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“Beede” from Burger to Berlin, all the way to the east, crossing Germany for thousands of years

Author: Beidou Nebula_XM

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When it comes to northern Germany, maybe most people only know that there is a city called burger.


This is not a popular tourist destination in Germany, and I do n’t know what causes me to choose to play alone in North Germany during the most lively Mid -Autumn Festival in Xiamen. Perhaps it is because of the fourth thoughts left in the 10th tourist cities recommended by Lonely Planet 2018, or it is because of the hazy impression of the Hamburg City Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. In short, I have almost no plan. Come to Germany.


For Germany, there have been many times. Whether it is studying abroad or later became a professional travel photographer. There are elegant castles, soft Rhine, ancient churches, and modern high -tech. Whether it is Frankfurt, Cologne and other places in the West, Munich and Bavaria in the south, or the capital of the East, Berlin has been explored in the past few years. Then, the only northern Germany has become an important destination for this trip.



It is really countless to say what to play in Germany. As a country with a long history, the major cities here, as well as the pure natural scenery and the simple and simple life humanities between the town are all worth exploring. I checked the information about northern Germany for a long time on the Internet and found that there are very few travel notes in Chinese. Sure enough, it is indeed not a tourist destination for most Chinese people. Most of the introductions about Germany lies in several big cities such as Burger, Bowome, and Hanover. During the National Day, I made an appointment with my friends to make a trip to Eastern Europe. To play two big cities, I decided to go all the towns on the way, just to feel the pleasure of unlimited high -speed and high speeds in Germany, and go to some places that ordinary people have never been to.

The main itinerary is as follows:

Day 1: Arrive in Hamburg, stay in the city homestay

Day 2-3: Hamburg City Play, live in Hamburg

DAY 4: Go to Belleme by self -driving, play on the old city of Bomme

DAY 5: Go to Goslar self -driving, go to the small town on the way, stay at the resort in Halz Mountain at night

Day 6: Go to Queidlinburg by car, walk on the forest park on the way in the morning, and live in the town of Kuidlinburg

Day 7: Go to Dresden to visit the town of Marson porcelain, stay in the old town of Dresden

Day 8: Play in the Potsdam Castle, go to Berlin at night

Day 9-11: Berlin City Play


▼ Choose a sunny afternoon and enjoy the leisurely holiday of Hamburg at the cafe by Lake Asto

▼ Take a boat to visit or run away in the burger warehouse city known as the northern Venice

▼ The Night of Bommeme seems to be a melodious music everywhere

▼ Go to the windmill park to run in the morning and enjoy the Bobo Meimei in the morning

▼ Wandering aimlessly strolling on the town on the way, each one is full of historical charm

▼ Stay in the resort in the mountains, and feel the breath of nature

▼ National Parks everywhere in Hats Mountain, every place is a good place for trekking

▼ The witch story circulating in Quadlingburg, try to look up at the night sky alone at night

▼ Bathing in the sun in Potsdam, strolling in the magnificent palace and ancient buildings

▼ Look at the foreigners lined up in the Berlin Wall, and then go to the museum island for a day.


▼ Climbing a building at night to enjoy the moment when the Berlin Chinese lantern was on the beginning

What’s fun in North Germany?

The northern border of Germany may not be as famous as the Bavarian town, maybe there is no prosperity of Munich, or maybe there is no industrial modernization in the Southwest city of Cologne and Frankfurt, but this one has a long history. Always living a simple life.

If you like to explore new destinations, eager to understand some non -public attractions, or love nature, and love human history, then choose to come to North Germany for a vacation choice in leisure time. If there is plenty of time, you can generally play with Berlin and its surroundings in northern Germany and East Germany. Here I will introduce the north and Berlin.

→ Burger: The second largest city in Germany is also the largest port city. It has a long history and is estimated that there are many. The leisurely tourism model is integrated with the faster and faster work and life of the local young people.

→ Berleme: The place where the Green brothers fairy tales are occurred. Street musicians are the symbol of this small city, suitable for exquisite German cities for day trips.

→ Hanover: The junction of North Germany and China and Germany is a industrial city.


→ Hats Mountain District: There are countless exquisite and preserved fairy tale towns in walking. The lake makes this the most famous niche resort in North Germany.

→ Leipzig: The second largest city in eastern Germany, known for its Bodhi tree in the city, is the world -renowned expo city, book city and music city.

→ Dresden: The capital of Saxony, beautiful and pleasant scenery, and fewer tourists. It has been the capital of the Kingdom of Saxon for a long time. It has a large number of exquisite Baroque buildings and is known as “Florence on the Yi Beibei River”.


→ Potsdam: Before an hour’s drive from the city center of Berlin, it was the Xia Palace of the Philip Emperor: the place where the Worry Palace is located. The garden, the palace, and the monuments are one of them.


→ Berlin: The capital of Germany, countless historical monuments are worth visiting, and major museums on the museum island are also worth visiting for 1 or 2 days. At the same time, it is called “Xiong City”. Search for the statues of the bear.


Northern “Venice”: Burger

This entrance to the Eli River and the Bile River is the largest port city in Germany and the first stop of my trip to North Germany. It seems that as the burgers are ups and downs in history, the weather here is often overwhelming. The first night of arrival, it was a heavy rain that welcomed me.


For the sake of the body (Qian), the local homestay was moved in the first night. It was very cold to arrive in Hamburg. When I entered the city, I was chatting with the side. It was said that it had just dropped 10 degrees that day. I came from Guangzhou to wear short sleeves!

The landlord has been waiting for me in particular Nice. I also told me how to find the entrance to the house in detail. The room on the 3rd floor needs to move the box by myself. It is a bit heavy, but look at this clean and retro old house. I still can’t help but take out the camera to shoot.

I have a house, the room is not big, but it is also very warm. After chatting with the landlord for a while, after confirming the next two days of playing, I fell asleep deeply. After all, it was difficult for long -distance planes to rest well.

The early morning sunshine hit the bedside from the window. I was afraid that I would not pull the curtains too late. The leaves were leaf outside the window. The mottled light and shadow swayed, and it also awakened me.

The lobby in the sun is still very design. The landlord said that her husband was studying architecture and deliberately decorated the hall like this. The lighting was very good. He also gave a small bottle of red wine for free. He rely on it tonight.

Morning Running on Lake Auster


If you ask me, what is the best way to play in Burger, it is hiking or cycling.

If you come to Hamburg, you must try to live by the lake. As a tributary of the Burger in the Yi Bei River, Asto Lake is the source of the burger and its essence.

Not to mention the hiking on the major scenic spots in the old town, just walk along the lake by the lake alone in the morning, which is also a hearty thing.

At 6 o’clock, there were many birds coming out early in the morning.

The weather in the city of Hamburg is always unpredictable, like a coquettish girl, rainy and rainy for a while. Looking at the cities on the other side from the lake, it is shrouded in the mood of my journey. Perhaps the purpose of this trip is not photography, just want to walk around, start early, eat breakfast, stroll around during the day and night.


The path by the lake is very humane. Many people run here in the morning, and there are many seats for tourists to rest on the way.

When the weather is fine, come to the lake and walk again, and the blue sky and white clouds look more quiet. There are many small ports by the lake, which are stopped by large and small ships, as well as sailing boats, speedboats, etc. It should be a popular gathering place for water sports in summer.

Burger University

It happens that the Best Best is the University of Hamburg. After eating breakfast, I wander here. It is sunny. The campus is beautiful, like a city park.

The University of Hamburg is the largest academic research center in North Germany and one of the ten largest universities in Germany. Six Nobel Prize winners have been born since its establishment in 1919.

One of the characteristics of European universities is either small or scattered. Hamburg University belongs to the latter. The colleges of each college are scattered within the city. As the main campus, it is only located in some colleges and the principal, the library, and the library.

The campus on the weekend looks very peaceful. Students seem to sleep in the dormitory? Several pedestrians on the square are mostly local residents who come out to bask in the sun.

Here is a close -up of a teaching building:

Auster Lake Arcade

Since the 12th century, the extended Yi Beihe has begun to bring prosperity to the city. Today’s tributary has been artificially intercepted into the internal and external Almst, providing beautiful and quiet rivers and lakes in the center of Hamburg. scene. Along the other side of the city hall, a white arcade of the Renaissance style was built, namely the Arist Lake Arcade. This is the location of many expensive outrageous stores. Ignoring the existence of these commercial atmospheres. Take a look at the scenery of the opposite shore in the sun. This arcade can be regarded as a worthy attraction.

The river is the gathering place for swans and seagulls. Many people sit on the stone steps and chat, and three or two tourists sprinkle some bread crumbs from time to time, causing the birds to compete with children and children’s laughter.

It can’t be said that this is a one -time attraction, but if you have time and walking in the city, you will inevitably come here. If it is just like me, then you might as well slow down and forget to forget the footsteps and forget to get rid of it. Those attractions or restaurants who want to check in, quietly sitting here, what is the sun.

The arcade is also attracting me to the cafe that walks along the way. As a coffee, it will be dead star. Every time you go to a city, you must find a comfortable environment and make a cup of local coffee.

Bicycles are one of the most important travel and transportation of Hamburg people. It can be seen along the way. There are several retro bicycles on my side.


Burger subway station

Friends who have first arrived in Germany can feel another characteristic of Burger, which is the European subway station and graffiti wall in Europe. I have visited many magical subway stations, and burgers are also a place full of magical architecture and design.

Many stations have different colors. If you want to go to a few far -sized attractions, you can take a look at the subway station on the way. Here are several recommended stations:


1. überSequartier (U4), the blue subway station in the picture above is closer to the Maritime Museum;

2. Messberg (U1), a yellow subway station;

3. jungfernstieg

4. Landungsbrücken (U3 / S1 / S2 / S3)

5. Niendorf Nord (U2)

6. Kloststern (U1)


At the exit of the subway station, there are often some small shops, especially the German favorite sausages, which can solve the problem of food and clothing:

Hamburg’s street graffiti

Whenever the city of Hamburg, don’t ignore the various graffiti that appears around the moment. The enthusiasm of Europeans for street graffiti is almost terrible. No matter where you go, you can see the painted walls.


Insert a super mini car you saw near the Hamburg Port, which is a way to experience burgers. Each car is listed. It can be on the road regularly. Attractions, the cute value of the car is still very high, it should be very windy on the street …

Burger architecture

Let’s take a look at some of the buildings in Hamburg. It is not a attraction, that is, a few more distinctive buildings in the old town. You can always find a few interesting places in the city.

1. Central Railway Station

The ancient European -style architecture, coupled with Germany’s usual steel structure ceiling, does not lose its magnificent atmosphere. As the main railway station in Burger, almost all subway lines in the indoor are passing here. There are various bus stations and tourist tour vehicles exported. The crowds of the end of the rivers also reflect the busy life of Hamburg people.

In the historical development of Germany, steel is an important element that cannot be ignored. At the same time, in many large cities, many such reinforced glass ceiling can also be found:

In Germany, many railway stations have a certain historical significance. The re -construction of the railway station that has undergone the destruction of the war is not only a continuation and memory of history, but also full of modern facilities.

On the side of steel concrete buildings, it is a small green park. The sunlight is shining on a humble bronze statue through the leaves.

2. Shopping center

Located on the edge of the city hall, it is the most prosperous place in Burger. The dense large shopping malls can definitely meet the shopping and desires of each girl. The malls here are very similar to the domestic, but they are more user -friendly, and there are many seats for rest and free charging places.

3. Burger TV Tower

Every big city in Germany always seems to have such a towering white TV tower. As long as you walk around the surrounding neighborhoods, you can always see it.

4. Burger City Hall

The city hall located by Lake Need Alston is the center of the old city of Hamburg, surrounded by various shopping malls and gorgeous office buildings. There are many tourists on the square, and various simple -built small sheds are sold in German hot dogs, bread and beer. People are surrounded by a high table, drinking a large glass of beer, and a hot dog sausage sausage sausage As lunch.

There is a tall bell tower in the center of the city hall, and the tower has a golden -plated empire eagle. The bell tower is as high as 112 meters.


The Town Hall was built during a period of wealth and prosperity. At that time, the Kingdom of Prussia defeated France in the Panda War and established the founding of the German Empire. Therefore, the New Burger City Hall showed the wealth of Hamburg, the independence of Hamburg, and the republic of Hamburg. The interior of the city hall is open to tourists daily, and the interpreter needs to be led to visit. The lobby can enter at will, and there are irregular exhibitions. At the same time, you can also buy tickets in the lobby, but the best posture is to make an appointment online in advance.

Hamburg City Hall official website: https://www.hamburg.de/rathaus

Another church on the side of the city hall, forgot what the name is.

5. St. Michael Cathedral

The church is located on the west of the old town and is closer to the Hamburg Port. This 132 -meter -high Baroque Church was one of the instructions of the crew to Hamburg and one of the tallest buildings near Hamburg Port.

The church can enter for free, and the Top Tower requires a ticket to 5. It may be that the time comes is off -season. In addition to the rain and rain today, the church seems to be relatively deserted. Everyone is very quiet. You can even hear the footsteps of walking on the carpet.

Looking up at the dome, the white marble wall, the golden pattern, the wind piano on the door looks solemn and solemn. Many tourists sit quietly in a chair, pray or wait, or wait for some time. Get up to the elevator at the side door and board the top of the bell tower.

The indication diagram in the elevator room is very advanced. Because the wind on the top of the tower is very large, there is also a special indicator of wind speed. Note that you must wrap yourself in winter.

The most important point to come to the Cathedral is to reach the top of the big burgers. Today’s burger seems to be in a bad mood, and the black cloud is crushed. The upper right in the figure below is the TV tower mentioned earlier, and it is also a place to climb the distance.

In the Middle Ages, Hamburg was the most important Beihai Port in the Hansa Alliance. The bombing of the war caused the burgers to almost all destroy it all night. Today, the burger is almost re -established on the site of the ruins of the year. In the second largest city, the development of its port has an important role in the development of the port.


6. Yibei Concert Hall

It was convenient to be the famous Yi Bei Concert Hall. The afternoon when I went to the concert hall, there was a heavy rain, and the camera did not take out to take pictures. Therefore, I will introduce the concert hall here.

The Yi Bei Concert Hall is a masterpiece of Hamburg’s modern building. It is like a huge glass boat wandering on the Yibei River. The bottom of the red is a warehouse building once in the warehouse city. Such as the glass structure of half of the laurel. The original warehouse city architecture and modern glass luster blended with each other, making it the most famous concert hall of Hamburg.

The concert hall can enter free of charge to overlook the seaport on the other side of the platform. You need to line up at the entrance to pick up tickets, and then scan the code to enter the venue. The lobby of the concert hall is still worth seeing (after all). There is a circle of cafes at the platform. The environment is very good. It is suitable for coming with friends with friends in the sunny days.

7. Chilean House

A famous building not far from the warehouse city, because the earliest owners were made by trade with Chile, they were named Chile House. This brown brick building built in the 1920s was a model of well -known German expressionist red brick structural buildings. The shape of the building is like a passenger ship of an ocean. The beautiful curved wall is like the head of the ship. The staggered balcony above is like a deck on the ship.



The most essence, the most worthwhile to the city, is also a place to go, located in the warehouse city on the canal. This is the world of red brick buildings. Looking at it, it is uniform, square and right red brick buildings. This building complex built in the late 19th century is also the oldest and oldest warehouse building complex in the world.

Hamburg is also known as the Water Venice. Just as Venice, the warehouse city of Hamburg has been divided by many canals. There are about 2,500 bridges in the city. Architecture is the best posture to unlock the beauty of the burger.


The red brick building in the warehouse city is beautiful no matter which angle. Originally, it was just a long -term abandoned land, which later became the largest inner city development project in Europe. After decades of development and planning, it has become a gathering area for museums and restaurants.

This is also the location of the major museums of Hamburg City. There are signs as shown below in many places in many places on the street. Friends in the Museum of Light Museum are not too much for a day.

There is also a beautiful name in the northern city of Germany called “World Bridge City”.

In 1888, Hamburg was incorporated into the customs zone due to the persecution of iron -blooded Prime Minister Bismarck, so he began to have the motivation to build a duty -free warehouse city. In the next 100 years, the warehouse city has reached 300,000 square meters, becoming an important economic lifeline for Hamburg’s development. The warehouse city is a symbol of the uniformity of the freedom of Hong Kong Burger and the German Empire. In 2015, it became the 40th World Cultural Heritage in Germany.

Walking in the warehouse city, these statues of water picking can often be seen. These statues come from a story of a waterman in the 19th century Hamburg.

At that time, there was a pick -ups named Johann Wilhelm Bentz. Naughty children always love to follow him, making fun of his body that was pressed by the water to the back: “Hummel! Hummel!” Children can only fight back in the concept of mouth: “Mors, Mors!” (Mors’ original meaning was ass, and also referred to the stupid fool, which was a very vulgar and impolite German). Over time, such a conversation has gradually become the secret code of the Hamburg people to identify with each other in other places. I heard that at the football game or concert, many fans and audiences attached “Hummel, Hummel” after shouting the other party’s name when the game and the show climax, and the part of the response will inevitably be “Mors, Mors”. Response. In the end, the water picker became the spokesperson for the city image of Hamburg. Just as the Berlin bear provided the source of inspiration for the artists, the waterman also gave the burger artist room for free creation.

Since April 27, 2001, the warehouse city of Hamburg has night scene lighting. The 800 lamps make the red brick structure of the warehouse city and the reflection of the stone bridge as beautiful as art.

Customs museum


A niche museum located in the Hamburg Warehouse City, small and exquisite. The prototype mainly introduces the past and present of Hamburg Customs. English introduction.

The exhibits are very interesting, because it is not only a simple story description, but also with the layout of the customs office and the uniform uniforms of officials during each period.

Open hours: 10 am-5pm, closed the museum on Monday

Ticket: € 2

Folk Museum

The homestay is not far from the living and breakfast. It was formerly a small ethnic collection museum. It was founded in 1879 and is now the largest folk museum in Europe. There are about 350,000 collections in the museum, which mainly shows traditional and modern crafts from Africa, Asia and South Pacific, such as various masks, clothing, musical instruments, and so on. Essence

Among the many museums in Hamburg, the Folk Museum is more recommended. Its architecture itself is an ancient building worthy of viewing. The entrance hall is like a palace. Bookbook, you can learn about the history of some important cultural exhibits.

Open hours: 10 am-18pm, extended to 21pm on Thursday

Tickets: , 7, free children, Friday 3 € 3

Official website: http://www.voelkerkundemuseum.com

The temporary exhibition hall will update cultural exhibits from various places from time to time. This time, it happens to meet the Korean food culture exhibition.


The cafe in the museum is very design. I like this vast and bright space. It may be because there are fewer tourists in off -season and the cafes are not open.


Flowing of street musicians: Bobs

Farewell to the burger that stayed for several days, and started a self -driving journey. It was very close from Burger to Bowome. Along the way is a typical German rural landscape. The high -speed roads are flying all the way. The giant kept swaying.

I only lived in Berleme for only one night, one afternoon, one morning, in view of the many museums and churches in Burger, it was completely casual to come to Bhraim. The attractions are walking in the old city at will.

The place where I live is very close to the old town. It is the park on the side. The urban greening of Germany is well done. Even on the urban roads, the sides of the city are always shaded. In the early morning of autumn, the street seemed a bit cool.


Windmill park

A huge urban park located between the railway station and the city center. This windmill has standing for a century in this windmill. The park is a beautiful flower bed and lawn. The environment is elegant and comfortable. Fresh air.


The inside of the windmill is a German restaurant. The interior of the windmill needs to make an appointment for 2 weeks in advance. It is not necessary to go to visit, but it is worth it to come here to walk here. The best shooting angle of the windmill is shown in the figure. On the bridge.

Bronze statue of pigs

At the entrance of the hotel is the oldest street of Bobeamer: SöGestraße Street, which is one of the most important shopping streets in Belleme. The shopping malls and famous shops can be seen everywhere. However Bronze statues of pigs.

These cute bronze statues are from the sculptor Peter Lehmann. It is rumored that in the early Middle Ages, Belame’s pig raising people would drive the pigs from this street to the pasture in front of the city wall. Therefore, these streets have these Interesting statues. In a place full of famous streets, I suddenly saw a group of bronze pigs, which was still cute.

Bazaar Plaza Boba

The city of Belleme is very small, but has extraordinary charm. Surrounding the central and northern parts of Bobo Mei and Hanover, it is the place where the fairy tales of the Green brothers are exploring the birthplace of the fairy tales of the Green brothers. The statues of the characters who inadvertently discover the fairy tales, and the new artistic streets also make this small city impressive.

The square market on the weekend is a characteristic of every city in Europe:

The Boamed Bazaar Plaza is the center of the city and the most gorgeous and exquisite building gathering area. The cafe on the square provides tourists with rest seats. The ancient buildings shining in the sun are always stunning. Essence

Bowome City Hall

The city hall of the three -piece set of the market square is the gorgeous gable roof roof building on the far left of the picture below. The building was built in 1410. Built between 1618. It was included in the World Cultural Heritage in 2004 and is one of the most beautiful banquet halls in Germany.

The Statue of Roland Cavaliers, who stands 13 meters in front of the city hall, is listed as a World Cultural Heritage with the Town Hall. She is the sign of Belleme, representing the freedom of citizenship in the city, especially the freedom of independent trade.


Located on the west side of the city hall, you can see the statue of city musicians everywhere visited everywhere. The fairy tales of only roosters tell the journey of their owners who are going to slaughter them, and start to seek a happy life themselves. Unfortunately, they failed to reach Bhieme in the end, otherwise they would definitely fall in love with the city. The statue comes from the hand of local artist Gehard Marquez, and now it has become an important symbol of Bhieme.


The largest church on the northeast edge of the market square has two symmetrical towers and has a history of more than 1,200 years. The church brings together a variety of architectural styles, including the Gothic style from the first half of the 13th century.

The church can enter for free to visit

Open hours: 10 AM-16:45 from Monday to Friday; 10 AM-13:30 on Saturday; Sunday 14 PM-16:45


The appearance of the church is very exquisite, but there is another most mysterious and horrible place in it: Bleikeller, which can enter from another entrance to the south of the gate, showing the coffin and eight corpses in the interior.

Tickets for lead cellar: adult € 1.4, children € 1

The sculpture on the side of the church took a picture in the evening and took a confusion … The iron hand has not been practiced yet …

Another distinctive building located next to the cathedral and the city hall on the market square:


Built in 1966, through the construction of steel concrete structures and iron construction on the surface of the building, it has a full sense of modernity and geometry. The reflection of glass mirror forms a strong contrast with the patterns of the surrounding ancient buildings.

Other buildings around the square are equally beautiful and full of history.


Appreciate the best place to go in dusk


A small island between the old town of Bo Laimei and the West River. This is now the location of the high -end house and office. Unlike the bustling hustle and bustle of the old town, the quiet here makes you feel like you have come to an unmanned town. Essence

Crossing the river from the bridge on the side of the Catholic Church, it happened to be at dusk. The Welling River in the setting sun shone with the warm golden light at dusk.

From the bridge and the river on the other side of the river are the excellent perspectives of admiring the old city of Baimei, the emerging residential buildings, the ancient church spires, the traditional red brick buildings that have been circulating so far in Saxon, and the boat floating on the river. From time to time, from time to time All the scenes that are scheduled are so beautiful.

Sending a few Betames at night, the extremely clean and transparent sky, the lantern was at the beginning, and it seemed mysterious and quiet under the blue tone of the night.

This is a row of residential areas on the banks. The old city of Belleme on the other side of the river. The absolute mansion is located. There are almost no vehicles on the street. The car, slowly driving.

The bridge passing back to the hotel, looking at the house on the other side, while the sky was not dark, I pressed a few outfits to prove that I had come to Bopei.


The town discovered inadvertently: Cele

Going to Goslal from Berleme, maybe because of the late dragging in the morning, it started hungry soon after it was opened … I temporarily found a small town as a stop, but I did not expect that there were unexpected surprises. Essence

At the high speed under the train for a while, parked in a parking lot outside the Palace Garden, it seemed that many tourists stopped here, paid the parking fee consciously through the machine, and purchased according to the stay time. From the small woods beside the parking lot, when the clouds are scattered, they are lucky and can start eating and strolling.

Celle is located not far from the northeast of Hannover. It belongs to the Shatson State, and is a beautiful and quiet small town. It was the station in the 14-18 century. Ancient buildings, there are some small hotels and restaurants on the streets. It takes a simple circle and feels like a small city suitable for vacation.

In Cele, there are hundreds of traditional wooden houses. The colors and characteristics of each house are different. Appreciating these houses alone is enough to spend a lot of time. The life of the small town is slow and emotional. Unlike big cities such as Hamburg, there are rarely seen pedestrians on the road. Most of the elderly people living here are on the roadside.

Most of the houses in Saxony are wooden structures. In Bhieme, we saw many old -fashioned old buildings, but in Cele, the wooden houses here look particularly bright. Color coatings, plus some exquisite decoration, look more emotional.

There is also a major feature of the house here. Often, the larger the upper level, the larger the upper level. It is said that the taxation at that time was levied at the area. In order to reduce the tax, the base was used. The space of the house.

The most striking attraction in the small town is the Palace of Cele, which belongs to the early Renaissance buildings, and there is also a mixed building appearance of Gothic and Baroque. The miserable story of the princess Caroline Mathilde. The British princess who married from the United Kingdom at the age of 14 to Denmark found that her husband Danish King Christian VII had mental illness after marriage, and he also had an affair with famous prostitutes after marriage. Essence The young queen later fell in love with a psychologist treated as her husband. After this affair was discovered, Princess Caroline Mathilde was forced to separate from her children. It was exiled to this territory of her brother (the king of Britain at the time) in Germany. The princess has lived in Cele Castle for more than three years, and she has been unable to see her two children before she died, and she was only 23 years old when she died!

When I arrived, the castle was renovated and could not enter the visit. I walked along the park’s green space around the castle, and happened to meet a group of native mouses who came out of the sun.

A corner of the palace castle:

Can’t go in inside, but there is a temporary exhibition on the first floor hall that can be viewed for free.


Resort in Hats Mountains

The original plan was to go to Goslal to play in the afternoon. At night, I stayed at the small town of HAHNENKLEE, about 16 kilometers away from Goslar for one night. Because I had been delayed for too long before, I wanted to arrive directly before the dark. The hotel tonight is surprisingly the mountains and rivers here. Without the hustle and bustle of tourists, it is a paradise for vacation.

Because there are not many tourists here, most of them are Germans. As a rare Asian face, the clerk sister Nice raised me a lake view room with a balcony.

A dam divided into two lakes in the mountains. The front of the road was a primitive natural park, and it was where I took a walk to take pictures the next morning. In the evening, some people have come to fishing by the lake:

The fountain in the lake is around a town hotel. There are very few restaurants here, and the off -season time is almost not open. I have to find a Chinese restaurant here later. The shaped woodcarvings, Buddha statues, etc., but the owner turned out to be a Philippine, and he would not speak Chinese … It is said that their husbands and wives took the shop from a Chinese friend. Her husband also went to China for a period of time for Chinese food for some time. Essence To be honest, Chinese food made by foreigners is really … difficult to describe …


Run the title, and then go back to the lake under the sunset, sitting here to bask in the sun and breathing fresh air for people living in big cities is a luxury enjoyment.

At night, the Mid -Autumn Festival, the full moon night


In the early morning of the second day, I walked around the lake. The weather was not very good. The sun seemed to be hidden in the clouds.

Natural parks scattered in the mountains

From Goslal to Kuidlinburg along the main road, most of them are winding mountain roads on the way. I have to praise the construction of German roads. Even in the old forests of the deep mountains, everyone is still driving with the rules. On your own lane, there are many rolled turns. Fortunately, the Mercedes -Benz performance of this rent is good, and you can constantly fly on the road in the mountains.

The blue sky and white clouds near noon and the gloomy weather in the morning formed a strong contrast and good mood. In the navigation, there were various national forest parks around the navigation. It happened that many tourists were parked in front of a roadside parking lot in front, so I also. I was very happy to carry the camera and followed this unknown natural park.

It is said that it is a natural park, which is actually an undeveloped virgin forest. I dare not deepen too much, and I will come out in less than two hours after going back and forth. In fact, in North Germany, there are many such places, especially in the Hats Mountains. There are many exquisite towns scattered here. It is not as well -known as Bavaria, but it is not inferior. In addition, these unsecured natural landscapes are not inferior. It is a good place worth spending a week or two.

Prove that I have been to the series: I found a small bag to take a selfie by myself, and my girlfriend was said to be shot at her village.

The most beautiful ancient city: Queidelinbao

My play in the Hats Mountains will be used as the end of Kuidlinburg. This is an ancient city located on the northern foot of Hutz Mountain and the Bud River. Instead of being a city, it can only be regarded as an ancient town in the eyes of our Chinese people. Essence In 1994, the ancient city of Kuidlinsburg was listed as a World Cultural Heritage. This was the capital of the East Corlan’s Genoic Pennea during the rule of Emperor Outnia. Since the Middle Ages, it has been a prosperous business town.


== Castle Mountain ==

The hotel where you stayed in the town is the best hotel in the town. From the yard, you can look up at the castle church on the mountain. On the top of the mountain, there is a Renaissance castle and its garden. This castle built in the 16th century is now mainly displaying the history of the castle and a variety of exquisite art (ticket € 3.5). The most towering beside the castle is one of the most magnificent churches in Germany during the Holy Roman Empire: San Sevatius Church, which was built from 1070 to 1129. It also preserved the sacred bone box and early ” Bible (Ticket. 8).

== Wooden frame house ==

There are almost all houses built in the small town of Kuidlinburg, and these traditional European buildings for centuries: Wooden House, which also makes Quedlingburg among the world’s cultural heritage. In addition to its unique structural shape, these houses also have an attractive place, that is, the patterns and infinite colors on the wall, in this quaint, without losing romance. And when I play in the town, the biggest fun is to take a variety of different patterns and different colors of house walls and windows:

Most of the houses here seem to have a history of hundreds of years. However, most of them are actually renovated and renovated by local residents. They all say that the Germans are a rigorous nation. It’s crooked! This makes the obsessive criminals unbearable …


The historic stone wall is full of cyan climbing tigers, making these ancient houses rejuvenating and vitality again.

The streets in the old city are covered with a large number of stone roads, and the side is full of colorful wooden buildings, which has become a testimony of the history of this ancient city in the world.

The lane roads and urban planning patterns in the old city are mainly derived from the 12th century, and even some old buildings can be traced back to the 10th century AD. In 1384, Queidlinsburg became a member of the Low Saxon Alliance City. In 1426 AD, he became a member of the Hansa Alliance. Before the trade privilege was lost in 1477 AD, Kuidlinsburg always played an important role in the alliance. Between the 16th and 17th centuries, with the development of the city’s economy and art, new semi -dew housing began.

Some small shops in the old city:

Passing through a small restaurant, I originally wanted to go in to eat some desserts and coffee. I actually said that I had to wait for dinner time to open … The people here are really leisurely. Then, the seat of the cafe is a chicken house …


The model statue of the door of this hat shop is really amazing … I will be scared by myself in the evening …

Old Town and Kloso Museum

The Kloso Museum on the Square of the Old Town, he was born in the 18th -century classic poet, born in Kuidelinsburg, was once the former residence of Kloso, and one of the birthplaces of German classical literature. The house was built in the 16th century, and a small square around the old city is also the main road to the castle.

They ate their desserts and coffee on the small shops next to the museum. It is recommended. It is rare to have delicious desserts in such small places. The seat of the dessert shop is on the square outside, just to enjoy the afternoon snacks while basking in the sun.

The green sightseeing train in the old town seems to have a group every half an hour. There are many grandparents who come here to visit here. Most elderly people also like to visit the tourist small train.

Saint Nicholas Church Quadrinburg

Continue to walk on the streets of Old Town, and you can see the towering San Nicholas church. This is an ancient church that integrates Roman style and Gothic style. It is recorded that its history can be traced back to the 13th century. The church has two 72 meters high tower and is also known as the “Shepherd Church” by the locals.

Kuidlinburg City Collection Plaza and City Council


I did n’t walk a few times from San Nicholas Church, and came to the largest square in the center of Kuidlinburg City. The market square. The distance in the square was an ancient city council, surrounded by the 12th century ancient building complex.

The only visitor center in the city is the largest visitor center in the ancient town recently seen.

The houses in the old town have a unique and unique charm. In the ancient town of North Germany, the market can also see such roofs like small eyes. I do n’t know how the locals design the window of the roof into the eyes as the eyes, but when you look at it from a distance, it seems that there are several eyes on the roof staring at you. At first glance, it feels cute. I always feel a little scary when I look at it a few more times.


The Council of Kuidlinburg City is the most conspicuous and central building on the square. It is also the oldest building.

Inside the city council, I do n’t know if it is open, no one manages, and it ’s not easy to walk around. When you come in, you will quickly leave.

St. Benedindu Church

Located in the front of the old town hall of Quidlinburg, it is magnificent and belongs to the late Gothic style. The church has a history of more than 1,000 years. From the mottled bricks on the outer wall, we can see the vicissitudes of this building. You can enter the visit inside the church for free. It comes late and has closed.

Before the sun fell, I wanted to find a highland to take a look at the old city and dusk. However, I didn’t find a good angle, so I continued to walk in the city, and to find a place to dinner by the way.

I met two Chinese people in the entire town. One was a PhD in abroad who came to the nearby research institute. I happened to come to the town restaurant to dinner with my friends on weekends. The other was the only Chinese restaurant, the hostess. I taught Tai Chi in the local area, and by the way, make some Chinese -style small points. I don’t know what to eat, I just eat a bowl of beef noodles in Chinese restaurants. The conclusion is that I will try not to eat Chinese food in the future …

At the night of Queudlinburg, the night view of the old city hall always felt a little quiet and terrible, as if there was a witch in it.

Prove that I have been to the series: In the ancient streets and lights, take a selfie.

Do you want to ask me how to take a selfie? Well, going out to play tripods is my most important partner. It can take selfies and can be used as mountain climbing sticks. When necessary, there is a weapon that takes advantage of it.

The castle mountain in the night looked up at the foot of the mountain. The quiet night and the starry sky looked extremely mysterious.

Melison’s porcelain and the rain of Dresden

One stop before Dresden, first went to Matson, who was about 40 minutes away from Dresden. One reason was that it happened. The other reason was that there were very famous Mindon porcelain factory here. I am with all kinds of porcelain, here is exactly a attraction that I don’t want to miss.

PS: European porcelain, just look at it, you can’t afford it anyway …

Stop near the railway station, the staff wearing a little red hat on the platform looks very happy. The Germans are really inseparable from beer. Can I use beer as a breakwood early in the morning? The young man has a future …

Mensen Cathedral

The typical Gothic building is located at the highest point of the town of Maxison. No matter where you can see it, the best shooting position is on the bridge from the train station to the porcelain museum. The history of the cathedral is very long, dating back to 1260, and in the Middle Ages can be described as one of the most important churches in the surrounding areas.


Matson Porcelain Museum

This is the most attractive tourist to Matson. It is also the most commercial attraction. The porcelain factory is connected with the porcelain museum. Tickets for € 8 are required. You can learn about Mai on the scene through a guided tour of about 1 hour. The entire production process of Sen porcelain.

You can learn about every production step of the Matson porcelain step by step:

European self -produced ceramics originated in 1708, more than 3,000 years later than my Greater China. At that time, Europe did not have its own ability to make ceramics. Countless chemistry experiments, finally parallaxy the formula and process of burning ceramics. Therefore, Matson Ceramics has become the oldest trademark in the European porcelain industry.

The porcelain here is really exquisite, especially the patterns above, all of which are painted by hand little by little. The amount of engineering is not small. In addition, the brand effect also makes Micathan porcelain today. A cup has reached the price of luxury goods, it is … bullying the poor.

All kinds of exquisite porcelain shapes, the most attractive is the flowers made of porcelain, it is really wonderful, but this stuff is too luxurious. Just look at it, anyway, there is no one to buy the same …

Dresden Yibei River

Back to Dresden, even in big cities, many traditional German huts can still be seen.

The Yibei River can be regarded as the most important river in Germany. Walking on the banks of the Yi Bei River, you can often see a group of swans. This picture of pushing a baby car to feed the swan to feed the swan is really loving.

Blue Miracle Bridge

The bridge called Losovitz was the first bridge -free bridge in Europe. It was built in 1893. The design was an engineering miracle at the time, and the visual effect after completion was shocking. Because the steel frame on the iron bridge was coated with blue, it was named “Blue Miracle Bridge”. After passing through the bridge, the observation deck from the Schwebebahn cable behind the bridge is the best angle to appreciate the bridge.

Dresden Old Town

Dresden is the capital of Saxony, with a first -class museum and many Baroque architectural monuments. A Beibei River runs through the entire Dresden. The place once known as “North Florence” was almost razed in 1945.

The old town and the New Town Augusti Bridge in Dresden are the oldest bridges in Dresden, and they are also one of the best places to appreciate the sunset of Yibei River.

It is a park -like river trail close to the bridge, and the Bruel platform known as the “European balcony”. These are the best places that are the most popular walks and the sun. Unfortunately, when I came to Dresden’s short time, I had been rainy and rainy, and the cold of late autumn had almost lost the enthusiasm of taking pictures.

Sitting on a small chair on the river to admire the scenery on the other side is a way of relaxing on the journey, provided that the weather is mild.

This 101 -meter -long porcelain mural is located on a section of the outer wall of the Palace of Zwungnge. It shows the statue of the thirty -five rulers from Saxon from 1127 to 1876. It is a lifelike prince. It is difficult to imagine that such a masterpiece was spliced ​​by 25,000 tiles, and miraculously was spared in the fire of World War II. Do not miss this when you visit the Palace of Zwungnge.

The Palace of Zwungnge was regarded as the most striking Baroque -style building in Germany and even Germany. It was founded in 1732 and was the most magnificent palace at that time. It was a place where the royal family was held in the early days, and now it will never show many famous art collections.

At dinner in Dresden, he went to the river restaurant in the center of the city alone. In Europe, bamboo shoots are very rare ingredients. You can enjoy the last piece of meat with bamboo shoots. It is extremely satisfied.

Sunshine of Potsdam Park


Potsdam is the capital of Brandenburg, Germany. It is located in the southwestern suburbs of Berlin. It is only less than one hour of drive with the urban area of ​​Berlin. On the way to the city center of Berlin, you can come here for a day. This is not only the most famous palace of Quande: Wuyou Palace, but also the location of the Potsdam conference during World War II and the signing of “Potsdam Announcement”.

Worry -free palace


The most gorgeous and magnificent palace around Berlin is one of the world’s cultural heritage. It is known as the “Versailles Palace of Prussia”. In 1745, it was ordered by the Frederick Emperor. Essence Here is the core of Quanzettean, and it is also a must -visit place for every tourist to come here.

The Palace of Potsdam had a magical experience of war, but was well preserved, and the gorgeous inside was shocking. Tickets are required inside the palace. Tickets from April to October: Adult € 12, discount tickets € 8; November to March: Adult € 8, discount tickets € 5, including voice guide.

PS: There are only 2,000 tourists to visit every day without worry -free palace, and there are time to make an appointment on the tickets. It is recommended to go to the visitor center to queue up to buy tickets, enter the venue according to the time of buying the ticket, or buy tickets online in advance. Non -self -driving friends can take the subway from Berlin to the Central Railway Station of Potsdam, and then take bus 695 to Schloss Sansouci Station.

Because I did not buy tickets in advance, I just walked in the park. The Worry -free Palace Park coversed a large area, and various statues, gazebo, and fountains emerged endlessly.

This looks like a bathtub -like bathtub, and a statue of a little lion head. You can think that it turned out to be a bath for the dog …

The scenery in the palace garden is very suitable for the sun to take a walk. Many residents of Berlin also like to come here on weekends.


The buildings in the Worry -Free Palace are basically Rococo style. The palace is built on a trapezoidal terrace full of grapes, neatly neatly.

The mills next to the palace are next to the parking lot and visitor center. Here you can also take a carriage and sightseeing train. The mill was built in 1736 and has a longer longer than Wuyou Palace. Legend has it that when Frederick II was built, he wanted to remove the windmill that was blocked at the door of the palace. The owner of the mill was sued the court without compromise. In the end, the king lost the lawsuit and had to compensate the loss of the mill. To this day, the story of “the wind can enter, the rain can enter, and the king cannot enter” is still circulating.


Another small and exquisite palace, about 3 kilometers away from the Worry -free Palace, is actually more like a quaint small champion, surrounded by a quiet garden. In the evening, there are not many tourists and look more clean.

The most important reason why the Cecillene Horf Palace is famous for the world is from July 17 to August 2, 1945, US President Truman, Prime Minister Churchill, and Soviet Stalin Conference here. July 1945 On the 26th, the relevant clauses of the President Truman and British Prime Minister Churchill jointly issued the Potsdam Declaration here to determine Japan’s “unconditional surrender”. Because of this, Cyriholf has become an important historical monument.

I ca n’t take pictures inside, and I did n’t go in to visit. I walked around and looked at this exquisite small garden.


Open hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10: 00-18: 00

Ticket: € 6

Berlin: The thickness and tenderness of history


In the first morning when I came to Berlin, I don’t know when the habit of developing from time to time, every time I travel, I will get up early to see how the sunrise in the morning in the morning. A small river in front of the Design Hotel door, in the early morning sun, you can start every day in a happy mood.

Berlin is a city full of historical atmosphere. It is full of heavy atmosphere. It is also a modern and diverse city. However, Berlin is also a famous “Xiong City”. At the end of the streets, a statue of bears of various forms and colors can always be found.

There is actually Mobike on the street in Berlin, and advertise for Mobike …

The sightseeing bus that can be seen on the main streets of the city can go up and down.

Yulin Square


The most beautiful and spectacular square in Berlin has been planned since 1688. After repeated warfare, it was reconstructed. Surrounded by three major buildings, the German Cathedral, French Cathedral, and built in 1705, and built in 1821 were built in 1821 Berlin Concert Hall.

The German Cathedral was completely destroyed during World War II. Today’s church was rebuilt between 1977 and 1988. It was later reopened as a museum showing German history.

On the other side of the square is the French Cathedral, which is almost exactly the same as the German Cathedral.

The Berlin Concert Hall in the middle of the square, neoclassical building, was completed in 1821 and was also destroyed during World War II. After five years of reconstruction and reconstruction in 1984, it was converted from the original three theaters to the concert hall. The concert hall, the concert hall, A statue of Schiller stands in front.

It is rare to see public toilets on the streets of Europe, and it is well built.

The streets of Berlin, near France West Street and Bodhi Trees:

House of Parliament


One of the most iconic buildings in Berlin, after several calamities, has been burned and bombed, and has been transformed after unification in Germany, becoming today’s parliamentary building. The building only retains the historical outer wall of the building, and a shiny glass dome is added. The top of the dome is supported by 12 cylinders, and the sunlight is exposed to the entire hall of the House of House through an inverted cone covered with a glass mirror.


The visit of the Capitol Building is free, but be sure to register and book on the official website in advance, and arrive in advance through the time of appointment letter. There are many people visiting during the peak season, and even need to make an appointment two months in advance.

Appointment website: https://www.bundestag.de/en/visitthebundestag/dome/tours

War Monument Monument and Brandonburg Gate

Entering Tilgatten Park on the side of the Capitol House, inadvertently walked to the Soviet War Monument Monument. The monument was built in 1945. It was built by the former Soviet Union to commemorate more than 80,000 Soviet soldiers killed in the Berlin in 1945 in the World War II. Essence


In front of the monument is June 17th Street, the end of the street is the famous Brandonburg Gate. Because of the festival, Brandonburg Gate has been surrounded for repair. The president visited, so the Paris Square in front of Brandonburg was blocked, and he couldn’t see the look of Brandonburg Gate in close range.

Brandonburg Gate is also the iconic building of Berlin. It was built in 1791 neo -classical buildings. On the top of the door is the bronze statue of the victory goddess driving a four -wheeled carriage. The door of Landdenburg is more like a symbol of division and unity in Germany.

What is more interesting is that the statue facing Brandonburg Gate in the middle of the street seemed to shout that the other party was free.

European victim Jewish monument

Another important place not far from Brandonburg Gate is based on the former Nazi Propaganda Department’s site. A large number of cement stele forests are ups and downs. It is worthwhile to visit here. The atmosphere is relatively heavy. It is not only to commemorate the countless Jewish souls who died innocently in the Second World War, but also expressed the reflection of the German people on war.

Berlin Wall East Gallery

There is a well -known graffiti wall in the eastern part of Berlin. After the Berlin Wall was pushed down in 1990, this is the longest -preserved Berlin wall now, and it is also a paradise for art creators to be free to play. This 1.3 kilometer -long Berlin Wall has also left us many famous painting paintings. When you come here during the day, you can see that many artists are preparing to create.

As early as 1989, dozens of artists from all over the world have created more than a hundred murals here. Some have been stored so far, and some have been replaced. There are many tourists who come to the Berlin Wall during the day. Similarly, there are many street performers on the wall.

The other side of the Berlin Wall is adjacent to the Siprey River, which is a bit similar to the river park. When the weather is clear, many people come here to bask in the sun and walk.

In Berlin, you can see a lot of colorful cars filled with various posts, and then sitting with a big man in it, it looks like a cute contrast.

Berlin TV Tower

The Berlin TV Tower is located in the Grand Plaza of Yali Mountain. It is a place I like more. The building is clear. There are major shopping malls around. The crowds are surging.

Berlin City Hall is also known as the Red City Hall because of its red appearance. It can enter for free to visit. Open hours: Monday to Friday from 9: 00-18: 00. The city hall was built between 1861 and 1869. It belongs to the Renaissance style. It was damaged by the Allied forces during World War II. Now it is repaired by the original plan from 1951 to 1956.

Alexander Plaza is not far from the hotel I live in. It needs to be reached across the museum island. It started construction in 1965. The total height is 368 meters. It is the fourth tower in Europe. There is a tourist platform and a rotating restaurant at the top.

The Poseidon Fountain on the Sali Square, surrounded by important buildings around, is a good place to rest and take pictures.

From many angles in Berlin, you can see the Berlin TV Tower. Whenever you have, it is particularly conspicuous, especially at the dusk, the golden sunset is sprinkled on the TV tower, which looks particularly beautiful.

My travel habits have always been specially punch -in or reached those landmark buildings, but are more concerned about looking for better shooting angles to appreciate landmark buildings. There are many places to shoot the TV tower from the ground, and the TV tower seen from the height is more spectacular. This is the top floor of the hotel on the side of Alexander Square: Park inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz Hotel, hotel guests can freely free To the top, other tourists need to buy tickets on the service desk on the first floor of the building (€ 4).

The field of vision is very open, but only the side of the TV tower is open. Many people come up to buy a glass of beer and wait for the sunset.

TV tower under the sunset:

The Berlin TV Tower, another unique angle, absolutely shoot the best place for night scenes.

Museum island

Museum Island is the place where the museums of Berlin are gathered. They are the essence destinations for cultural relics and art enthusiasts. Each building has ancient history and stories. In 1999, it was rated as the World Cultural Heritage, including five in the world. The famous museums are: Berlin Old Museum, New Museum, National Gallery, Bode Museum and Pegamon Museum.

The building that is facing is Pergamon Museum. It seems to be the most famous museum on this island with many legendary ancient architectural sites, such as Pegamon altar and Babylona Ishtar The city gate and so on.

The tickets for several museums here are expensive. Adult fares are € 19. If there are many museums to go to, you can buy museum joint tickets, and there are 3 days of pass.

The old national gallery on the side of the Picon Museum, mainly collected the art treasures of Europe in the 19th century, tickets € 10, not interested in painting, this museum is PASS …

Later, I went to the new museum located across the National Gallery, which mainly displayed various collections in the ancient Egyptian era. Therefore, it is also called the Egyptian Museum. It also exhibited Queen Naisteti Half of Naisteti more than 3,300 years ago. Tickets:. 12.

There are many cultural relics of prehistoric civilization, Mesopotamian civilization, etc. in the exhibition hall. The museum is large and there are many exhibition halls. It takes a certain amount of time to enjoy it.

There are Luster Garden outside the museum island, and there are many sculptures in the woods, although I didn’t pay attention to the meaning of the sculpture.

The Berlin Cathedral in the center of the island was built in 1905. From a distance, it is very spectacular and gorgeous. It was once a special church of the royal family, which has both the three functions of the chapel, museum and concert hall. The interior of the church can be said to be golden and gorgeous, extremely gorgeous interior, plus a large area of ​​gold -plated carving. There are many tourists entering the church. They need long queues, tickets: € 7, including Guide € 10.

A small memorial hall in the middle of the Museum Island and Humboldt University, called the “New Guardian”, only one of the statues of the corpse of Christ’s corpses in the commemorative commemorative of the war heroes and victims of the corpse of the Christian corpse. Hall.

Berlin Humboldt University

The famous institution of higher education in the streets of Bodhi Tree has trained 29 Nobel Prize winners. Bohn, Hertz, Xue Dingzheng, and Habo, who have abused people, have taught here. The founder of the school was Humboldt Brothers, established in 1810, known as the “Mother of Modern University”.

The main hall can enter directly. On the wall on the second floor, there are many well -known alumni who come out of the school.