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With it in the manor, it is enough to be beautiful

With it in the manor, it is enough to be beautiful

Camping is now one of the hottest leisure holidays in the world.

In fact, camping is not only a separate leisure format, but also can be implanted into the farm as an independent project, forming a powerful IP of the farm.

As an independent IP of the farm, the campsite has many advantages such as fast investment return, flexible form, diverse activity design, and extensive extended consumption.

Today we will take a look at a few world-class campsites, hoping to learn from you.

1. Kakslauttanen in Finland

“Watching the Northern Lights from bed” is undoubtedly a great attraction, and there are many glass huts built to see the Northern Lights in Finland, which is close to the North Pole.

The earliest and most well-known business hours are undoubtedly Kakslauttanen Igloo Village in Salisel. In “Twelve Sharp Tastes”, Nicholas Tse and Xiao Jingteng are playing the piano and chatting about the aurora here.

Kakslauttanen is the originator of Finnish glass huts. Founder Jussi didn’t look at the fuel gauge when he drove himself more than 40 years ago, and had to sleep here after running out of gasoline. Perhaps to blame by the moon that night, he fell in love with the forest without reservation, and finally built the world’s first glass hut here in 2010.

Each glass house is equipped with a curtain, so privacy is not to worry. In order to see the aurora, the glass dome is also made of special materials, and all glass must not frost or fog in a low temperature of minus 30 degrees; In order to be comfortable, glass huts in the wilderness must be supplied with water and electricity like normal hotels.

In the cold night of late winter, lying on the warm and comfortable big bed, with your head resting on your hands, looking up at the stars comfortably, waiting for a fantastic nature performance…

2. Cocoon canopy

In outdoor camping, snakes, insects, mosquitoes and flies are the most frightening and annoying, and if there is such a cocoon canopy, it will solve the problem.

This spherical mobile canopy is designed for tree-filled environments and is covered with an aluminum ball structure with a waterproof special fabric. When you use it, you hang it on a tree with a rope to become a simple version of a suspended tree house, protected from rain and mosquitoes. And the diameter of the internal round bed is 2.4 meters, which can fully accommodate two people to lie comfortably.

3. Yangpyeong-gun, South Korea

In the beautiful resort of Yang-Pyeong in South Korea, there are some tents that resemble caterpillars and donuts, allowing people to get closer to nature and experience the holiness and serenity of life.

These tents are positioned to cater to those with glamping needs, not only sleeping in tents in the wilderness, but also cooking in the built-in kitchen and bathing in the bathroom. Lying in a soft tent, you can feel the sound of the babbling stream in the canyon and the singing of the birds in the forest.

The interior style also subverts your perception of camping, pure and bright, soft space, baby-like delicate touch, making people feel a sense of being pampered.

The material and structure of the tent are designed to adapt to the four seasons of Korea. Even in the winter when it snows heavily, you can enjoy a comfortable temperature while staying inside.

There are two types of tents: one is a doughnut stacking design derived from the concept of pebbles; The other is a modular design that is more similar to floor tiles. The interior of these units is very comfortable and they are all given names related to nature: sea, desert, stream, mountain, cave, forest, river, etc.

4. Longitude 131°, Australia

Longitude 131 Desert Camp Australia is located in the vast red desert of Australia, and camping in the desert can be so luxurious. Even the surrounding nature is luxurious to the extreme, allowing you to enjoy a five-star stay while watching the sunset over Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

The campsite is just right on the 131st degree of the Earth’s longitude, from which the name Longitude 131° is derived. The camp is located on a separate sand dune with 15 tent-shaped suites.

It is worth mentioning that each tented suite here is named after the 15 pioneers who first found the place, and memorabilia of their exploits is displayed inside.

5. Camp Dunes of Vavidans, Namibia

The camp is located in the western part of Namibia, in the NamibRand Nature Reserve Namib (the heart of the Nam Desert).

Camp Vovidance Dunes has 5 different types of barracks, scattered throughout the valley and dunes, all made of native wood and canvas, and the open spaces are designed to make it easy for guests to get in touch with nature. This is also the principle of camping, they do not let guests feel any sense of estrangement, do not so-called “safe distance”, but let people fully integrate into this pure natural space.

The rooms are furnished with European classical style furniture, African style decoration, clean linens and curtains, and complete bathroom facilities. Let guests fully immerse themselves in this desert world.

Here you can try your hand at hunting and take a hot air balloon ride. The accommodation fee is about 6000 RMB per night.

6. Serengeti National Park luxury tent camp

Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp in Tanzania is a great place to see and photograph animals. The camp is in the style of the English Edwardian era.

The tent is decorated in an authentic local style, with vintage cameras and hand-cranked phonographs. The camp has 25 tents, 2 restaurants, 1 bar and even a tent with a porch that offers modern comfort. The thoughtful service here has attracted nearby hippos to come to “buy drunk”. The price here is about 11,000 yuan per night.

7. Four Seasons Golden Triangle Tent Camp, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Completed in January 2006, Four Seasons Tented Camp, Golden Triangle, is Asia’s most luxurious treetop camping resort. Located in the treacherous Golden Triangle of the drug lords, not to mention, this base camp for refining opium makes people break out in a cold sweat. Of course, the current Golden Triangle has returned to calm and nature.

The tent structure is all solid wood, hidden in the dense forest, and the luxurious furnishings give guests the illusion of being a rich explorer of the 19th century. Nong Yao is the main restaurant here, and the blue sky can be seen through the open-air roof.

The itinerary is mainly based on elephant riding, with a dedicated mahout and instructor, and classes are arranged for guests to learn to ride elephants on their own, and then explore the nearby jungle. The cost is about 11,000 RMB per night.

Author: Tao Zi (see Owner Leisure Manor Top Design Institute / Chief Analyst)

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