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It’s not expensive, old Beijing halal snack

In Beijing, you usually buy halal pastries to go to Niujie Halal Supermarket. There are many types and brands that are specialized in selling cakes: Tianjin Guishunzhai, Gui Suzhai (soft and cakes are delicious), Tian Chengxiang, Da Shunzhai, Live, Guixiangchun, etc.Niujie is more suitable for giving gifts to the snack box, the price is more expensive.But today I want to introduce a niche halal pastry shop ~

Shop Name: Beihai Pastry Shop (name on the signboard)

The name on the big zhong comments: Longfuzhai cakes

But it is actually Dshengzhai’s halal pastry.


Fork: 10 yuan a bag

Potato chips: 10 yuan to choose a bag

Lantern Festival: 25 pounds

Pastry: 15-18 yuan per catty

Generally speaking, there are a lot of pastry styles, and the price is not expensive, but do not buy too much at one time. This shop is more suitable for buying something to eat casually.

Address: Near Jingshan West Gate, No. 13, Xichanmen Street, Xicheng District, Beijing.If you come to Jingshan or Beihai, you can go shopping by the way.