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After watching his 374㎡ large flat layer design, envy! Being in it is a kind of enjoyment

After watching his 374㎡ large flat layer design, envy! Being in it is a kind of enjoyment

Share the large flat floor of his building area of ​​374 square meters,

The homeowner is a soldier who is strict with his own discipline. In his leisure time, he hopes to live easily with his wife, and he will prepare a house for occasional parents to live.

The overall space of the house is relatively spacious, full of light, and the space is bright and generous. Choose some modern and gorgeous furniture layouts to create a high -end and elegant space atmosphere in the simple space.

living room

There are two large floor -to -ceiling windows designs in this large flat -floor living room. The indoor sunlight is sufficient and the lighting conditions are very good. Even if the lights are not turned on, you can feel a bright and comfortable atmosphere.

Choose rock slabs as a TV background wall, with a modern, solemn TV cabinet. The homeowner likes the luster of the wall lamp. The wall lamp is installed on both sides of the wall -mounted TV, which increases the surrounding light sources. The hidden lamp belt is added behind the rock slab to make the space bright, elegant and expensive.

The living room selects the double eyelid ceiling in recent years + design of the main light without lamps, and the sofa and leisure sofas are placed in the U -shaped layout. The hue of the living room is mainly based on simple gray, with the texture of the same color sofa and carpet texture. In a simple and bright space, an elegant life atmosphere appears.

The design of the two floor -to -ceiling windows will introduce the vast and spacious city scenery, and the natural and comfortable sunshine to introduce indoor to make the simple space and warm and comfortable modern advanced sense.

Recreation area

On the side of the living room, in the small corner near the window, make a space for a leisure area with a few casual single sofas, chairs and a simple coffee table. Here the homeowner’s family can relax, entertain, rest, etc., all have a relaxed and natural home experience area.

Dining room

On both sides of the background wall on the side of the restaurant, transparent glass uses transparent glass to enhance space lighting and increase the copper frame as an interior embellishment. There is a noble atmosphere. A warm landscape gray background wall is designed in the middle. The entire space has a little Chinese style to create a gorgeous, high -end and exquisite dining environment.

The elegant white marble dining table is matched with the texture of gray leather chairs. It is full of modern gorgeous high -end elegance in the indoor space.

At the top of the dining table, select this chandelier with metal rods, and the spherical crystal lamp body, exquisite lamps echo the modern and elegant dining table, and the layout of the restaurant looks gorgeous, advanced, and atmospheric.

Put some modern and exquisite glass jewelry on the table, combined with the stone dining table, dining chairs with metal texture, make the space more modern and comfortable.


Choose an open western -style kitchen and add an island to the middle of the kitchen. Customized white cabinets, which are atmospheric and practical. The combination of modern and exquisite metal bar chairs and green plants makes the restaurant space full of modern and elegant temperament.

There are glass tools on the bar, adding some refreshing flowers and green plants, making the gorgeous space full of vitality and elegant and exquisite home life.

Friends who have watched this metal bar chair all love to put it down and place it next to the bar, full of elegant and exquisite high -end atmosphere.


The aisle of entering the room in the living room should also pay attention to placing metal stands on the left and some crystal accessories. The wall design on both sides of the aisle is decorated with wooden elements. On the wall at the end of the corridor, increase the light belt, and hang an abstract decorative map to enrich the wall. The corridor space is also full of modern and elegant taste.


The wall of the bedroom is made of wooden decorative wall materials. The wooden floor is laid, and a hidden lamp belt is installed on the bedside wall to create a good sleeping environment for the bedroom. The comparison of the bed chandelier is rich in space and comfortable in texture.

The wall of the bedside is based on the Chinese style, and the symmetrical layout is made. The top surface of the bedroom is made into a soft and excessive arc to make the space more elegant and exquisite. Putting a large bed and the layout of simple bedding, making the bedroom atmosphere more modern, elegant, and comfortable.

The main guard’s design is equipped with a double -washing washbasin, a large area of ​​mirrors, and provides the owner with a comfortable and comfortable space atmosphere and experience under the modern and elegant space material.

Children’s room

The homeowner has a 7 -year -old twin son. He is very worried about the layout of the children’s room. The background wall of the bed is mainly gray -blue hard installation and placed a double bed. The back of the bedside is unique arc design, with pure white sheets and blue decorations, making the space of the children’s room childish, tender, comfortable, and comfortable.

From the ceiling, the bedside background wall to the back of the bed, the multi -curved shape is used to allow the children’s room space to be full of rounded arc and elegant temperament.


The bathroom choose a clean and tidy white facial washing table and wall tiles, metal chandeliers and roundoscopy to make the entire bathroom space particularly modern, solemn, atmospheric, and practical.

This set of 374㎡ modern large flat layers, and several details of the details have not been shown. Interested friends can find me to understand ~

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