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Now weaving is just right, the fresh children’s college style navy lead short -sleeved skirt (with weaving illustration)



Mulan Pavilion ladies lace



Purple 6 group, black 1.5 regiment, white 3 group (including naval collar line)


Use needle:

Cola hook needle 1.75mm


Unit CM clothing length: 70, bust: 38×2 = 76, sleeve length: 15, shoulder width: 60, skirt width: 78.5×2, skirt length: 44, upper half body: 26: 26

Work Show:

Weaving instructions:

Hook from the bottom up, circulate 360 ​​stitches, I am a hook.


According to the figure, the pattern of the hook, (6 lines of purple 1 line of black 1 line of white 1 black 6 lines of purple 1 line of white) are repeated 3 times in parentheses, a total of 4 times = 64 lines, starting folds, folds according to the composition diagram In the direction, the folds according to the schematic diagram of single -piece painting: 15 ~ 30 (fold, 15 and 15 are opposite to the outside, which is two directions 5 5 5) ~ 30 ~ 30 (folding wrinkles) ~ 30 ~ 30 ~ 15, this line of folding with a white thread with a white thread, there are 120 stitches left after the folding single, then hook up 6 lines of purple 1 line black 1 line of white 1 black 4 line purple purple

Start up

The rear hook 2 rows of purple (at the same time) 1 line of white 6 lines of purple 1 line black 1 line white 1 line black, 6 line purple 1 line white 6 lines of purple purple purple


Hanging shoulder needles: 1 ~ 5 ~ 1 ~ 3 ~ 3 ~ 1 ~ 2, and then do not diminish or ends (or end enough size), 26 stitches on each shoulder, 46 stitches in the back collar nest,

Previous film: One is divided into two, left two stitches in the middle, and the eyes are buckled


2 Line purple (at the same time), change the white thread hook 1 president needle, start hook patterns B (long needle cross needle of 2 needles), hook 13 lines start to stay in front of the nest

The pins of the front collar nest are: 1 ~ 13 ~ 1 (1 ~ 3 ~ 1 2 ~ 2 ~ 1) 2 times, and do not reduce the hook to the end of 1 line than the back film

Another front film hook method is the same as above


Switching front and rear suture: The method is 2 braids and one short needle connection. After suture, pick up hook plackets, horizontal hooks, short needles, a long needle hook 3 short needles when picking needle. Pick 2 short needles at a time, and choose this method. Hook 6 lines of short needles back and forth. The same difference between the same difference is that one side must be kept with eye, leaving eyes on the fourth line.

Collar ribbon:

Line 1: Black hook 100 stitches, and then pick up the collar from the right side of the clothes. Do not pick the placket in the 6th line, pick up the short needle next to the left side of the placket, Pick 1 needle with 1 needle with the rear tablet, and other places is a pore 3 short needles, until the left side of the left side, and then 100 lock needles


Line 2: All needle black lines 1 for 1 needle hook and one circle long needle


Line 3: Change the white wire 1 for 1 needle hook, one circle, a long needle


Line 3: Change the black line 1 to 1 hook and one president need


Sleeve: Piece Hook, Purple Line 80 stitches, hook A patterns 6 lines of purple 1 line black 1 line white 1 line black 2 line purple,

Starting the cuff reduction needle: 1 ~ 5 ~ 1 [(1 ~ 3 ~ 1 1 ~ 2 ~ 1), and then repeat the method 2 times in the brackets, 3 times], 1 to 1 to 4 At the same time, the color of the pattern A must be done, the two sleeves are the same practice

Naval collar practice:

There are 75 stitches in the white line, a long needle hook, hooking to 11 lines and 18 lines and 26 lines, with 1 needle on both sides, a total of 6 stitches, the 27th line starts the tie, 37 stitches in the middle, 22 stitches on each side, 22 stitches on each side, 22 stitches on each side

The tie needle collection method is:

The first line will not be reduced


Line 2 to 10 Rows to reduce 1 needle per line

The line 11-15 will not be decreased


Ring 16 to 17 minus 1 needle per line

The 18-21 line will not be reduced

Line 22-27 Line minus 1 needle per line


28-35 lines will not be reduced

The above reducing needles are on the inside


While doing the inner reducing needle, the outer line 9, 12 lines and 20 lines, each add 1 needle

At the beginning of line 36, the needles were reduced on both sides of the inside and outside, and each row was reduced.

Another same as above


After the two are finished, start to pick the hook side, use the white line to start with the tip of the tie, and start on the left and right side.


Pick the needle as: 1 long pinhole, 3 needle short needles, 4 long needles, and the fifth long needle picked 2 needle short needles, so on. Pick the hook to the place of need

Return 2 lines of short needle changes purple thread hook 2 lines, and then change the white thread hook 1 row short needle.

The pattern of the lace is the pattern of the collar collar, and changed it. Change the 2 braids connected to the long needle and 3 short needles to 3 braids. The two lines are the same. Short needle, 1 needle and 1 needle at the flat 37 needle at the flat collection

The sleeves and clothes are sutured and the suture method is the same. All the lace is onion collar lace. It has been changed slightly. The change is the same as above.


As for many sisters on this naval collar forum, sisters can refer to it, my hook is not perfect

• END •


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