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Which of the car mat is good to choose a suitable car feet

The car owner of the car must have such a trouble. What kind of car mat is better, how to choose the suitable car mat? Now, let’s learn together!

First, the car mat is good

There are currently five, plastic foot pads, silk ring mats, leather mats, carpet mats and rubber mats. But no matter which mat, we have to remember a consumer concept, that is, a penny. Although the quality of quality is very advantageous, it is very unbreakuble, especially the anti-wear steel plate of the driver side foot pad, which is deformed for a period of time, affecting the manipulation of the foot, while the quality is very bad Big, hurt people’s health.

Second, how to choose a suitable car mat

Plastic foot pad

Plastic foot pads are generally a transparent PVC material, which is also one of Z cheaper than other materials. In most cases, the plastic foot pad is universal. It will not be separately adapted for the model, so there is a balance with the flooring of the floor. It has been easy to slide; the time has been made up of the PVC material will also make yellow color, affecting the beauty. In addition, in the summer, the weather, some inferior plastics will also exude the pungent smell that seriously affects health. In addition to the price cheap and easy to clean, there is no other advantage, unless it is temporary use, otherwise the plastic foot pad is not recommended for long-term use.

2. Silk ring mat

At present, the market Z is popular, and it is also a good selling car foot pad. There is a unique wire ring structure with environmental protection, soft, non-slip, dirty, easy cleaning, etc., and silk rink is not easy to slip. Question, put the wire ring foot pad to a high-grade feeling in the car, but compare other mats, the price of silk rods is expensive.

3. All-inclusive leather mat

This footprint is strong, and the floor protection of the vehicle is very in place. The dust sand is basically not dirty to the floor of the vehicle, and is not afraid of water, using the same can protect the floor of the vehicle in the rainy day, and clean up convenience . The disadvantage is that there is a bad shock absorption, and there is a little dirty on the top, and it will be very obvious, and it is necessary to clean the stains on the mat.

4. Carpet-type foot pad

Most of the carpet mats are applied to high-end vehicles, and some drivers are particularly diligent, and they have certain requirements for life quality, they will use the carpet mats, the advantage is that the grade, comfortable, but the shortcomings, no Waterproof, dirty dirty, not well cleaning, durability.

5. Rubber foot pad

Rubber foot pads are also very popular among the majority of owners because of the characteristics of dirty, easy to clean. However, in the process of use, it is found that the rubber foot pad is more slippery, not so safe and stable, plus the foot pad made of inferior products will have a harmful odor, so slowly by the market