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Recommend several magical desktop unzipped ornaments – the pressure of adults, is driven by their own practice

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Creative position statement:

Desktop unzipped decoration sharing, no single product evaluation, only for purchase reference.

Recently, a small news caused my attention.

A man in Chicago has been “jumping lake” for 365 consecutive days, just to relieve stress.

It is understood that the man named Dan Okonner is named Dan Okangna, which is 53 years old. It is a bus driver and three children. On the 13th, the Associated Press reported on the 13th, last Saturday, June last year, he jumped into the Michigan Lake in Monterross, Chicago North District for 365 consecutive days. “That is the epidemic, some people protest, or elect the year …… The pressure of life makes him feel everywhere.


The man said:


“Where (Michigan Lake) can make me awake, eliminate all noise, place where you are

When he insisted on the lake every day, he knew more people. He fell into a landscape, which attracted a lot of supporters.

This may be because of the same disease, it may be because of pure watching.


Indeed, for adults,

Stress people have, and it is everywhere

. For pressure, we must correctly know, find the right solution, and then lightly load the road, welcome new life challenges. Don’t try to suppress pressure, nothing, otherwise it will have great damage to itself.

Everyone’s way to solve the pressure, it seems like this, jumping lake, which can temporarily isolate the world, short tranquility and awake, can take the brain.

Some people will choose Anti-Die, read books, or hi, and have a lot of wonderful solutions, such as: experience death, throw pillows, bare …


In the company or home, we may have no way to implement a very troublesome decompression, but if you can prepare a two-piece unzip artifact on the desktop, you may keep yourself in a comfortable psychological state, avoid pressure accumulation caused depression.


Next, we will simply share the decompression ornaments of several desktops.

1, creative magnetic suspension globe


I saw that there is a single sharing in the station, I feel a very good gadget. Regardless of design ideas and texture, it is called a boutique.


Unlike traditional desktop globe, this through suspension, makes small earth rotation more elegant, and will automatically reply to the original position even if the external force is pulled.


Features: Automatic rotation, suspension, power off adsorption, independent lamp effect.


2, 7 ball handmade Newton wallet electric plating iron bracket hit 30-35 seconds energy conservation

Newton, it should be a comparative traditional basic decompression ornament. It is simple 7 solid steel balls, hanging through the nylon rope, and then pulling a few, the impact can cause several balls to bounce on the other side.

At high school, studying energy is conserved, the teacher said such something, so I have been remembering this to put a thing in the table.

The higher level of the product will be equipped with light effect, which is more beautiful.

The unzipped principle is also relatively simple, through minimalism, people instantly sink, enter the meditation status. Simply put, just need to see the pump swing in front of you, all other are ignored, and it is a short time to cure, transfer attention, relax.


3, creative decision pen metal rotation turn pen ballpoint pen office signword pen unpleaked artifact

One of the industrial winds, can be used, or by rotating, as the divination artifact. It is a bit similar to that magical human dispute.

The pen body uses alloy plated nickel-plated polished, and the chassis has magnetic and there are several simple decision writing, and when the pen is slight, you can turn more smoothly. Then enter the divination or decision state.


4, Newton, Galaxy, Galaxy, chaotic ornament, eternal motion


The unzipped principle is also very simple, that is, through a little external force, so that this small device can continue to move. There is battery power to provide power, through electromagnetic principles, so that this system can rotate.

Some small details in the sale of products can be replaced, such as the center of the round ball to convert the square, and some products are replaced by the round frame to semi-circular shape. Overall, Datong.

Product workmanship needs very precise, especially the joint part is very flexible, so that the visual effect of flexible rotation can be present.

5, small iron non-tumbler ornaments Newton posing balance ball office home decoration unzip artifact creative toys


This product uses a simple physical balance principle, and the previous older product is a bird.

This time, with a small man in a stress mountain, holding a thousand, standing on a rocking point. Users are very likely to resonate.

But how can you make it, the little person is able to stand up, magical villains, magical life!


6, gravity sand festival sand table creative reduced pressure toy painting, physics Buddha treatment, treatment

Sand pendulum, a very Zen gouquer, when the heart is not smooth, push him, will draw a variety of graphics on the sand. It seems that you can take you into a quiet zone in an instant.

When scientific and art combined, beautiful things appear.

Therefore, such automatic running ornaments seem to be through their own regular movements, people’s emotions can reply to reason.

7, hourglass shake as the same paragraph chasing dream hourglass, double-layer ornaments practical water droplets liquid timing hourglass oil leakage

This type of thing is not a very fresh product, but the updated product line, through the novel design, or can attract eye.

Traditionally, everyone uses the hourglass, now today, this type of oil leakage re-occupies the market.

The bright color can awake the visual experience when people feel good. Then there is a process of cure during the process of walking down a drop of dripping.


8, no resistance small cyclone wind finger Tuchi gyro 图 减 指 指 间 玩 玩 玩 解 神 神 神 神 神 神 神

Finally, share a resistance gyro, a bit similar to a hot fingertor, but this thing must be better to rotate on the hard surface of the desktop, and the surface is as smooth as possible to minimize resistance.


The products originated in the “Piratespace Space”, which may be turned on when they were angry, then they found that they were in their dreams, and those fluffs were going!

For many people, the office desktop is a battle place, and the desk is relaxed.

No matter what kind of purpose, the desktop is where we are inseparable, many times a spirit of destination.

I hope that today’s recommendation can add some colors to everyone’s desktop.

The pressure of adults is ubiquitous, we can’t expect that he leaves themselves, generally driven by practices.


Thanks for reading, I am a strong brother’s perspective.