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How does Mazda 3 Angala anti-theft lock indicator flashes? Remember these solutions

Vehicle Status: 2019 Mazda 3 Angkar, picking 27,000 kilometers more than 1 year, no accident.

Fault Description: Cheyou feedback, the anti-theft lock indicator of the car has been flashing.

The car anti-theft lock indicator flashes may be caused by these reasons: 1, normal flicker; 2, the anti-theft system is not released; 3. Key fault.

马自达3 昂克赛拉防盗锁指示灯闪烁怎么处理?记住这些解决方法

Cause 1: Flashing normally.

马自达3 昂克赛拉防盗锁指示灯闪烁怎么处理?记住这些解决方法

After the car turns off and locks, the car will enter the anti-theft state. At this time, the anti-theft lamp will flash.

Solution 1: This flashes are normal, no need to repair.

Cause 2: The anti-theft system is not released.

The maintenance technician reads the anti-theft system fault code with a special test computer. If the fault code shows that the anti-theft system is not released, you can confirm the fault.

Solution 2: Try to upgrade the anti-theft system to see if it can be released. If you can’t be released, you need to replace the anti-theft module. The 4S shop is free during the warranty period; if it is laid, the cost of the 4S shop is around 2000-3000 yuan, the cost of the repair store is around 1500-2000 yuan.

Cause 3: Key fault.

马自达3 昂克赛拉防盗锁指示灯闪烁怎么处理?记住这些解决方法

The maintenance technician detects the key signal with a dedicated instrument to analyze if it works fine. If you don’t work properly, you can confirm the key fault. If the key is faulty, it cannot send a signal to the anti-theft system, which in turn will cause the car anti-theft lock indicator to flash.

Solution 3: Replace the key, non-human cause, the 4S shop is free to replace during the warranty period. If you laid off, the replacement of the 4S shop is around 400-600 yuan, and the cost of the repair shop is about 200-400 yuan.

Summary: Tested, the car in the case is due to the anti-theft lock indicator caused by the anti-theft system untreated, and can be referred to the solution 2. If the car is driving, the anti-theft lamp has been flashing, the owner cuts the engine, otherwise it will cause the car to start. Here, we recommend other owners to check, maintain the car, do not put the key in wet place.