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After washing your hair, you can do this “4 points”, the hair slowly becomes smooth, and the hair volume has become more.

After washing your hair, you can do this “4 points”, the hair slowly becomes smooth, and the hair volume has become more.

Hair is more focused on many girls, but whether they want to have a more beautiful hairstyle or good -looking hair color, their premise is to have healthy hair.

If the amount of hair is small, or the hair quality is rough, it will not only affect the effect of the hairstyle, but even if it is dyed with good -looking colors, it will make the whole hair look rough and has no gloss. Therefore, in life, in life, in life Still find some tips for hair care, so as to make your hair better and better.

In the process of hair care, the work after washing is more important. If you do it right, your hair will get better and better, and you can have more effective results. After washing your hair, you can do these 4 steps, your hair slowly becomes smooth, and the amount of hair has become more. Let’s take a look at the tips for hair care!

Point 1: After washing your hair, put on some hair care oil

Hair -care oil is a relatively important product for hair care. The shampoo and hair milk we usually use can only be washed the stains and dust of the hair to make the hair softer. But if you want to make your hair better and better, you still need to rely on hair oil.

The effect of use can be used better. After washing your hair, twist your hair to half dry. It is best to squeeze some essential oils without dripping your hair. To the root, otherwise this may cause the scalp hair follicles to block, which may cause hair loss.

Point 2: Don’t blow too dry after washing your hair

A hair dryer is used by many girls, especially in this relatively cold weather, if the hair is not used, the hair may not be able to do it for one or two hours, but it is best not to blow the hair too much when using a hair dryer. Dry, because the water inside the hair will be easier to lose at the high temperature of the hair dryer.

After a long time, it will naturally cause excessive hair quality, resulting in a decline in toughness. Therefore, in the process of blowing the hair, it is about 70 % to 80 % of them, or the weather is not so cold in spring and summer, and you can keep your hair naturally dry. This will have better protection for hair quality. effect.

Point 3: Sleep after washing about half an hour after washing

Many girls prefer to wash their hair at night, but the problem followed is that after washing the hair, a hair dryer blows a lot of people to sleep directly. In fact, when the hair is semi -dry, it will hurt a little bit of health. After all, the hair is wet and wet, which is easier to cool, and it may also cause headaches.

Another point is that when the hair is still moisture, the hair quality is relatively easy to wear, because the hair will continue to be rubbed during sleep. At this time Short hair or hair loss, so in order to think about hair quality and your own health, it is best to fall asleep about half an hour after washing.

Point 4: Pay attention to the method of combing your hair after washing your hair

After washing their heads, many people’s first things were to comb the hair with a comb, especially some girls with long hair, especially like to do so. But just after washing your hair, the hair is relatively rough and not smooth at this time. If you use a common comb, it is likely to cause hair damage.

In fact, at this time you can choose to comb your hair with air cushion comb. This is only conducive to relaxing the tension of the scalp and playing a certain massage effect, and it will not hurt much of the hair quality, because the material of the general air cushion comb is the material of the air cushion comb. It is relatively soft, unlike ordinary wood or plastic comb. If it is not effective, it is easier to damage the hair quality, resulting in short hair and hair loss.

The little techniques for hair care after washing the above are talked to you here today. In fact, there are more than 4 points about the method of nursing hair. Everyone’s hair quality and hair length are different. So, the hair care skills may be different. So how do you care about your hair at home? If you have different ways, please leave a message below to share with more people!

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