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Those who eat rice often take a look, tell you 1 secret …

Those who eat rice often take a look, tell you 1 secret …

my country’s diet is very different. Taking the staple food as an example, in general, the south is mainly rice, but the north is mainly pasta. Rice is not only a valuable staple food, but there are actually many wonderful uses of life. Don’t look at the small rice grains, but the role that can be played is great. Let’s take a look at it together.


1. Remove oil stain

The oil stain contained in the straw mat is more troublesome to clean up, but the rice grains are applied to the stains on the paper. After the day, the oil dirt will fall off with the rice.

2. Clean ink

The ink that is accidentally contaminated on the clothes is more troublesome to remove it, but as long as the ink is not dry, use a few steamed rice to rub on the ink, and then rinse with water, and the clothes will be clean ~

3. Clear aluminum pot lid oil

Apply the rice soup to the aluminum pot. After the lid is heated, the rice soup will solidify, remove the soup of the rice soup, and remove the oil. The same method can be used to remove the oil from the wall and other kitchenware.

4. Fresh air

Mix essential oils and rice together, you can make your own air fresh agent. Buy a beautiful open bottle, put the rice in rice, and then drip the essential oil in the rice grains and stir well. It adds beauty to the family and won two birds with one stone.

Mei Rong Chapter

1. Remove blackheads

The steamed rice ball is made of eggs. When it is hot, rolling on the face can go to the blackhead, and it can also make the skin smooth, apply the coastal aloe gel, control oil and hydrate, and shrink the pores.

2. Exfoliating

Put the rice bran in a cotton bag to wet with water, and gently rub the hands and feet. Not only can you clean the dead skin and keratin on the skin, people with dry skin cracks apply Ti Yanyitang anti -cracking cream after use. The skin plays the effect of moisturizing.

3. Tao rice water washing face

Tao rice water, boil directly and drink, clear heat and defeat, and improve the effect of poor stomach and stomach. Wash your face with rice water, skin care and whitening, which can make the skin tender and white. Light spots can inhibit melanin, dissolve spots, and moisturize white skin.

4. Clean hand

Sometimes it is sticky on my hand, and it is more difficult to wash even if I use water. At this time, I only need to put a few grains of rice on my hand. Repeat it a few times to remove the viscosity. It’s tender!


1. Treatment of athlete

The shell -cut rice skin is rich in vitamin B1, which is one of the indispensable vitamins for the human body. Vitamin B1 is also called anticipidic vitamins. Tao is not too much when you buy rice, so as not to lose a lot of vitamin B1. People with athletes can also eat coarse grains often. After cleaning their feet every night, spray the feet to protect the feet, sterilize and relieve itching, and remove the athletes.

2. Relieve itching

Rice has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing yin and lungs. Ancient health careers advocated “morning food porridge” to use fluids. Drinking some rice porridge can help the hair of the fluid, which can relieve the dryness and itching of the skin to a certain extent. Itching and rash, Tmall.com is genuine. Some bad businesses hang sheep heads for dog meat. Xiaobian didn’t pay attention to buying it for a while.

3. Black hair care

“Water -soluble vitamins” and “minerals” in rice will stay in Taomi water. Among them, vitamin B groups are relatively abundant, and B vitamins can help hair pigment cells generate melanin. People with yellow hair and bifurcation have been washed with rice water for a long time, and the appropriate amount of Kangda’s hair growth liquid is mixed with shampoo. The hair quality will be strong and smooth.

Knowing that there are so many wonderful uses of rice, do you regret it too late? Be a savvy housewife, and add some ingredients to porridge. Friends quickly tell you the use of such a good rice.

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