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Twelve high -quality desks, look at it and move home quickly!

The study room enhances a gentle and elegant temperament, and of course, a perfect study room is indispensable for a desk that suits you. Today, I recommend you three types of different styles of different styles for you to enjoy a quiet book incense.

Part1: solid wood desk


Solid Wooden desk netizens match the case: the sweet couple’s dream of the Jiangnan flavor in the capital love the nest

Brand: Harbor House price: 6528 yuan


Reasons for purchasing netizens: Long -shaped desks with metal single chairs, shiny materials and sharp lines add a little modern atmosphere to space.

Starting from the case, we will recommend the solid wood desk for you. See as follows:

Recommended 1: Simple and modern children’s desk

Brand: Ximengbao official flagship store


Price: 1999 yuan

Reason for shopping guide: Simple but not simple design style, play cabinet and desk combined with the form of beauty and use space, this desk is multifunctional and practical.

Recommended 2: solid wood hollow carved desk

Brand: Otinburg Art Furniture

Price: 6500 yuan

Reasons for shopping guide: The Chinese -style hollow carving design has a strong aroma of book aroma, and the stable bookshelves give the most comfortable reading and work time.

Recommended 3: Multi -function solid wood desk

Brand: Nick Aijia Home Flagship Store

Price: 2150 yuan

Reasons for shopping guide: The stable bookshelf foot is paired with exquisite desk plane and a multi -functional design of the computer desk and desk. This desk is exquisite and multifunctional.

Part2: Metal paint desk


Metal paint desk netizens matching cases: the most classic black and white photographer’s art home →

Brand: Mo Bisi Furniture Flagship Store Price: 1789 yuan

Reasons for purchasing netizens: white tables, silver naval chairs, and the emission of books on the white bookcase. If you look closely, you will find that I put all the black and white attachment in a quiet study.

Starting from the case, we will recommend the same type of metal paint desk for you. See as follows:


Recommended 1: New Painted Paint Glass Desk

Brand: xiaomuwu home flagship store


Price: 1915-2029 yuan

Reasons for shopping guide: black and white classics and trends, and the maple leaf side board of paint is unique and novel. Skin glass and stainless steel improve quality.

Recommended 2: corner baking paint bookcase

Brand: Justhere flagship store


Price: 1499 yuan

Reasons for shopping guide: simple appearance, clean color, practical minimalist storage desk

Recommended 3: Bring a drawer white piano paint desk

Brand: Ma’s Emperor Court Furnishing Flagship Store

Price: 1280-1300 yuan

Reasons for shopping guide: The overall white is highlighted. The X -shaped shape of the table foot and the long -forming of the drawer and the long form of the desktop form the overall structure beauty.


Part3: Industrial style desk

Industrial -style desk netizens matching cases: home furnishings black and white gentleman’s favorite upper products decoration


This case product: Simple desk

Brand: Flagship Flagship Store Price: 2560 yuan

Reasons for purchasing by netizens: The open study needs to choose simple and practical furniture as much as possible, which not only shows the intellectual charm, but also does not lose calmness. This desk fully meets my requirements.


Starting from the case, we will recommend the same type of industrial style desk for you. For details, see as follows:

Recommended 1: Iron Desk

Brand: Qiju Liangpin Furnishing Flagship Store

Price: 3380 yuan


Reasons for shopping guide: The old iron desk tripod reflects the strong and old craftsmanship, flat and thick solid desktop, and give the best work enjoyment.

Recommended 2: Rust -proof to make old American style desks

Brand: li735

Price: 565-865 yuan

Reasons for shopping guide: hand -made retro and high -end. The rust iron and solid wood highlight the feeling of the industrial period. Stable and appropriate desk tripod is practical and convenient.

Recommended 3: tempered desk


Brand: Sike Home Flagship Store

Reasons for shopping guide: Black glass+black stone color combination gives this desk a stable gas. Use drawer steel wood to improve the use function.

Price: 1499 yuan