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Beautiful and not covering the sight, this children’s raincoat, let the child fall in love with rainy days in a second

One autumn rain and cold, the drizzle sweeping slightly on the arm and picked up a goosebumps, not only wet and uncomfortable, but also prone to cold colds.

In the epidemic’s bone eyes, I dare not let the baby fly in the rain, unless we put on one

Children’s raincoats with rain and rain and lightweight



Image source: station Cool Hirolo

In the early autumn, the weather was overwhelming, and many kindergartens also listed raincoats on the list of entering the garden, so as not to get cold when the children were connected.

There are so many raincoat products on the market.

Little Deer Mili Children’s Rainwear


—— EVA material, light and soft; widened transparent hats+waist reflective strips, full of security; there is also a relaxed bookbag. It is a must -have for babies to enter the garden!

Looking at this cute and cute little yellow duck pattern, many babies can’t wait to wear it on our body ~ Let’s choose M code this time, baby with a height of 90 to 100 cm, can be worn at 1 to 3 years old.


It is suitable for babies who are about to enter the park.

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There are a lot of children’s raincoats on the market, but the practicality and cuteness of this raincoat burst at the same time-

EVA material, soft and light

More comfortable than wearing a jacket


EVA -made raincoat with skin -like feel, which is simply soft! Moreover, it is super light, wearing it on the body and lightly, more comfortable than wearing a jacket.

This is to talk about the advantages of the EVA material. As an environmentally friendly plastic, the proportion of EVA is lighter than water, and it has the elasticity of rubber. It can also resist the cold and exposure. It can be said to be quite carried.

According to GB 31701-2015 Infant and child and children’s prevention and control product safety technical specifications, this raincoat has no formaldehyde without odor,

Give your baby more assured.

Although this children’s raincoat is long design, it is light and comfortable, and the baby does not feel cumbersome.

And many details are designed for children-

The deduction method is covered by the wind and the rain, and the child can wear and take off it by themselves;

Add pockets on both sides of the waist, which is convenient to put some small fragmentation at hand;

The hat also adds drawers to prevent the rain rhinestone from the neck;

Loose schoolbags, wearing down jackets in winter can also be packed.

I have to say that this full detail is really intimate.

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Wid -wide transparent brim+waist reflective strip

Walking on rainy days is full of safety

Many babies resist wearing raincoats, in addition to feeling burdens, there is another reason -blocking line. I wanted to open the curious little eyes to observe the beautiful rain world carefully. The wide rains hats were put on, and the rain was blocked, and nothing could be seen.

This children’s raincoat is very careful in the design of the brim. The extended arc -shaped transparent hat is made on the periphery of the hat.

Fun and safe.

And a long reflection strip is pasted at the back of the back, which can be reflected under the dim light of the rainy days.

Directly warn drivers and pedestrians.

Walking on rainy days, babies are safe, parents are more assured ~

Every baby is worth having such a safe and easy -to -wear raincoat.

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Picture source: brand side provided, standing cool heroil


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