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We gathered 8 -color drinks and discovered the secrets of Xixue, Naixue, and Starbucks

The rainy rain, “Through the new green” lemon tea sprung up like a bamboo shoot after the rain; in the midsummer season, Xixi Tea, Starbucks, and Ruixing set off a blue storm; Jin Jiuyin Ten, chestnuts, apricot and osmanthus are “the first cup of milk tea in autumn” dyeing Brown yellow.

In this year’s beverage industry, color is a big theme. In spring, the popular colors have been replaced by generations.

Will you buy it because of the outstanding color of a drink? Recalling the colorful milk tea stalls on the roadside of the elementary school, in fact, the drink never lacks color.

But in the era of increasingly valiant health and nature, the method of creating colors is somewhat different. We bought a few “colorful drinks” to try to explore where their colors came from, and whether they played new ideas and creativity.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

Fashion designer Yamamoto Yaisi once said: “Black humble and arrogant, lazy, relaxed but mysterious, and the structure of unreasonable spirituality.” What will happen to drinks on drinks?

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

Black AirPlane’s “Bamboo Charcoal Tieguanyin”, raw materials are only bamboo charcoal, Tieguanyin, milk and pearls. The edible bamboo charcoal powder has no taste, just to show color, it looks mysterious, cold, and unpredictable. It is the most unique one in the flowers.

After the black and white layered static mixing, the bamboo charcoal iron Guanyin shows a marble color. Colleagues have different opinions. Some people think it is ink and ink, and some people think it is a sesame paste. There are a thousand kinds of black and gray in the eyes of a thousand people. In short, this drink aroused everyone’s interest.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

After the “sesame paste proposed” JOY tasting, bamboo charcoal Tieguanyin is the ordinary milk tea taste. Although the sweetness is too much affecting the tea aroma, it can really drink Tieguanyin’s aroma.

Black AirPlane clerk told Ai Fan that Bamboo Charcoal Tieguanyin was a very qualified old drink. When opening the store in 2014, many people made a special trip to check in.

But in his opinion, this is more like a gimmick, and the source of black is not unusual. “In fact, you can also look at our perilla -speaking plum soda and peppercorns bubbles. They are more special in taste.”

“There are three hundred litchi in the sun, and the Lingnan people are not resigned.” This cup of red sea salt lychee tea cloud oolong, the most proud of Starbucks is 0 fat 0 milk oolong tea cover.

My colleague Dajie drank a few sips, silent for a while, and frowned slightly: “The tea cover is very light, but the jam underneath tastes heavier.”

Starbucks staff KEI is confused. All Starbucks fruit -flavored drinks are used in concentrated fruit juice and canned fruits. In fact, there are a lot of sugar. “It can only be said that the tea cover of 0 fat 0 milk is relatively healthy.”

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

In KEI’s view, it is also made of concentrated fruit juice, canned fruits and syrup. Starbucks’s Star Bingle series is the most good at marketing.

Xingbingle is roughly divided into two types of colors, one type is brown coffee -colored star ice music, such as pumpkin and chestnut flavor. These flavored syrup colors are not bright, and they are coffee, milk, and ice cubes, so the color is similar to the color of coffee.

▲ Blood Orange Little Le Star Bingle. Picture from: Starbucks

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

The other category is for the “good -looking” Xingbingle. Most of this type of star ice music contains coffee. It uses milk as the keynote, and is made of bright colored syrup, thick liquid jam, granular or block -shaped powder. For example, Halloween Limited Star Bingle is made of strawberry sauce and orange -flavored syrup like plasma.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

If you don’t add syrup in Xingbingle, it is just ordinary, humble milk smoothie. The syrup of the limited edition of Xingbingle is also different from the classic models. Each store will only be equipped with limited syrup within a limited time.

These Xingbingle tastes average, and it is even a little strange, and the formula determines that they cannot be very healthy. But because the color is more beautiful, it also has the meaning of existence.

When I hummed and took out all kinds of drinks, my colleagues who were looking forward to rubbing their hands at the end pointed out, “This one will definitely not be difficult to drink.”

The raw ingredients of “raw coconut milk freezing” contain raw coconut milk, so the coconut flavor is heavy and the texture is smooth. White has a pure and simple feeling, reminiscent of the coconut coconut juice that is “drinking from childhood to big”.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

In fact, this year’s burst of raw coconut drinks is really the same as the classic coconut juice drink, which is not new.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

According to the “Food Research Institute”, raw coconuts are used to split coconut water, and mature coconuts have thick coconut meat for coconut milk and coconut milk. The “raw coconut” in the tea industry usually refers to coconut milk, which is made of coconut meat and added water.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

▲ Thick coconut breasts. Picture from: Taobao

There are also many people who use the “thick coconut breasts” to re -engraved the raw coconut drinks of the milk tea shop. In its ingredients, in addition to water, coconut gravy, and coconut water, it also adds more sugar and hydrogenated oil than the direct coconut juice, which is not suitable for direct drinking, but the milk tea and coffee taste are more delicate and full.

The sweetness of coconut breasts is not just the sweetness of the coconut itself, you can also DIY as white at home.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

Green is a common color in nature. It is considered a representative of spring. It is distributed in vast pastoral and pasture, and it is clean, comfortable and healthy in the senses.

Green is also a well -deserved drink this year. In the last issue of the “Lomit Shop”, Green Stores won the most love for everyone. If there is another green drink in your hand, the fashion icon may be you.

The red “Thai green” lemon tea has already become a cloud of smoke because of the illegal sunset yellow.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

The new work of tea “Wheat Grass Green Blasting” and “Bitter Gourd Gourd Gourd” successfully attracted me -wheat grass juice belongs to vegetable juice, and bitter gourd is the representative of clearing heat and removing heat. Low saturation green is like the warm scenery after the early autumn of the south.

Out of curiosity, I searched Taobao and found the dark green “wheat grass strange juice composite beverages”. In addition to wheat grass juice, there are concentrated kiwi juice in the ingredients. In addition, “Yuyi Crysta” is also the same as wheat grass. It can be used as a “natural color agent” to blend the drink into green on the premise of satisfying health.

Even if this beauty is harmless, there may not be a small small freshness that is not at the price of sugar.

Two colleagues sipped it carefully and found, “It really has the taste of bitter gourd, but after bitter gourd is sweet syrup,” the smell of mint and lemon is very flustered. Essence

Some green, it is best to stop visually oil and cool. The colleagues drank a glass of green lime, or decided to go back to squeeze the bitter gourd juice and eat oil.

In color psychology, purple emotions are noble, gorgeous, elegant and romantic.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

The top layer of the limited “Glacier Travel” of Hi Tea Disney is the ice -blue snow top; the Starbucks “Ice and Snow Interests Crisigon Ice” is blueberry snowflakes on the top; Ruixing’s “Walden Blue Diamond Rena Ice” blue sky and white clouds And colorful cotton sugar embellishment.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

▲ Blue drink. Picture from: Starbucks/Ruixing

Ruixing Bafaist y bluntly:

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

Waldenlan is indeed Ruixing’s face ceiling, and only this one allows me to pay attention to customers who have a special trip to check in. As Ruixingren, other drinks are similar to me.

Most of these blues come from algae blue protein -this is a natural, edible harmless pigment, which mainly exists in cyanobacteria, red algae and hidden algae. The blue velvet powder commonly used in milk tea is algae blue protein. Produced. The blueberry powder on the top of “Frozen Fun Crisis” is also natural ingredients. It can be well matched with fruit tea. In addition to coloring, it can increase the taste.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

The new tea “Sea Blue Coconut Mangang” is said to have also used algae blue protein. But in my opinion, the blue blue seems to be there, and it seems that it will dissipate gently. Buyer show and seller show are probably so different.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

The blue restraints appetite, but this unpretentious color beyond the summer drinks that are used in the heat of the heat also complement each other. However, the tea brand still needs to make more stable blue with healthier raw materials.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

In 2018, there was a three -color “love Shanghai Lemon” in the small family of Xiaoyou. The mystery lies in the butterfly bean juice on the top. The butterfly bean flower is a natural water -soluble plant dyeing agent. After encountering lemon, the color becomes purple from blue.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

▲ Love Shanghai Lingwei. Picture from: Little Family Village

You can’t imagine its taste, but it is close to the popular color of Pan Tong that year -Ultra Violet. This color is more blue than purple in the pure sense, and it is a vast star color.

It is said that the taste of “Love in Shanghai” is sore, and the taste is like bubble water plus a small amount of sprite. Even the official seal it — “The taste

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

Black is suitable for autumn and winter, and green is suitable for spring and summer, but pink is probably no seasonal limitation. It always evokes people’s appetite and buying desire, which means that the outdated youth, romance and tenderness.

This kind of “Zhizhi Tao Tao” is a classic example of using fruits for fruit coloring. In 2017, Xicha launched the Zhizhi Tao Tao for the first time, and three different peaches were selected to take juice, flesh and color gravity respectively. In 2018, in response to the problem of oxidation and discoloration of the finished product, Xicha was solved by coloring dragon fruit powder. Zhizhi Tao Tao has always been a classic product in the top few sales of tea.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

A happy tea staff believes:

The expression of any color is actually based on the quality of the product, and the ingredient itself should be presented. At the same time, it must be taken into account the health. This is the case.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

Yellow is actually a common color of drinks. We have many yellow popular fruits. But Naixue’s “domineering golden jade yellow peel” is a bit different. This is not a bright, vibrant yellow, and looks more fine, gentle and soft.

“Domineering Golden Jade Yellow Peel” contains two kinds of Lingnan Jiaguo, which is the golden jade yellow peel and nine systems of Chenpi. It is said that it can eliminate food and heat, clearing heat and reducing heat. But the first sip of the feeling of drinking is sweet -strange sweetness and sticky taste, like melted QQ sugar, of course, QQ sugar does not have this taste.

Huangpi was mostly born in Fujian, Hainan, and Guangdong and Guangxi. In this niche fruit battle of the new tea, there were also honey honey, rose honeydew, Ganwang strawberry, and Wang Lin apple behind the yellow peel.

According to “Burning Finance”, the new tea industry has now entered a very high degree of homogeneity. The popular fruits such as strawberries, mangoes, and grapes are fully developed, and it is difficult to make new ideas. Brands must differentiate the products and create new memory points. Finding niche raw materials throughout the country and even the world is an important layout direction.

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

Fruit is getting more and more niche, and the color of tea is also more and more fine, so that it has subtle recognition. In addition to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple, there are tens of millions of colors.

When the Internet is difficult to pass the aroma and taste intuitively, the color has become a unique set of “circulating currency”.

New tea new products want to sell hotly, you need to “give consumers for color”, and there are many ways to create colors. Fruit, vegetables, syrup jam, natural pigments …

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

Many new tea brands choose to start with healthy non -ferrous ingredients such as natural pigments and develop more color drinks, including algae blue protein, wheat grass juice, butterfly bean flower, and many natural pigments to choose from.

▲ Natural color scheme color ring. Picture from: Doehler

Niche fruits are the way to get out of trouble when the new tea drinks when it falls into innovation and traffic anxiety.

The reason why the niche is niche is indeed a reason -regional restrictions, difficulty adjustment, and unstable supply chain. However, as the understanding and use of materials are becoming more and more fine, drinks will naturally develop more and more fine colors, and the color of nature will be inexhaustible and inexhaustible.

▲ oil mandarin. Picture from: Naixue’s tea

Considering fresh -keeping and product control problems, concentrated fruit juice, canned fruits and syrup are still classic formulas.

Ruixing Bafaist Y told Ai Fan Er that Rena Bing used frozen modulation fruits:

我们集齐 8 色饮品,发现了喜茶、奈雪、星巴克「造颜色」的秘密

It is practical to ensure the quality, and our employees often drink. Many milk tea shops use fresh fruits but difficult to save, and the store is worrying. We are not easy to have problems.

At the beginning of the autumn, the new autumn and winter new products flocked. Naixue’s caramel chestnut treasure Tibetan tea, domineering little solid apricot, Starbucks’s peanut mousse latte, osmanthus flowers latte, Ruixing osmanthus oolong tea, rich laurel thick milk latte … I am in the cool breeze in autumn, I smelled the smell of anxiety.

▲ Picture from: Naixue/Ruixing/Starbucks

“Salt Salt: How does the food giant manipulate us” wrote:

Now we rarely feel that the energy of the body and the brain is exhausted and urgently needed to supplement nutrients … The motivation for our eating comes from other aspects. Some come from emotional needs, and others reflect the core of processing food: the most important thing is the taste, followed by aroma, appearance and texture.

The new generation of consumers see too much, so “both must be or have it.” When the new tea brand is deeply trapped in the Red Sea, all aspects that consumers can perceive must be more and more refined, and the subtle evolution of color is also included.

Although the deliciousness and health wrapped in color can make people linger, the colors can first evoke the desire and psychological pleasure, bringing us a better life experience. When the color was proposed and discussed alone, the new tea drink also entered a more slender competition field.

In color psychology, purple emotions are noble, gorgeous, elegant and romantic.