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How to pick up pantoms in autumn and winter? Look here is right

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I don’t know if the mud cute is, this year’s winter is very early ~~~ The little fairy people began to entangle: Go out? ! ! Too much to wear is bloated, too little wear is easy to catch cold. Want to wear a skirt beautiful? I am afraid of the old cold legs. Don’t be tangled, winter artifacts – pantyhose to save you. How to pick it? Today, I will teach you how to pick a good-looking and warm pantyhose, easily hold your college wind, art style or trendy style.

First, thickness

1. How much “D” is labeled on many pantyphs. What? What is “D”?


Small science: “D” is called “Denier”. It is the woven thickness unit of the measuring pantyhose on the market, and it also attracted the exact degree of definiteness as the pantyhose. Under normal circumstances,

The larger the value of “D”, the thicker thickness, the lower the meat effect; the lower, the lower the value, the thinner thickness, the higher the meat effect.


Lift a chestnut:

So, how much “D” we wear is in such a cold day? Give you directly:


The above data is just a reference for everyone because the same thickness will be divided into plus velvet and no velvet, or each baby’s refrigeration capacity is different, so specifically, according to the style and thickness, it is judged! (After all, like LZ is afraid of the cold star to go directly to 500D)

Second, style

There are three styles of common leggings on the market: nine points, stepping on, and socks. In fact, the style is not important, you are happy. . . . . .

Haha, skin, we can Si is just a strategy post.


Actually, your mother told you the high version of the trousers that you often wear. So, don’t want to wear the autumn trousers, come to the circumstances.


Stepping on the foot

: This pantyhose has two obvious advantages: 1. Don’t climb (experience in pantyhose quietly climbing on the calf girl) ~) ~ When wearing socks, you will have a shortcomings, that is, some girls may feel.


Even socks:

This is a single shoe, a saver in a shallow mouth, and successfully saves you a little less attention to exposure. Also for lazy people, don’t wear socks, there is wood!

Third, color


Classic black

Speaking of pantyhose, we must first think of it is black, an almost how to wear a color. In the pantyhose world, the black pantyhose is far from the throne. It is it, the stovepipe effect is immediate.

A black match can also be cool and sexy out of the street, and the cool girl must not miss it.


But, do you have any other choice in addition to black? The answer is certain. After all, there are also many self-cultivated little sisters, autumn and winter also prefer many light coats and skirts. If you match a black pantyhose, it is too awkward! So, in order to meet your various tastes, LZ has gone more colors.

2. Hundreds of gray

In addition to the black, the color is of course a gray between black and white. Gray leggings are not like black and white, can be considered a saver with light jackets.

There are many kinds of gray, from shallow to deep, in combination of fabrics, the effect of wearing out is different.


So, so much ash, how do we pick it when you look?

The white silver gray color is relatively shallow, it looks more fat; the black carbon ash is too turbid, it looks not refreshing. Comparison, LZ feels the most practical look, which belongs to the most intermediate:

Lightness and soot

. Lightly moultry is light, suitable for light colatch, the smoke is stable and not heavy, suitable for darkness.

Let’s give everyone a picture


3. Warmer milk tea

The milk tea color is a new year of this year’s fire, in the coat, sweater, and it can be seen everywhere. What reasons for pantyhose don’t come together!

What is the milk tea? As the name, it is like milk tea, and the color after the chocolate, coffee, oats, etc. is fully integrated with milk. The milk tea is used, the silky and smooth, warm and not sinking, is called the king of temperament in the color.

The chocolate is rich, suitable for darkness; coffee is sweet, milk tea is well-behaved, suitable for light color matching

The focus: In short, when choosing color, just follow one principle: the same color is mixed or similar color matching. That is: the whole, the socks choose dark, the whole, and the socks are selected ~


Third, material

The quality of the pantyhose is also very important. Good quality in good quality is not only worn, and the texture is uniform, it is very comfortable to warm, and it is better to better line up. On the market, common leggings usually: elastic cotton, modal, velvet, wool, etc.


From the season, the material of spring and autumn pantyhose is generally a relatively thin fabric in Morder and elastic cotton; winter is velvet, and the wool is relatively thickened. The velvet is delicate and silky, the comfort is extremely high; the wool has excellent warmth and hygroscopic gas permeability, anti-static effect is also a lever. Everyone is in the selection.

Fourth, which legs don’t buy?


Pseudo-panting stockings


One go to winter, there will be a lot of plus velvet “fake meat” leggings on the market. This pantyhose makes meat effect, but there is no natural feeling of real skin, it will be very strange.


Everyone try to avoid this unnatural fake pantyhose, it looks really difficult. . .


2. Reflective pantyhose

Some pantyhose’s fabrics will seem to have reflective feeling, which will not only increase the feelings of the leg, let you be fat, there will be cheap.

3. Color pantyhose

In the show, we can often see bright colors of pantyhose, full, and light color. Balenciaga’s “Christmas Lollipops” requires your legs and really lollipops. Because the color pantyhose has a higher demand for the body and applicable occasion, it is easy to step on the thunder everyday, so the mortals like LZ still don’t take this insurance. .

Five, leggings sharing


You can let your wardrobe have a wide range of skirts ~


2, matching pants: nine pants, wide-leg pants

You love not to release the nine pants, the wide legs can wear in the summer. Pantyhose in hand, I am walking in the world

3. Match coat

In the winter, pantyhose and coat piano, the whole match!

Ending, do you learn how to pick a suitable pantyhose? ,,,,,,,


,,, Don’t you learn? ? ? That will slip over it.


Finally, I heard that men have pantyhose, haloching, ask: Do boys do not wear pants and socks? ! !

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