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How to buy car pads correctly? Keep these three matters in mind, beautiful, practical, safer

How to buy car pads correctly? Keep these three matters in mind, beautiful, practical, safer

The car pads are five functions that combine water absorption, vacuum, dirty, sound insulation, and protecting the host blanket as a car interior parts. Although it mainly plays a role in protecting the cleaning in the car, because it is close to the position of the brakes and throttle, it is easy to get stuck in the brake or throttle if it occurs, affecting driving safety and even traffic accidents.

Therefore, we must treat it carefully when choosing a car pad. So how should we choose car pads? You can consider from these three aspects. 1. Choose according to the model of love car

At present, the car pads on the market are mainly divided into two types: general -purpose and special car. The general -purpose foot pads are mainly designed according to the mainstream Volkswagen models, which can theoretically match most of various vehicles. However, the models of different cars on the market are very different. In the actual use process, it will be large or small, and it is difficult to fully match.

The special car pads are designed for different brands and models. They will be higher in matching, which will be more secure and beautiful to use, and can also effectively protect the internal environment of the car. Summary: Although the price of special car pads will be higher, from the perspective of safety and aesthetics, it is better than universal foot pads. It is recommended that you try to choose a special car pad. 2. Choose according to the non -slip performance of the foot pads

If the anti -slip effect of the foot pads is not good and slide at random, it will be a hidden safety hazard that can easily lead to traffic accidents. When buying the foot pads, you can judge its non -slip resistance from these two aspects: 1) Whether there is a anti -slip design on the back of the foot pad. When you choose the foot pad, turn it to the back of the foot pad to see if there are any anti -slip design such as geckos grasping, non -slip rubber particles, and bees. 2) Whether there is an embedded buckle fixed at the edge of the foot pad. There are fixed foot pads on the edge, which can effectively prevent high edge drooping and foot pads. In actual applications, anti -skids and kimonos are better. 3. Select according to the material of the foot pads

Car pads of different materials have different advantages and disadvantages. At present, the more common materials are: plush foot pads, rubber foot pads, linen pads, silk ring pads, and cortical foot pads.

When we choose a foot pad, if you pay more attention to cost -effectiveness, you can choose rubber foot pads and linen pads; if you pay attention to the high -level sense of the car, the leather foot pads and plush foot pads are a good choice; if you think you feel Practicality is the most important thing, so you can give priority to the silk ring pad. 4. Summary

In summary, to choose a foot pad, first consider the fit, and then consider its non -slip properties to ensure that it does not affect driving safety. Secondly, we consider your own demand for aesthetics. Disclaimer: Reprinted this article is out of the purpose of passing more information. If there is an error or infringe your legitimate rights and interests, the author is requested to contact the ownership certificate with this website. We will correct and delete it in time. Thank you. (Article Source: China Youth Network)

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