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Travel bags, briefcases, ticket clips, in fact, you only need a backpack that can be stitched

For girls, buying various styles of various styles and various functions may be a big hobby in life, but for many men, it is a big torture for many men. There is a brand WOOL & Oak, which has launched a backpack that can switch between different functions to help men solve this problem. Whether it is shopping, travel, or work, it can be done.

The name of this package is ZIP PACK Go. The reason why the function is suitable for almost all occasions is because this package can be spliced.

When you dismantle this handbag, it seems to have N packs. The thinnest is an ultra -thin backpack. Although thin, computer books can be installed. There are also devices with storage separations inside, which makes you more convenient, and you can also carry some casual suit.

You can also thicken the ultra -thin backpack, you can put a set of clothes and shoes in the backpack, you can treat it short -distance travel or gym.


In addition, ultra -thin backpacks can be handled sideways, and there is also a handbag. In this way, if you go on a business trip for business negotiations, you don’t need to bring other packages.


When you go out, when the other people are carrying a big and ugly backpack, you can always maintain the gentleman and elegance with Zip Pack Go.

This travel package is currently available in the wind direction. The components contain different components and different prices. The versions of all sets are priced at 5009 yuan.


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