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Magnetic screens are good, the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic screens

As everyone knows, now with everyone has a higher demand in the decoration, the building materials products that appear on the market are all kinds, and they will take the screens. The ordinary screens are especially common, but magnetic screens appeared on the recent market. . There are many kinds of magnet windows, one of which is a magnetic screen window, then what is its price and role? I believe that many of them are more concerned about it. So, let’s learn together to learn about the magnetic screen window, the advantages and disadvantages of the magnetic screen!


First, the magnetic screen window is good?

1, the magnetic screens are beautiful, diversified colors are called a beautified decoration. Second, this type of screen window does not have a frame, it looks more concise.

2, convenient when cleaning the magnetic yarn window, soak it with water. Sealing performance is eye-catching, many traditional screens have problems, but this does not exist in magnetic screens. Around the magnetic screen window is tightly attracted to the tetrability, the sealing degree is as high as 100%.

3, the magnetic screen window does not have to be nail drill hole, but use more convenient and trusted magnets to attract, so that the structure of the window is destroyed. Magnetic yarn windows are simple, consumers can do their own installation and dismantle, and save time, because of the simple installation, it saves a lot of time.

4, the magnetic screen window is convenient, and the screen is not negatively affecting the sealing of the screen window, and it is removed from the screen.


5, the magnetic screen has a long service life. Use the installation without waste materials, you can use it yourself, you can use it after you remove it.

6. The magnetic yarn window is limited to in a variety of windows, or even the door. Not only in ordinary wooden windows, aluminum alloy windows, easy to use, even curved windows, and push windows can be easily controlled. You can also turn your own screen window to a small screen window, which is much higher than the traditional screen window.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic screens

Advantages of magnetic screens:

1, superior performance: Will not be destroyed for our window structure after installation, very flat, and achieve a good decorative property when avoiding mosquitoes. Our users do need a easy screening of screens, replacement of daily screens. It will consistently, the screen structure is huge, and the cleaning difficulty is inconvenient, and we can install our installation fees.

2, high sealing: use tetramic magnetic properties to carry out the surrounding attraction, almost seal.

3, cost-effective: On the basis of avoiding mosquitoes, it is very convenient to clean up, and can be replaced at any time, and will not damage the window of the window.

4, the production and installation is not enough, we need to install, a screen window needs to complete the installation work, and it is necessary to reduce our originally traditional screens.

5. Will not be used in the process of installing, the resources will not be wasted, and basically will not often have a need to repair.


6, can be used for a very pair of windows.

Disadvantages of magnetic screens:

1, high repair, not easier to clean, high cost, yarn network is very different, sealed, will destroy the original window.

2. Disadvantages: Only install it to the windows, it is difficult to change the wire, the sealing effect is very poor.

Third, how to choose magnetic screens

1. When purchasing a screen, in addition to the quality of the bearings, a fully enclosed sound bearing should be purchased. Open bearing is easy to enter the dust, affecting operation. The quality of the spring also determines the length of the time of use. In addition, when consumers buy, take more shops to compare, try to purchase more famous brands. “

2. Judging the good and bad window, you must first look at it. First look at whether it is uniform, if the discovery shape is neat, whether the thickness of the yarn is uniform; secondly, the hand is touched, the hand is slightly scratch, and the quality of the iron is hot, and the general domestic glass fiber window screen Soaded.

3. Watch the window screen and should also observe whether its minige is uniform, such as whether the shape is neat, whether the thickness of the yarn is uniform; then touch the window screen, the hand feels slightly scratch, like iron hot quality is better, general domestic fiberglass The window is soft.

The above is what we know about the magnetic screens, the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic screens, I hope to help and choose some friends with renovation ideas!

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