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Easy to solve the problem of anti -theft of shared electric vehicles, this lock is really “terrible thief”

Easy to solve the problem of anti -theft of shared electric vehicles, this lock is really “terrible thief”

With the rise of the sharing economy, in addition to the bicycle sharing, the ride radius has a larger radius and a more comfortable shared electric car has gradually become the new favorite of urban white -collar workers. However, the manufacturing and launch costs of shared electric vehicles are much higher than ordinary shared bicycles. Once they are stolen or damaged, the loss is very large for operators! Therefore, the anti -theft of shared electric vehicles has always been a big problem in the industry.

As the source of the power of the shared electric vehicle, the vehicle -mounted lithium battery occupies almost half of the vehicle cost. Most of the shared motorcycles batteries are built into the pedal or seat cushion. If the lock is not reliable, the thief only needs to use a stick or hammer to open the battery protection box through violence, and you can easily steal the battery.

The shared electric vehicle is placed outdoors for a long time, and it will inevitably encounter the wind and rain. The general locks will be rusted after the moisture or the internal line aging. Lock failure will also affect user experience, reduce the frequency of vehicles, and increase operation and maintenance costs.

In addition, during the transportation or use of shared electric vehicles, falling and vibrations are unavoidable, and the locks with poor quality may be damaged!

At the beginning of the design of the shared motorcycle, it determined that it could not use too large volume locks, but the small -volume locks were difficult to take into account the tensile resistance, structural strength, and stability of use.

However, the Akteter smart battery anti -theft lock solves this problem perfectly.

The Akite smart battery anti -theft lock has an exclusive invention patented technology. The lock uses special high -performance board materials, which not only has a small size, but also performs very well in terms of tensile, earthquake resistance, waterproof, corrosion resistance, and stability.

Small size, regular design, does not take up vehicle space, it is very convenient to install on the pedal or seat lid. All its wiring is inside the locks. It is basically impossible to stop the lock work through the cutting of the thread!

The Yakat smart lock adopts the leading PEK intelligent anti -theft system. The design of “one car, one lock and one code” is used to control the code through the mobile app, and open or close it with one click. Without a mechanical lock hole, this allows the thief to take advantage of it.

We will use various violence to test its anti -theft properties. Aktt, an intelligent anti -theft lock is really “terrible”! As for the content of the specific test, we will continue to be exciting in the next article!

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