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Li Wei seven gave birth, the wine bottle pattern was grabbed, long hair hood was too soft

It is mentioned that Li Wei can be said to be a very online actress in the light actress in this year. With the hot broadcast of multiple TV series, Li Weiqing is new, the image is also deeply rooted, and there are many The audience saw this nine-zero actress carefully worked hard, low-profile as people and quite amazing actors. As a beautiful woman from Jiangnan, exquisite and soft appearance conditions, it can be said that there is a personal label. Recently, the character of a cool atmosphere in a variety show such as “Extreme Challenge” is also a circle powder. Recently, Li Wei is blessed, and the wine bottle pattern is eye-catching, and long hair is too soft.


In the Qixi Festival, Li Wei updated the Weibo to release a few daily photos, a colorful loose shirt and leisure, black wine bottle pattern is eye-catching. Brown long-haired offset design, stylish atmosphere, and no loss of softness.

Li Wei, who is naughty, covers half of the face, bless everyone happy, and also showing a cute soft cute in his own character, the beige shirt is soft, and the more and more delicate skin and slender neck.

With a brunette jeans, it is more embarrassed, and the makeup is clear, and the pink lips are billed out a delicate sense.


While I wish you all a happy Tanabata, she said that she has been honest, I can go out to eat, the personality of the little girl comes.

Compared with other other styles, Li Wei’s fine body is driving any clothing, it is easy to drive, this powder purple dress is like this, bright colors plus a wave point element, and even the softness of Li Wei.


The skirt is designed for a short bow, and the fluffy skirt is as cute as the princess dress, and the more beautiful legs that have been slender, and the size is really absolute.

Salt sweet Li Wei sometimes occasionally there will be this handsome dress, this orange red loose shirt with card, the color tools, the bright colors show a handsome and unentone, especially black half boots Domineering.


The orange-red shirt has developed in the rain, and the invincible exquisite face contour curve showing the sides of the side, and the Jiangnan wind makes people are drunk.


In the recent TV series “Fall in love with special soldiers”, Li Wei shaped an image of a stubborn and cute little military doctor, with Huang Jingyu’s hard and sorrows, the smile is full, unforgettable, hope to earnestly act show Li Wei You can bring us more good works.