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This kind of western jewelry has become the favorite of European nobles, and the carving technology reaches the peak of thousands of years.

There is a kind of jewelry that is loved by European nobles. It is Cameo. At that time, the nobles liked to wear the royal portrait Cameo Medal with the Medal of Camer, because this is a family honor. This custom has continued in the royal family to the present. So what kind of jewelry is this Cameo in the bottom?

What is what is



Cameo is the most famous work of early European sculpture art. The main materials are agate. Craftsmen will carry out layers of carving on them. Often, the works use dark agate. The sculpture is carved to reveal the background color, so that different patterns are carved.

Cameo, reflecting the craftsmanship of ancient Rome reached the peak of thousands of years. Cames’s carving technology was so glory in Rome, but unfortunately this strong civilization failed to save it. In the fifth century, the Roman Empire fell under iron hoof. After Rome’s annihilation, the jewelry carving technology began in Egypt was lost. Later, no one could completely copy the technology at that time, which was probably that civilization was interrupted.

Second, exquisite carvings beyond imagination


Around 500 AD, Europe entered the Middle Ages. During this period, there were almost no exquisite Cameo or seals in Europe. A few carved works that had survived from the Roman period had become amulets in the eyes of the public at the time. Why is it regarded as a amulet? Because they do not believe that these exquisite carvings are manpower, they can sculpt exquisite patterns on such a hard gem. Only the items that can be made by themselves. Of course, the things made by God have the effect of amulets. At that time, many civilians believed that the patterns on the seal had different effects. For example, the seal with horses cured mental illness. The lion carved on the pitch can bring wealth and glory.


Third, regain carving skills

In Europe in the 15th century, after hundreds of years, Europe once again went to the Renaissance. At this time, the Europeans began to be fascinated by the carving skills of these ancestors thousands of years ago. The most representative was the pope at that time, and they were keen to collect seals produced in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. At that time in Europe, the pope was the representative of power and wealth, and they had the supreme position. In order to be able to reproduce the sculpture technology of the Roman period, the Pope was even willing to pay heavy money to hire a group of excellent craftsmen to study. After a long time of training, they explored the sculpting skills at the time, but there was a certain gap in the level of craftsmanship, but there was still a certain gap in the level of craftsmanship. Essence


Fourth, the ruins of ancient Greece Cameo appeared in the world

After accidental opportunities, a group of ancient Greek ruins Cameo appeared in the world. At that time, the craze of Cameo was set off in Europe. At that time, European talents realized that their ancestors reached such a height. So he began researching and appreciating these missing artworks. Of course, these works of art are very rare, and most of them are collected by the pings. At that time, when the king visited the church, he would be presented to some very rare Cameo antique seals. This is why the Pope was so lofty at that time, because they knew how to please the monarch.

5. The popularity of top -down

After leading the king and the pope, Cameo jewelry swept the entire Europe, and the high society was scrambling to buy such jewelry. The Pope began to hire specialty craftsmen to make Cameo. At that time, at least one full -time craftsman in the royal family was responsible for sculpting. A better one of Cameo takes more than a year to make it. Before 1939, these Cameo jewelry was very expensive. Only in the upper society such as the royal family, it was difficult for ordinary people to own it.

At that time, a Cameo was worth 100 pounds. What was the concept of 100 pounds? At that time, it cost 100 pounds to buy a house in London, England. At that time, the British family had seven, and the annual expenditure was only 10 pounds. It is conceivable that this Cameo can reach the antique level.

Western Cameo is a bit similar to our jade sculptures, but the materials and themes are completely different. The theme of Cameo is mainly based on the characters in Greek mythology, the Bible stories, and the heroes of the time, the ruler, and so on. There are also portraits of royal characters, flowers, birds and beasts, and so on.


Cameo jewelry has been a history of thousands of years, which can be said to be antiques. With the popularity of Western retro jewelry, the charm of Cameo jewelry has always been there. It seems to be a walking story jewelry, which fascinates the person you like.

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