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The hand washing solution that friends are using, containing aloe vera, cleaning bacteria, moisturizing and moisturizing hands

The hand washing solution that friends are using, containing aloe vera, cleaning bacteria, moisturizing and moisturizing hands

Preventing the epidemic, wash your hands frequently, contain aloe, clean bacteria, moisturize and moisturize hands, rich foam, easy to rinse, refreshing and not sticky, diligent in washing hands, staying from bacteria The intimate feeling, and the healthy material of the hand sanitizer makes you feel very enjoyable. It is your best choice. The quality is the first choice. Essence

The phosphorus -free formula of this hand washing solution, it cleans the handle, brings a long -lasting mild feeling, the extraction of plants, full of intimateness, the gentle material of the hand sanitizer, let you wash your hands frequently, to avoid infection, aloe toiletting solution, Let the skin refreshing and moisturizing, it is gentle and moisturizing, natural skin care, fragrant and pleasant, and the comfortable material of hand -toiletting solution is full of intimateness and delicate foam to make cleaning more thoroughly. It is indispensable for urban people. The must -have for the first choice, full of quality.

The gentle formula of this hand wash does not stimulate the hands. It uses a pH value to avoid skin damage, clean and does not hurt the hand, and the healthy washing hand washed in hand washing.泡沫细腻,呵护你的全家,在洗手液的健康材质,贴心感满满,它的抗菌保湿效果很给力,清凉舒爽,它的滋润呵护,淡雅清香,在舒适的材质里,贴心感十足, It’s your must -have partner.

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Yuzhiyang aloe moisturizing handwashing solution 500g/bottle inhibitory, moisturizing, moisturizing, clean skin care foam

¥ 29.9


Quality Skin Care Product Recommendations: OEM/ODM botanical moisturizing hand sanitizer private label skin care