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Pink plaid jacket+black high -waisted flared pants = foreign gas+advanced

Hello everyone, I am Dan’er who loves to travel!

Today I want to share with you a set of fashionable and advanced clothes,

The temperature of the Spring Festival is warmer, and the lightweight clothes come back again.

Pink fragmented small shirt with black high -waisted fine leg micro -flared pants,

Not only is the age reduction effect, but it also looks long waist and long legs.

The younger sister was wearing a black straight hair, pure and sweet, full of charm.

Miss and sister wearing black sunglasses are decorated, making the younger sister more temperament.

After the year, the temperature gradually rose. Everyone’s dress is getting lighter and lighter. Everyone took off a thick down jacket and put on a thin jacket. There are also some young ladies who don’t know how to choose a jacket in spring. Today, Dan’er recommends a pink small incense jacket, which is fashionable and advanced, and at the same time, it looks full of girlishness.

The younger sister goes out and wears a pink grid jacket,

The tender color of pink is very pure.

The design of the small round neck is very young, and there is a row of pearls in the placket as the embellishment, which looks very sweet.

Short design,

While improving the waistline, it also highlights the better body advantage.

Even more youthful and energetic.

In the lower body, Miss Sister is paired with a pair of black flared pants. The trousers also use a hair edge design, full of personality.

The younger sister stepped on a pair of pale pink pointed high -heeled shoes, echoing the color of the top, and the girl was full of heart.

The younger sister carried a silver square bag, which was small and exquisite.

Miss Sister’s simple match looks elegant and fashionable.

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