But the other is her heroine charm goddess Zhang Xiaofei. Zhang Xiaofei is not an ordinary beauty, but her glory has been hidden. It is good to say that it is good to make people, and it ’s not good for time, but although Zhang Xiaofei is in his thirties, his career development is really not smooth.

She is still unnamed. Everyone does n’t know who she is, and when she participated in the event with Yuan Shanshan a few years ago, the snoring thing was taken on the table and said that people felt that Yuan Shanshan was inappropriate and saw her. Humimen. Maybe few people will put Zhang Xiaofei and Yang Mi, Yuan Shanshan, because they are definitely not a level, until this time Zhang Xiaofei was completely brought to Jia Ling,

She had participated in several TV series performances before, but did not attract everyone’s attention. Until I met the nobleman Jia Ling, she started to officially transform and ushered in a new opportunity. Of course, this is not a comedy talent. She relies on the support of Jia Ling and Jia Ling’s master Feng Gong.

Don’t you know that Zhang Xiaofei has been working hard in the entertainment industry for 9 years, hard and hard work, Yu Ru Yucheng, she finally waited for the day when she became famous. After experiencing the sadness of running the dragon, the embarrassment of being marginalized in variety shows. Zhang Xiaofei was confident. She appeared in a leopard pattern, which looked gentle, generous, and feminine.

Zhang Xiaofei finally ushered in her spring. Her star journey must be bright. What do you think?