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Big names Star babies do not leave their mouths, calcium, magnesium -zinc supplement, Liang Jingru’s family!

Some time ago, Gua Mom took a small watermelon to check for a medical examination. The pediatrician said that the small watermelon was a bit O -shaped, and the teeth were relatively late. You need to replenish calcium. Watermelon sun exposure to the sun to help calcium absorption, not worry -free at all!

Some treasure mothers may think that the baby is missing calcium deficiency, but the hazards of the baby’s calcium deficiency, the Mom Mom has to be popular:

1. The baby is strange to cry


Strange, irritable, not obedient, crying; sleepy, not easy to fall asleep, shock at night, wake up early, cry after waking up.

2. Poor body immunity

Calcium deficiency is severely caused by weakness, low intelligence, and low immunity.

3. Development

When severe calcium deficiency, the baby may even have a storm. At the same time, there will be many abnormal symptoms in the body, such as skeletal malformations.

4. Disease

Calcium deficiency is seriously susceptible to 佝偻 disease, that is, people often say



It is a common chronic nutrition deficiency in infants and young children. It develops slowly and is not easy to find that once the symptoms are obviously accompanied by low resistance, it is easy to occur with respiratory tract and digestive tract infectious diseases and life -threatening.

Gua Ma deliberately asked the nutrition expert to know,


The key to calcium supplementation is the absorption rate of calcium

Essence Calcium supplement your baby,

Heavy “quantity” is heavier “quality

“In addition to sufficient calcium sources, it is also necessary to absorb effectively to ensure the healthy growth of the baby.

So, the baby needs one


Scientific ratio is easy to absorb, liquid calcium than yogurt!

Mom Mom recommends Childlife calcium, magnesium zinc liquid calcium!

American Childlife

Calcium, magnesium zinc, calcium calcium

Liquid calcium is easy to absorb 丨 stomach and stomach is not irritating 丨 Baby is inconvenient to constipation

It is recognized internationally that it is most suitable for infants and young children

Original price: 235 yuan

Anniversary celebration: 99 yuan

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Star Baby Same


After the song, Liang Jingru’s daily life photos on Weibo can also see the shadow of calcium magnesium -zinc in childhood, and her children are also eating.

American professional children’s brand

Childlife, the United States is the premier professional child nutrition company in the United States. Its product is


Pure natural extract

, Organic craftsmanship, rich nutrition.

Liquid supplement

Easy to absorb from the baby,

Orange yogurt,

The taste of the baby’s super love is the nutritional supplement of children in the United States.


[American Nutrition Supermarket] Childhood Line Calcium Display Map

Calcium, magnesium zinc VD 4 times absorption

When the baby grows and develops, calcium is a very important mineral,

99% of calcium

Exist in

Skeletal and teeth

middle. To achieve a better absorption effect, calcium should be

Magnesium, vitamin D, zinc combined,

In order to help and build a good foundation for your baby’s healthy growth.

Liquid calcium is easier to absorb

Many Baoma is used to supplementing solid calcium to the baby, but research has proved that the absorption rate of liquid calcium than solid calcium calcium is 36%. It can be fed directly, or it can be added to warm water, fruit juice or adding it to auxiliary food.

Pure natural extract, mother can rest assured

Safety issues are the first choice for mothers. The United States Childlife calcium, magnesium -zinc liquid calcium is all using high -quality pure natural ingredients. It has no stimuli and no side effects.












Vitamin D




Moms who are worried about calcium supplementing calcium for babies, hurry up!


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