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Targeting Beijing Winter Olympics High-end France Outdoor Brand Rossignol gets IDG capital investment into the Chinese market

Distinguished from Canada Goose to open up Beijing and Hong Kong stores in a week, another outdoor brand will enter the Chinese market. On June 4, 2018, French Ski Brand Rossignol announced the investment of IDG capital, intentionally, accelerating the help of the latter, and accelerated the development of China’s winter sports market, thinking that the Winter Olympics held in Beijing in 2022 is prepared.

French Rossignol Group was founded in 1907, with a complete skiing all-line product line, including ski clothing, snowboard, ski boots, fixtures, snowballs and other equipment, is now one of the world’s most famous skiing producers. Many ski enthusiasts also call their brand name “Golden Chicken”, which is summarized in place for French countries and brands.

Its founder Abel Rossignol itself is a ski enthusiast. In 1911, his first wooden snowboard has won many awards in the sports industry; in 1924, in France, the first winter Olympic Games, Rossignol Become one of the sponsors; in 1956, Rossignol was acquired by Laurent Boix-Vives, rapid development under its leadership; 1965 to 1968, the company developed the plastic ski board laid the lead in the field of ski sports equipment manufacturing. status.

瞄准北京冬奥会 高端法国户外品牌Rossignol获IDG资本投资进军中国市场

In the past 110 development history, Rossignol has experienced the rise of ski resorts in Europe. According to the “New York Times” data in 2009, by 1980, the global ski sales reached 11.2 million pairs of peaks, but in 1990, with the rise of the ski equipment leasing, this number fell to 3.5 million, only Rossignol, Fischer Several brands of Head and Atomic are good.

Rossignol’s business line is also derived from the ski field to other slide exercises during this period. Open its official website, you can see other sub-brands of dozens of groups, including the main skating Risport and Cleveland, etc. . In 2015, the company also lay out of the cross-country area to resist the seasonal limitations of the ski equipment, increase the diversity of the Group’s revenue.

However, in 2005 to 2008, the Group’s performance has fallen seriously due to the weak economic weakness of the European economy. Difficulty Rossignol Group is a stage that experiences several management rights changes and traffic lines. According to the New York Times, the Herketer of Rossignol has become a Australian sports outdoor brand Quiksilver from Laurent Boix-Vives to surf the equipment, and is sold by Quilsilver to Australia McGi, US Consumer Products JARDEN, company The prospect begins to become ambiguous. Plus the overall economic environment is weak, Rossignol is also difficult to achieve performance in a few years of snow.

In November 2008, the company was currently on CEO Bruno Cercley and began to reorganize the brand. According to the plan, the company will focus on its main market – Western Europe maintains a stable performance, but the results of North America, Japan, Eastern Europe, etc. will be 15% from 10%.

瞄准北京冬奥会 高端法国户外品牌Rossignol获IDG资本投资进军中国市场

In order to stop the loss and handling existing stocks, Rossignol decided to stop the production of ski equipment for two months, which has led to unemployment of employees at 700. But in the interview with “New York Times”, CERCLEY has firmly said: “Unless I received a specific order, I won’t start to produce more ski devices, we are working hard to ensure that capacity and sales are flat.” At that time, CERCLEY was 2% in Rossignol, while Macquarie bank accounted for 81%.

瞄准北京冬奥会 高端法国户外品牌Rossignol获IDG资本投资进军中国市场

However, it has proved that this difficult transformation finally achieved forward effects, and Rossignol also found a more core business direction, which is a professional equipment for winter sports. It should be noted that even in difficult times, the company does not reduce Rossignol to participate in the budget in the direction of sports event.

In the recent and interface interview, CERCLEY once again emphasized this: “Our DNA is skiing, as a high-end outdoor sports brand, we provide professional equipment for the competitive sports event, this concept through all our strategies, including the movie star The way to cooperate in the market, and is also the core of ‘sports’, this is what we hope to communicate with consumers. “

And this time I entered the Chinese market, Rossignol also optimistic about the event business opportunities from Beijing Winter Olympics after four years. From the experience of holding the Olympic Games, the Olympic economy is both a focused economy and brand economy. It is also a radiocarian economy. It not only can greatly drive the city’s phased development. From a long-term return, it is also greatly promoted potential foreign investment. .

Chen Yizhao, Reutea, wrote that Barcelona, ​​held the Olympic Games in 1992, surpass Madrid before the European tourism business, climbed to the top five in Europe; after the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, local ski tourists 20.4% in the following year. In 2017, the London Olympics brought 1.65 billion pounds of income for the British economy and created 62,200 jobs.

In China, Ice and Snow Movement introduced in China in 1995. After the success of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, the ice and snow industry and related infrastructure have been strongly supported by the country, and the ice and snow industry ushered in an unprecedented development opportunity. According to the “Ice Snow Movement Development Plan (2016-2025)” released by the State Sports General Administration, China’s ice and snow industry should reach 10,000 yuan before 2025. In the intensive area in the snowfield, many snowfields enhance the ice and snow sports experience by introducing a professional ski instructor training system, improving snowfield construction and management, thus achieving the purpose of promoting national participation in winter sports and expanding consumer groups.

The rapid development of Ice and Snow Movement in China also provides consumers to understand and expose the opportunities of the ice and snow equipment. Since 2011, China’s sports travel market has begun to show the trend of double-digit growth. According to PWC research, in the next 5 years, the market is expected to grow by 30% annually. By 2025, China’s winter sports market should reach 100 billion yuan, and the equipment market reaches 16 billion yuan.

Rossignol is now done to seize the market as soon as possible. At present, Rossignol’s main market is still in Europe, accounting for more than 70%, North America, and other dispersed in Japan, Russia. In fact, according to a ski enthusiast’s interface, Chinese ski circle is actually a good understanding of the world’s top ski brands, including Brand Atomic, Head and Fischer, US Brand, USA, Germany. Brand Volkl, Italian brand Nordica, etc. are opponents that Rossignol’s face. Their founders are also most professional athletes, and countless awards in the competitive sports events.

In addition, China has also had more and more local brands, including FIX, VE, NOBADAY, etc., but with overseas brands, the visibility of domestic snow fixtures is not high. To a certain extent, their development is also the result of capital influx of sports.

“In China, we have only have some small agents in the past, and the volume is small. Now we have greater interest in the Chinese market, especially in the surroundings of Beijing.” Cercley said.

In fact, this is why rossignol selection and IDG capital cooperation. The IDG capital founded in 1992 was the first US investment company that entered the Chinese market. The number of companies in China reached more than 700, including Baidu, Tencent, Xiaomi, Moncler and Farfetch in the field. This time, IDG capital will be more than 20% of Rossignol, focusing on its Chinese business to provide business and cultural comments.

瞄准北京冬奥会 高端法国户外品牌Rossignol获IDG资本投资进军中国市场

“In recent years, outdoor sports in China’s rapid spread and development allow us to see this market huge development potential, and four years later, the Beijing Winter Olympics also brought unprecedented opportunities for the winter sports market. We are very confident As the world’s top 100-year-old brand, Rossignol will bring the top most professional outdoor and ski products for the whole world, especially Chinese consumers. And through IDG capital, many internationally renowned brands such as Moncler, Gentle Monster, Evisu and Investment and operation experience of well-known luxury e-commerce Farfetch, we also believe that IDG capital can develop a new castle on its success in China’s market. “Yan Yi Sheng, IDG Capital Partner. China’s brand overall, most of the agents are operations, at this stage we have found that there are very few brands in operation, but the next four years is a big chance of the entire brand, just like 2008 Summer Olympics. It will enter a brand of a brand.

CERCLEY introduces the interface, Rossignol and IDG capital cooperation is not only financial level, but more is in the strategy. The company currently has a clear idea. Rossignol hopes to enter China’s big cities, using the flagship store with the model development of quality agents. The first flagship store will open in Beijing, but more stores will lay out in the ski resort around Beijing. At the same time, the Group will not expand, but more inclined to develop normal rates.

Near Beijing, today’s big small snow field has been taken into size. The light nearby, there is already a dragon, Genting, Too Dance, Duo Mei Vacation Villa, such as the Chongli, the main peak jade beam is 2160 meters high, and the snow road is 510 meters. The snow is 400 hectares, and 28 snowways have been opened, and the infrastructure has been very perfect.

According to ski enthusiast feedback, well-known snowwood, including Rossignol, has already been bought in the agent store near the snowfield or the urban snowwater retail point, but only the agent is higher, and people who know the people will be chosen. Amoy.

In fact, Rossignol and other brands have a very good cognition in the China’s ski cycle, mostly because they have entered China through agents. As the earliest business of Rossignol, the business of Beijing Snow Flying Trade Co., Ltd. has been done in the past 17 years. Shi Minqi, deputy general manager of the company once interviewed the interview with “Global Network”, “The technology of competitive snowboard is not in a few years. There will be big innovation, this is normal, but Rossignol’s product advantage is that it takes into account the design, the ladies series of snowboards and snow boots are complete, and the value and strength are more abroad. “

瞄准北京冬奥会 高端法国户外品牌Rossignol获IDG资本投资进军中国市场

This feature is not an accident in the Asian market in the Asian economy. The Rossignol Group found the first designer’s cooperation 13 years ago, and has been working with Tommy Hilfiger, Andrea Pompilio. In 2015, 108 years old launched a separate clothing line, the product line will operate from the independent new sector within the group, operate three series, cover high-end sports and fashion life, product in Italy, Asia and Eastern Europe A small ski clothing production is also shared.

In 2016, Rossignol began to appear on Milan fashion week and men’s wear.

Although born in France, Cercley believes that Milan is more conducive to its own brand than Paris. Good place, and Paris fashion is more than Haute Couture. And you know that Italy is also one of Europe’s largest skiing in Europe. “Cercley represents the interface.

Indeed, outdoor brands have almost all fashionable reforms in recent years. While adapting to consumers, the demand for consumers is high, and it is also beneficial to go out of the niche market and attract new consumers. From the North Face to Canada Goose, you can see that outdoor brands have brought business lines to the road of Urban City Aesthetics in the fashion process. It used to rely on the fleece jacket and windproof jacket to start a small fresh Tokyo Designer Xiaochuan Hao Shi to cooperate in the spring and summer series of Spring / Summer 2017, and also entered the street trend of the street with the joint name with SuPreme.

So many European costumers believe that today’s outdoor competitors have become wider, and the light is in Italy. Rossignol is probably in the face of Moncler’s winter clothing giants, and the latter has earlier, it is very good. Brand foundation.

But CERCLEY emphasizes that Moncler is a luxury fashion brand, while Rossignol needs to be clearly the positioning of its high-end sports brands. It is still mostly professional sports enthusiasts. This problem also shows some vague borders in the consumer market. Customers often do not easily distinguish between real “luxury” and “high-end”, because sometimes their prices are different. According to Luxury Entrepreneurship, the founder and marketing president of Asra Eftekhari, the high-end brand is more emphasized to provide quality products, but luxury goods are added value in spiritual culture, and the scarceality on commodities is the most important.

瞄准北京冬奥会 高端法国户外品牌Rossignol获IDG资本投资进军中国市场

This difference is also reflected in the specific business strategy, then Rossignol will intend to cultivate its own brand community in China, to strengthen the product’s professionalism and richness, “We found that China’s young people now on the background story Very interested, this is the first big topic in the Chinese market, and people who buy Rossignol are more people who really understand the skies and brand stories. They will have emotional contacts with sports equipment, remember the feelings of use, so It is relatively easy to form a communious community, and the people in the people will create content to share, just like a family. “

This also means that consumers in the sports market are relatively loyal. But consumers who are increasingly professional, they also present the characteristics of brand dispersion.

“Old birds usually can pick themselves according to their own slippery and like to see yourself, the rookie is looking for others.” Senior ski enthusiasts “憨” is introduced. At the same time, he also showed your ski equipment: Burton board is better, the holder is generally union, the helmet is more like Giro, the board uses Batleon, the double-board brand is Rossignol and K2, sliding wild snow can use DPS Black Crow, snow mirror is Smith I / O, but the snow mirror bought for girlfriend is Oakley.