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Why do European and American boys prefer khaki trench coats? Classic British style, wearing AJ can also match

The khaki trench coat should be called a classic! For many boys, there is always a khaki trench coat in the wardrobe, but for such classic items, it may not be good to match. Today, the street king brings a few sets of khaki trench coats. Do not have a headache for you.


1. Khaki trench coat+white T -shirt


In addition to khaki trench coats in men’s wardrobes, there must be a white T -shirt! The casual and handsome khaki trench coat is equipped with a clean white T -shirt. Thinking about it is in line with the breath of spring, and the overall combination gives a simple but fashionable feeling, it won’t be out of date!

A white T -shirt in the khaki trench coat, so how do you match your pants? For the younger boy, you can put a pair of classic jeans and a pair of white canvas shoes. It has a young man. For a slightly mature man, you can use a pair of black casual pants, and then a pair of leather shoes. Gentlemen.

Second, windbreaker stacking casual jacket

In a little cold spring, it is definitely not enough to have a white T -shirt alone! Therefore, the street monarch feels that a thin casual jacket in the Khaki color trench coat is a suitable choice. It is both handsome and warm, and a texture of gray casual pants with texture. In the case of, this is a good match!


Speaking of mature men’s casual outer jackets, then the youthful stacking and matching must not be less. The khaki trench coat is equipped with a green casual jacket, a casual pants of the same color, and a pair of sports shoes. Really, it is true It feels very spring.


Third, windbreaker stacking shirt

In addition to trench coats and T -shirts, shirts are also indispensable elements in spring! The classic khaki trench coat is equipped with a checkered shirt and a pair of light -colored jeans. The overall wearing the trendy coolness has a little British style, which is particularly feeling!

In addition to the classic plaid shirt, the Cascula trench coat can also be a classic striped shirt. It is paired with a black T -shirt and a pair of black casual pants. It is really Feel ~


Fourth, windbreaker wearing a hat -connected sweater


Today, the street king also wants to talk about the constant fashion trend, that is, the hooded sweater, no matter which season, the hooded sweater is always indispensable. It’s really good!

If you don’t want to be so mature, then pair with a loose hooded sweater, or with a black casual jacket inside, a loose casual pants, and a pair of AJ. Miss a set!