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Danish Carl Hansen & S n 2021 new products: Classic re -interpretation

Danish Carl Hansen & S n 2021 new products: Classic re -interpretation

In order to praise the great chair master Hans J.Wegner, ILSE CRAWFORD, a well -known London designer and artistic director, reinterpreted the five chairs of the master’s initial design through the new contemporary color.

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CH22 casual chair

CH22 casual chair, designed and manufactured in 1950, is part of Hans J.Wegner’s first series launched by Carl Hansen & Søn. The chairs are made of solid wood, with unique wooden backs, with visible wedge caps, and use paper fiber ropes instead of traditional cushions.

CH23 dining chair

CH23 dining chair, the elements are simple and delicate, the details are combined with the delicate vine, and the details are soft and elegant. The unique hand -woven seat surface, and the hind legs arched back to ensure the best stability. The CH23 dining chair has established a new standard form for modern furniture design with its lightness, artistic expression and ergonomics.

CH24 casual chair

CH24 is a well -known Y Chair. It was designed in 1949. The chair consists of 14 parts of the frame and a 365 -meter -long paper rope. Simple and exquisite design, high -quality materials, and impeccable craftsmanship technology, Y Chair has been highly appreciated in all countries in the world since its release, and has been an outstanding work symbolizing Danish modern design.

CH25 armrest

Since 1950, this chair has been very popular and has been producing continuously. The warm wood and natural paper rope have created a natural and harmonious atmosphere. The clean and unique design of CH25 exudes a simple temperament and will not be loud, as if it should be placed there.

CH26 dining chair

CH26 dining chair is part of a series of iconic chairs designed by Wegner for Carl Hansen & Søn. CH26 can be said to be a variant of the CH22 casual chair, exquisite back and hand -woven seats. Its organic form is similar to CH22, but it has a perfect proportion suitable for long -term use on the table or desk.

Bring the design of decades of history into the 21st century, highly respect its original form, adopt the highest quality material and process technology, to interpret the eternal form of the chair through rich colors. Each chair shows glory.

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Carl Hansen & S hn

Carl Hansen & S hn originated from Denmark and is a design furniture brand with a century -old craftsmanship. Since its establishment in 1908, it has adhering to the concepts that bring beauty and high -quality furniture to users, pursue superb craftsmanship, and integrate aesthetics, simplicity and practicality into furniture.

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