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Embroidered mother jointly embroidered, Chengdu Anjing street with embroidery works

Those skilled, lead, the right hand gently passed the fine embroidered needle through the embroidery, the left hand quickly took it, a needle and a needle … Recently, Chengdu Anjing 蜀 embroidered cultural creative park saw, Embroiders gathered together to pay back together.

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the embroidered girls in Anjing street in Chengdu, the Silk needles, embroidered to the party’s love and respect, express the confidence and determination of “going to the party forever”, blessing the great action. The motherland is prosperous.

After a year, there is more than a year, nearly 40 kinds of needles embroidered

“Shengshi New China” celebrates the founding of the party

In the embroidery, the embroidered girls wore a needle line, singing with the red song of the party, and his face was filled with happiness. In a first line, they integrate their unlimited love for the party, and the beautiful wishes to the motherland.


蜀 embroidered non-legacy inheritance people Ye Xunjun is also there, she bowed his embroidery, roundabout the needlework, focusing on embroidery, a splendid drawing blooms between fingers. She said that from 2019, she began to plan the 100th anniversary of the party, thinking about the presence of the embroidered craftsmanship and the pattern they have learned. She also visited a number of painters to understand the knowledge, and finally decided to embroider a Chinese map. “Sheng Shi Xin China” celebrates the founding of the party.

“This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, I have to use this” Shengshi New China “to express my love for the party. It is the party. We have today’s happy life and a better life.” Ye Xunjun said, as A Communist Party member, is also a heritage of the embroidery. I express my love and gratitude to New China in a first line. I feel excited and proud. “In March last year, I started to embroidered this work” Sheng Shi Xin China “. This work shows a total of nearly 40 different needles.” Ye Xunjun said that due to many needles, the technical requirements for embroidery are very high. A little accidentally went wrong, it will affect the overall effect, so in the process of embroidery, you must be agreed to God. Each needle is meticulous, every link must excerper, and strive to achieve best.

After more than 1 year of embroidered, this length of 90 cm, 80 cm wide, and the work of Ye Jun Jun’s heart and hot emotions will be completed. A needle first line, not only incorporates her unlimited love to the party, but also expressing a good wishes to the motherland. “As a Communist Party member, I will always go with the party, do our embroidery better, let more people know about 蜀 embroidery, inherit the embroidery.” Ye Xunjun told reporters.


In the 100th anniversary of the 100th anniversary of the Party, the hand-embroidered work is Ye Xiangjun and the common voice of many embroidered young. They integrate into the party’s love, loyalty and respect in the embroidered system of a needle.


Carry out the theme exhibition “绣 秀 百年”

“To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, by using intangible cultural heritage, it is reviewed to carry out the history of the party. Through the non-legacy cultural, the patriotic feelings, show the party’s glorious history, And Jing Street launched the theme exhibition Introduction to the relevant person in charge of Anjing Street.

Over the years, Anjing street has focused on building a small embroidery development carrier, strengthens the cultivation of embroidered talents, product development and design, marketing platform construction and brand protection. In 2021, Sichuan Cultural Creative Park was rated as a Sichuan intangible cultural heritage training base. With the booming of the embroidery cultural industry, Anjing street relying on the future of Chengdu Jincheng Park City’s future, beautiful life experience space, with the theme of embroidery culture, is planning to build a set of embroidery theme restaurants, 蜀 embroidery workshops, master custom workshop, 蜀 embroidery interaction hall, The embroidery of the embroidered science is one of the embroidered Embroidered theme parks, which plans to open operation in March 2022.

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