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How much is the daily intake of Vitamin C?

How much is the daily intake of Vitamin C?

Everyone is familiar with vitamin C, because of its anti -oxidation effects and removing free radicals, many businesses have begun to play a beauty card!

Throw a piece of vitamin with a vitamin in the cup. It can also add beauty and beauty vitamin C, which tastes sweet and sour. Therefore, Victoria C bubbles are deeply loved.

Is it good?

First see why drink vitamin C!


Vitamin C has a strong antioxidant effect, and as auxiliary factor for the substrate and enzymes of the hydroxylated process, to promote cell synthesis, synthesis of skin collagen, and to remove too much free radicals. Therefore , Make the skin firm and elastic, promote wound trauma healing;


Vitamin C can promote the synthesis of neurotransmitters and help maintain normal learning and memory;


Vitamin C can also promote the formation of antibodies, promote the absorption of important nutrients such as iron, calcium, and folic acid, and maintain the normal immune function and physiological function of the human body.

Eat a few more vitamin C foaming tablets, okay?

Vitamin C has a powerful function, but not as much as possible!

According to the data, the vitamin C is very toxic, and the long -term intake of 1000 mg/day has no adverse reactions. However, when a large number of it is taken, the intake of more than 3000 mg/day will cause adverse reactions such as diarrhea, gastrointestinal disorders, increased amount of oxalic acid and uric acid excretion, and increased renal stones.

The maximum intake of vitamin C in my country (UL) is 2000 mg/day. Some people have a good taste because of the bubble tablet. When drinking, two or three pieces of one day (Vitamin C content of vitamin C in Vitamin C, generally 1000 mg/tablet), plus vitamin C in daily dietary vegetables and fruits, vitamin C The vitamin C of the day’s intake exceeds the maximum tolerance intake. In addition, a lot of sugar, sodium, and flavors are added to vitamin C foam tablets. Too much intake of these ingredients also burdens health.

Vitamin C is less than that, but it is not more good. Therefore, for normal people, do not take the foam tablet as daily for a long time. It may be worth it. Vitamin C, so the most reliable method.

(Source: China Disease Control Center Nutrition and Health Institute)

Source: China Disease Control Dynamics

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