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Eight milk powder in -depth evaluation of Feihe, Junlebao, Australia, and Wyeth, which one is worth choosing?

Milk powder think tank is committed to interpreting each milk powder for 10 million treasures and practitioners. Welcome to pay attention to the milk powder evaluation article of the milk powder think tank evaluation center! Today we chose 8 milk powder to conduct in -depth evaluation from the dimensions of brands, milk sources, raw materials, ingredients, nutrition formulas and other dimensions to interpret the characteristics of different milk powder for you! If this article does not have a product you want to know, you can leave us a message at the end of the article. The next evaluation may appear ~


The eight milk powder of this evaluation includes: Fei Hezhen loves Feifan, Junle Bao Zhizhen A2, Aoyou Neng Duo, Wyeth Blue Diamond Qifu, Royal Mei Sujiaer Cuisha, Wan Da Mountain kiss.

Evaluation description:

This evaluation is organized by the Milk Powder Think Tank Evaluation Center. It does not involve sensory evaluation. Participating in the evaluation products take 3 sections as an example. The following are omitted. The nutritional formula refers to the current national standard GB10767-2010 “National Standard for Food Safety Standards and Children’s Formula Food” and GB14880-2012 “Standard for Food Safety Standard Food Nutritional Reperse” and GB10767-2021 released in February 2021 ” National Standard Food Food Food of Food Safety “.


1. Brand background


Below is the brand background information of 8 milk powder.

The brand background reflects the comprehensive strength of dairy companies. The eight milk powder of this review has certain brand power.

Basic information

Below is basic information such as the product name, milk source, origin, version, version, milk -based raw material of 8 milk powder.

Summary of milk sources and country:


Domestic milk powder: Fei He Zhen loves Feifan, Junlebao to Zhen Zhen A2 and Wanda Mountain. Among them, Junlebao to Zhen Zhen adopts A2 milk source. Studies have shown that milk containing only A2 protein can reduce gastrointestinal symptoms caused by Chinese preschool children’s milk intolerance, and can improve its cognitive performance accordingly.

National Bank Milk Powder: Australian Young Lito, Royal Mei Sujiaer and Aimi Zhuo Cui belong to the original imported from the Netherlands, Wyeth Blue Diamond Establishment belongs to the original imported from Ireland, and the Health Yuan Pai Xing is imported from France.

Summary of raw materials:

The first milk -based raw materials are fresh milk: Feihezhen loves Feifan, Junlebao to Zhen Zhen A2, and the first milk -based raw materials of the proxy Beidam are raw milk; The first milk -based raw materials of the children and the Hebang Yuan Pai Xing are all skimmed cowyl/milk.

Milk -based raw materials are milk powder: The main milk -based raw materials of Wyeth Blue Diamond Extinction are skim milk powder and milk protein powder.

3. ingredients

Let ’s take a look at the 6 types of milk powder with special or sensitive ingredients ~

Summary of characteristic ingredients:

★ Feihe Zhen loves Feifan to add walnut oil and waterless cream;

★ Australian Young can add more α-milk protein, moderate hydrolyzed protein and β-carotene;

★ Love him Misimi Cui to add water cream or not;

★ Royal Mei Sujiaer adds natural milk and natural milk phospholipids;

★ Wyeth Blue Diamond Revisor adds GSMO, β-carotene, and α-milky protein;

★ Sepato Pai Xing is added with water cream, β-carotene and milk bridge protein LPN.

Summary of sensitive ingredients:

★ Royal Meisu Jiaer adds cicada;

★ Wyeth Blue Diamond Qifu adds ethyllaxamin and malt paste;

★ Health Yuan Pai Xing adds glucoside solids.

Fourth, nutrition formula

Infant formulas are formula foods. When choosing milk powder, nutritional formula is a point that mothers are more concerned and tangled. So, what about these 8 milk powder formulas? Let’s analyze it for everyone ~


Enhanced formula

The types and contents of the conventional and enhanced formula of 8 milk powder are as follows:

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In terms of types, there are many types of enhanced formulas in the eight milk powder, all of which are more than 10 types, including Australian Young Lito, Junlebao to A2, and Fei He Zhen loved Flying Flying.

In terms of content, we analyze according to the focus of different milk powder formulas. For example, everyone pays more attention to nutrients related to digestion and absorption, brain and vision development, and immunity.

Ingredients related to digestion and absorption:

We can pay attention to enhanced recipes such as OPO, CPP, probiotic, probiotics, etc., and we can also pay attention to the addition of special ingredients such as water -free cream and moderate hydrolyzed protein.

(1) OPO and CPP: OPO belongs to a structure fat that helps reduce the formation of calcium soap in the intestine and reduce the chance of constipation of the baby. The full CPP is called casein phosphate, which can promote the absorption of binary minerals such as calcium, iron, and zinc.

4 of the eight milk powder of this evaluation add OPO, including the Health Yuan Pai Xing, Aoyou Neng Duo, Junlebao to Zhenzhen A2 and Wyeth Blue Diamond, the content is good; in addition, 4 adds add CPP, of which Australian You Neng Dudu and Wanda Mountain have a good content.

(2) Probiotics and probiotics: Probiotics are complementary to probiotics. The two can help regulate the baby’s intestinal flora, maintain the stability of the microbial environment in the intestine, promote the absorption of nutrition, and improve the body’s immunity.

Note: The probiotic content logo in the figure only indicates the order of order, which does not represent the specific content.


The eight milk powder of this evaluation adds beneficial elements. Among them, the content of love him, Royal Mei Sujiaer, and Hebang Yuan Pai Xing have a good content; 3 milk powder adds probiotics.

Summary: OPO, CPP, Probiotics, Probiotics and other digestive and absorbing related nutrient content, how good the Hei Yuan Pai Xing and Australia can stand.

Ingredients related to the development of the brain and vision:

We can pay attention to the content of nutrients such as choline, taurine, DHA, ARA, lutein, etc. We focus on the content of DHA and lutein.

The eight milk powder of this evaluation is added with DHA, of which the content of love him, Wyeth Blue Diamond Qifu, Royal Mei Sujiaer and Australian Younengli are good. The lutein content of Australian Young can be more than the lutein in Australia, Wan Dashan Kiss Bei, and Junlebao to Zhen A2.

Summary: In terms of nutrient content related to the development of the brain and vision, how good Wyeth Blue Diamond Fufu and Australian Young can stand.

Ingredients related to immunity:

We can pay attention to nucleotide, lactic iron protein, probiotics, taurine, etc. Let’s take a look at the specific additions of 6 of them from three aspects: nucleotide, lactated iron protein and probiotics that are more concerned about by Baoma.

There are 5 products of the eight milk powder of the evaluation of this review. There are 4 products added with milk iron protein, including Royal Meisujiaer and Australian Younengli. Products add interest.


Summary: In terms of immunity, Royal Mei Sujiaer and Australian Young can be good.

5. Price reference

On the daily expenses of raising baby, milk powder occupies an important part. Generally speaking, parents want to choose a cost -effective milk powder, so the price of milk powder is worth comparing. Let’s compare the price of these 8 milk powder:

Note: The above statistics are real -time reference prices. In addition, many milk powder has more activities to buy more or bring gifts with gifts. These additional values ​​need to be considered separately. Please refer to the actual price when buying ~

Summary: Judging from the unit price of the above 8 milk powder, the unit price of all milk powder is above 0.3 yuan/g. Among them, the price of Australian Young can be relatively high, and the unit price is about 0.50 yuan/g.

6. Evaluation summary


This evaluation has compared 8 milk powder for you from the aspects of milk sources, raw materials, ingredients, formulas, etc. When choosing milk powder, consumers should choose combined with the baby’s actual needs:

★ If the baby digestion and absorption is poor, parents can pay attention to digestion and absorption of related nutrients, then the Health Yuan Pai Xing is good;


★ If parents pay more attention to their baby’s eye and brain development, they can pay attention to nutrients related to brain vision development, then the Wyeth Blue Diamond is good;

★ If the baby’s immunity is poor, you can pay attention to immunity -related nutrients, then Royal Mei Sujiaer is good;

★ If you pay more attention to A2 protein, then Junlebao is good to A2;


★ If you pay more attention to the comprehensiveness of the formula, then how good Australia is.

(Note: The evaluation results are for reference only, do not mean the only selection standard. When purchasing, you can choose the baby’s actual situation, merchant discounts, convenient purchase channels, and cost -effectiveness.)

In the end, it is specifically explained that breast milk is the best food for babies. If breast milk is sufficient, it is recommended to breastfeed. Bao Ma needs to combine her baby’s actual situation when purchasing. It is the best suitable for the baby.