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Sapphire cervical massage device, saving time and effort, and mass masseur

Sapphire cervical massage device, saving time and effort, and mass masseur

The fast -paced life now makes contemporary people pay more attention to health and health. However, some common health massage products before, some massage instruments occupy a large space and the utilization rate is not high. So it has caused a long time. This sauggal cervical massage device I recently started. Design is really attentive.

Brands from Germany are very guaranteed in quality. The Lan Treasure brand has many years of history, and its products are sold in many countries. This salamander cervical massage device perfectly combines the massage instrument with the common U -shaped pillow. The entire size is 320*320*90mm, which is similar to our common U -shaped pillow size.

In terms of color matching, in addition to my dirty Monet, there is another cherry powder optional. On the entire product, there is only one physical button, long press and boot. It can achieve fast inflation, automatically inflatable with one click, and no need to press it manually. It is more convenient to operate. Compared to the traditional massage instrument, this inflatable massage pillow, when not in use, does not inflatable, occupy less space, and is more convenient for storage. When using it, it is very convenient to use it quickly.

The discouraged after use is also relatively effort, and on the other side of the massage pillow is the looping hole. After opening the lid, hold the internal evacuation valve, one -click discouraged, quickly discouraged. It’s easier to store, easy to carry. In the market, many massage pillows are mostly experienced because of the limitations of volume and technical. And many strengths do not meet the standards, and after use, they do not really play a role in relieving pain. Although it is also a massage pillow, there is still a certain gap compared to the salad cervical massage. The sapped cervical massage device empower science and technology, the upgraded 42 contacts, and the larger package area, which gives more support to the neck. It also combines traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy. And the entire massage technique, simulation technique, no pain, can still really feel delicate massage during use.

The inflatable massage pillow is tightly wrapped in 360 °, the back is more supportive, the head is naturally fit, the two sides are straight, three -dimensional support, giving our neck more reliable support. It is in line with ergonomic design, and the use scenarios are more diverse. Whether it is during travel, or office, learning and other scenarios, you can wear it anytime, anywhere. At the same time, it can also prevent the occurrence of diseases such as long -term low head and preventing cervical spondylosis.

45 ℃ The warm and hot compress can be turned on at any time. After opening, the 45 ° C of the fabric is more suitable, and the large area is evenly heat up to eliminate fatigue. While massage, temperature and hot compresses can better relieve the neck pressure and achieve better massage effects. Two massage modes are optional, fast and slow two -gear massage strength, and four massage modes of positive and negative massage, which can be diverse in the future. After turning on the massage, it will be automatically closed in 10 minutes, saving and worry -free. In addition to our commonly used massage necks, the sacral massage pillow of the sapped U -shaped cervical spine can also massage the shoulders, necks, hands, thighs and other parts. More parts can be used, and the surface is wider.

The process of the entire massage is to knead the man’s hand. The strength is just right. It will not be like some massage instruments, only pursue strength, and ignores comfort. In order to make users a better experience, it can also achieve a better massage effect. I often go to the massage shop to massage. Indeed, this product is just right for the neck massage. The strength is just right. The kneading is in place. It can be directly reached to the part and more accurate massage. It can truly relax the body and relieve fatigue. The store can massage at home, it is still very good, it is worth recommending.

The weight of 600g is better than light, and traveling on business can be carried with you. 2000 mAh batteries can ensure long -term use. Humanized design of demolition and washing cloth, which is convenient for daily cleaning, and is more hygienic to use.

Overall, the sapped cervical massage device is designed to combine the U -shaped pillow and cervical spine pillow. Let’s enjoy massage at any time during business trips and travel. At the same time, you can also use it anytime, anywhere at home, saving the cost of going to the massage store, and you can enjoy a pleasant massage at home. The entire use process is also very simple, especially for storage, which is more convenient. Such a good thing, whether it is used by itself or for family and friends, is a very practical gift. There are also gift boxes, and gifts are also very face -saving. The evaluation product comes from Yizhi Mushroom.

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German Sapphire Cervical Cervical Massage

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