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Constructing the “12312” traffic circle Pearl River Delta City 1 hour to reach

Recently, the General Office of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province issued the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan for the Comprehensive Transportation System of Guangdong Province”. The “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” Development Plan for the Comprehensive Transportation System of Guangdong Province “proposed that during the” Fourteenth Five -Year Plan “period, Guangdong accelerated the formation of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area as the core, Shantou, Zhanjiang, and Shaoguan as the extreme. Unicom’s “one center tritinal point” comprehensive transportation layout. By 2025, it will build a modern comprehensive transportation system that runs through the province, unblocked in China, and connects the world, and basically realize the “12312” travel transportation circle and “123” fast cargo flow circle.

A overall layout

Create a “one center tritinal point” comprehensive transportation hub layout

Centered on the cluster of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area.

Shantou, Zhanjiang, and Shaoguan are extremely points. The construction of Shantou and Zhanjiang national comprehensive transportation hubs to enhance the capacity level of Shaoguan’s comprehensive transportation hub.

Improve the “three horizontal, four vertical and two collaterals” provincial transportation main skeleton

Three-horizontal coastal transportation channel, Shanghai-Guangzhou-Guangkun Channel, northern Guangdong regional channel

Fourth Calligraphy, Hong Kong and Macau Channel, Beijing -Kowloon Channel, Northeast Guangdong Passage, Northern West of Guangdong

Two Alliances Guangdong -Chongqing Channel, Yue Guichuan Channel

Build a multi -facing domestic and foreign transportation channel at home and abroad

The east -direction channel improves the coastal passing triangle urban agglomeration to Northeast Asia and the cross -Pacific to American channel.

The north -direction channel relies on the Beijing -Hong Kong -Macao and the Beijing -Kowloon Channel to build a China -Mongolia -Russia Economic Corridor to connect with the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei urban agglomeration.

The westward channel relies on the new channels of Guangdong, Hunan and Chongqing, Yue Guichuan, and the Western Land and Sea, and builds the Chinese-Central Asia-West Asia Economic Corridor and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor of the New Asia-Europe Economic Corridor.

The south direction channel connects the Maritime Silk Road, improves the China-Central South Peninsula Economic Corridor, the Economic Corridor of the Central South Peninsula, and the Economic Corridor of the Benne and Myanmar, and the Oceania.

B development goals

By 2025, it will build a modern comprehensive transportation system that runs through the province, unblocked in China, and connects the world, and has a high -quality development of transportation at the forefront of the country.

● Run more intelligent and efficient

5G networks cover highway trunk lines and main service areas, high -speed rail stations and airports.

“One Card” county -level and above node coverage rate reaches 100%.

● Development is green and safe

The level of transportation energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions decrease significantly

构建“12312”交通圈 珠三角城市1小时通达

The urban resident population of more than 3 million cities has reached 80%of the green travel ratio; the volume of transportation weekly volume energy consumption and carbon dioxide discharge rate of operating vehicle units reached 4.0 and 3.5%.

The toughness and response of various major risks in transportation networks have been significantly improved

The real -time monitoring rate of “two passengers, one crisis and one heavy” vehicle reached 100%, and the number of deaths of 10%of the deaths of 10%of the vehicles of 10%of road transportation accidents above the larger level of larger levels was reduced to 20%.

构建“12312”交通圈 珠三角城市1小时通达

C main task

Create a world -class comprehensive transportation hub

[Construction of “3+4+8” world -class airport group]

3 international aviation hub airports: Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Shenzhen Baoan Airport, Pearl River Delta Hub (Guangzhou New) Airport

4 regional hub airports: Zhuhai Jinwan Airport, Jieyang Chaoshan Airport, Zhanjiang Wuchuan Airport, Huizhou Pingtan Airport

8 branch airports: Meizhou Meixian, Shaoguan, Yangjiang, Yunfu, Zhaoqing Huaiji, Qingyuan Lianzhou, Heyuan, Shanwei

Build a comprehensive traffic network of three -dimensional interconnection

Railway network

● Create the coastal high -speed railway channels to speed up the construction of the Shenzhen -Jiangmen railway, and build a high standard to build Guangzhou through Shantou to Zhangzhou and Guangzhou through Zhanjiang to Haikou (Hepu) Railway.

● Expand the transportation channel of the southwestern hinterland to promote the speed up of the Guiguang Railway.

● Strengthen the construction of the Ganzhou -Shenzhen high -speed rail to the north -directional transportation capacity, and plan the construction of the Guangzhou via Qingyuan to the Yongzhou high -speed rail.

● Accelerate the construction of the freight railway channel and the construction of the Railway and Railway Line to promote the construction of railway construction such as Liuzhou to Guangzhou and Ruijin to Meizhou.

Highway network

● Highway accelerates the construction of provincial channels. By 2025, there will be 36 provincial channels from the highway (6 in Fujian, 7 in Jiangxi, 6 Tong Hunan, 11 in Guangxi, 1 through Hainan, 3 Tong Hong Kong, and 2 Tong Macau). Promote the construction of the road network and the liaison line, implement the busy road section of highways, and improve the reliability of the road network operation.

● Ordinary country and provincial highway actively promote the upgrading and transformation of ordinary country and provincial highway, and improve the ability and efficiency of road network traffic as a whole.

Inland Channel Network

Encryption and extending high -level channels of the Pearl River Delta, and build a four -link Pearl River Delta shipping network system.

Oil and gas pipeline network

Focus on promoting the interconnection of refined oil pipelines and “county -county” of natural gas pipelines.

A08-11 overall planning: Yi Fu Hong Yang Cunhai

Writing: Nandu reporter Jiang Zhen Zhong Liting Nanfang Daily reporter Yuan Peiru, Zheng Huizi, Wu Zhe Tan Chao Dai Xiaoxiao intern Dong Lingling

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Drawing: Chen Ting He Xin Zhang Bo Lin Yongxi