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Is the smell in the car caused by leather? Demonstration of leather seats

Is the smell in the car caused by leather? Demonstration of leather seats

The luxury car brands over the past ten years have always used leather materials to show the luxuriousness and grade of the interior. Obviously I can buy high -match to enjoy, I bought a low match and annoyed.

The Alcantara seat you see is considered to be a fur, but it is actually a synthetic material; the leather seat that is equipped with the logo on the furnishings is actually a type of artificial leather; and you are sitting and touched. It must be all leather materials! Let’s take a look at the doorway and dry goods in the car leather seat.

1. What is leather? What is imitation leather?

As the name implies, the leather is processed by using the skin of animals. Under normal circumstances, luxury models with higher levels will use top -level

Head layer skin,

And the midfield luxury model will be adopted

Two -layer skin,

Entry -level luxury models are made of chemical fiber materials

Artificial Revolution.

The price of the three cortex decreases in order.

The price determines the value. The car seat with the top leather material is closer to the skin, and the silk is smooth and high -level. The material (artificial leather) material is not breathable, and the texture is slightly hard, but in view of the low cost price of imitation skin, it is still cited by many luxury car manufacturers.

Second, leather seats may not be full leather!

When decorating the house, buying furniture can be considered a snot and tears. When you are sure to buy the leather sofa, the sofas of each store are called leather sofas, but you can find that in order to reduce the cost, the merchant is not conspicuous. Or where the body cannot be exposed, the imitation skin is used, and the vast majority of car leather seats are the same. The wings and corners of the seat will be made of imitation leather, while the body can contact the leather.

Third, the woven seats are also good, and the leather seat sleeve is not available!

Some riders chose the standard model and equipped with a weaving seat. Although there is no sense of high -level sense, they do not freeze my buttocks in winter and do not hot back in summer. Some riders chose to set a layer of imitation leather seat cover for the vehicle, which has a certain chance to affect the opening of the side airbags, cause hidden dangers to safety, and the imitation leather manufacturers do not meet the standards of the material, which will cause the cockpit to cause the cockpit Hollow pollution.

After explaining some personal insights of the leather and imitation skin, everyone must be interested in the materials of BMW Mercedes -Benz and Audi seats, and listen to Xiaobian one by one.


Sensatec imitation leather

In BMW’s entry -level model, it is basically equipped with Sensatec synthetic leather seats. Most of the 1 series, 2 series, 3 series, and X1 cars are equipped with more. General effect. Sensatec is made from the corner material of the leather. The cost is much lower than the leather. The texturec texture is much inferior to the leather material.

Many people do not care about the material of the BMW seat when they buy a car. When the weather is hot, they find that the synthetic leather seats are not breathable and the touch is not good. When I first got on the car, my back was soaked. This was the characteristics of the synthetic skin. At that time, I hope that my car is equipped with ventilation seats, so you must see the configuration form clearly when buying a car!

Dakota leather

Dakota leather is a more seat leather used in BMW models. At first glance, it will feel that there is no difference from the imitation of Senasatec. Only by carefully watching and touching with your hands can you experience the smooth texture of the leather, but the feel is still “rough”. Many netizens laughed and said: BMW’s leather is like imitation skin, and Mercedes -Benz’s imitation is like leather!

Merino advanced leather

If you always feel that BMW’s interior is not in place, you can only say that the banknotes are not in place. Merino personalized customized advanced leather materials equipped by BMW’s top models will make you look at it.

Merino leather uses the top head layer calf leather in the Nordic high latitude region. It uses a unique immersion process instead of surface spraying color. Therefore, the permeability is excellent. Comfortable and luxurious, so the cost is high, equipped with some 7 series, 8 series and M Power models.

Mercedes Benz

Aritco imitation leather

Artico is a kind of artificial leather, which is used on the low -end vehicle of Mercedes -Benz mid -to -low -end models, but the touch is close to the leather, the texture is soft, and comfortable. It is considered a fine workmanship. In terms of ride comfort, you have to admit that Mercedes -Benz’s Aritco imitation is indeed better than the Sensatec imitation of BMW.

And Mercedes -Benz seems to “intentionally” to carry forward the Aritco imitation leather seats. For example, the previous generation BMW 5 Series (F18) entry -level model uses Dakota leather. Give the top E -Class with leather seats, right and wrong, you judge yourself.

NAPPA leather

The production of NAPPA leather generally uses animal leather such as sheepskin, head layer cowhide, or two -layer cowhide, and the craftsmanship is closer to pure natural manufacturing. , It can also present the visual effect of the skin’s skin texture, so Mercedes -Benz likes to use NAPPA leather on some high -profile models.

However, the NAPPA leather also has a shortage. Its leather surface is more delicate and durable. Generally, some irreversible folds and scratches will begin after tens of thousands of kilometers, and the breathability is not very good.

Designo advanced leather

Designo can be said to be a high -end product in the Mercedes -Benz leather seats, from the famous interior designer Designo, the leather from the highest quality calf back leather in northern Germany, the Designo seat is the highest specified product in many types of Mercedes -Benz seats. Exquisite, soft, breathability and comfort are excellent. Usually, the seats of the seats will have a DESIGNO nameplate. Both colors or rhombus styles are commonly used in high -end models such as Mercedes -Benz S -Class and G -Class.


Milano puppet mix

The Audi brand is different from BMW Mercedes -Benz. It does not like to use imitation leather materials. The entry level generally uses pure weaving seats, and some high -end Millero leather and cloth fabric combinations are used here. It is Audi’s favorite match. Many models of Volkswagen also use the same design, after all, the platform is connected.

Milano leather

Milano’s leather technology may contain a small amount of chromium. The feeding may have the B -level B and C -class leather on the neck or the neck. The texture is slightly rough, with obvious lines, and the grade is not strong. In addition, Audi also has a Wagner Valcona leather, which should be between SeiDennappa Pippa and Milleinop. There are also some patterns, but the material is more delicate than Milleinop and feel better.

Seidennappa advanced leather

SEIDENNAPPA’s advanced leather is basically used in the A -class leather at the back of the cattle. The tanning process is environmentally friendly and does not contain chromium. It is very fit with the skin. This leather is often used as high -end leather bags and leather shoes in Italy.

Seiden represents silk. Seidennappa is as smooth as silk, but it is simply treated by some paint, retaining the most primitive texture and texture. It can be understood as high -end NAPPA leather, which is mostly used on high -level models such as A8L.

Simply review the status quo of BMW Mercedes -Benz Audi’s imitation, entry -level leather, and top leather. Other luxury car brands also have some good leather seats to say, such as: Lexus’s imitation workman The semiiline leather is more delicate than NAPPA … In view of the limited space, it will not be repeated here.

Written at the end:

Leather seats have no odor, but there will be a taste like plant oak fruit. Some leather chairs are not good, because the harmful gases are colorless and tasteless. Recently, Audi was caught in the white hematic door, causing people to pay attention to the smell in the car. Sound insulation cotton, ground gum, etc., leather seats can still be assured.

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