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Wang Yifan’s ordinary linguistic tutorial 1. Five facts about language

“Thinking” series – the general principle series of human thinking


Draft version, the full sense is too long, the draft is code to 19,000 Chinese characters – -! My concept (soul) is very simple, but I want a complete expression that there is no tens of thousands of words, I explain it in the end of the way, I still put the most basic questions I think in the forefront, if you think You have the ability to interpret these questions, then you don’t have to look at Wang Yifan said.

Linguistics basic problem (2021-04-14)


1. Why do you have dialects? The written language is consistent, but the pronunciation is different, there is a regional feature.

2, why always have new words, new words appear? Why is the vocabulary always expand over time (history)

3. Why is the language always contribute? Always come from habits, customs, and then generally difficult to change

4. Why is the language always blurry? His meaning always has something to finish, but it is not clear, such as freedom and I love you.

My “Wang Yifan General Language Tutorial” series is to start around these issues, in addition, there is a question, language and thinking, ideas, and consciousness in language, I have an answer. However, it is not clear enough, I can’t find the exact hammer evidence that can prove the exact hammer of my concept. Even according to my own criteria, it is not scientific, so I can’t put it in the basic problem list.

Wang Yifan’s soul of the ordinary linguistic tutorial: The language is not a symbol, but a message. The nature of the language is distinguished (district – Budie), no matter where you are sound, the image is still a touch, as long as you can express “different (distinction-district)” (information) can create a door Language, “Media Information – McLun”. I strongly recommend that every student language is going to learn computer programming, master a computer language, which is very helpful to understand Wang Yifan’s full text meaning. . . 0 and 1, it is different, it is a distinction (zone – Budie). The birth of the language is based on the need to convey information, and the language can be created by the interval. @ 2021-04-14 23:42:28



[Fact 1] The sign language also has a dialect (field).

[Fact 2] After the Internet (1997), there will be a lot of new nephew (assignment) every year.

[Fact 3] Differentiation of name words is to physically distinguish (district).

[Fact 4] If you often change your name, others don’t know how to call you (converge).

[Fact 5] The vocabulary such as love and patriotism is pointed (entity), but also Dynamic.


Don’t talk, don’t talk, first DJ first, DJ (fact)

Field, is the field of Bugdie

“As long as the deaf is gathered together, it will develop a complete (gesture) language.” Guide from the book “2018032 language instinct: Explore the mystery of human language evolution 1994” P42. They and deaf people living in other places have different meaningful gestures, and there is always a sign language, and there is always a dialect of the sign language. . . Similarly, in the language of pronunciation, there will be a geographical feature: dialect. In Chinese Language Zone, China, Northeast – Beijing – Henan – Sichuan – Shanghai – Fujian – Jiangxi – Taiwan – Guangdong, the pronunciation of Chinese language in almost every province will have regional characteristics, not only (30) provinces and provinces In fact, (300) There is a certain extent of a certain extent among the city and the city. In English language, American spoken and English spoken English is not too much, but, it is also american spoken language, and there will be further subdivision on the region in the United States, like a movie “Agang is Chuan” rias. It is Alabama’s accent, -! Although I can’t hear it, I heard that it is like this. New York accent, Brooklyn spoof in New York.

There is a dialect in the language, I think this is a common sense of knowledge (fact), but this is not the focus I want to say. What is really interesting is that in each dialect, a series of “vocabulary” with geographical characteristics will always be formed. Suppose Chinese has 10,000 Chinese characters, 70,000 words, then I speculate that there are more than 100 geographical character vocabulary every province, of which the most obvious most commonly used geographical character vocabulary is called – title. . . Start, no longer continue to go deep into the vocabulary list. Speaking of this, I want to mention a very meaningful question, why have dialects, why is the same language to have a pronunciation of geographical characteristics? Why is there any difference between the field between the region (perhaps this phenomenon is limited to Chinese language area)? Why is some vocabulary exist in a certain area?

Insert, this is not an open problem, the answer is the only one, the truth is only one -! The answer to the vast majority of the social world is unique. . . At least, Wang Yifan thinks.


In addition, there are two things I am interested in, although India has two kinds of official languages, but there is no Qin Shihuang’s book, almost all states say the language of the states. There are thousands of languages ​​on the islands in Indonesia. Latin is a dead language, except for those red guys, people know more than seven digits. . . – -! I haven’t found a book that can meet my language knowledge encyclopedia for this Earth people, and I have not found it, so that there is such a book.

These, language not only exist in dialect, but also existence words (geographical character vocabulary).

Assignment, is the assignment in computer programming language

Lying in a gun, taking the heart, the party, the Buddha, the official, Gao Fu Shuai, silk, counterattack, play workers, royal sister, Loli, long legs, you are GG or mm. Jia Junpeng, your mother calls you home to eat. Water is clear, no fish, people are invincible! The front row of the sofa, selling melon peanuts mineral water, the front passengers let it make. . . Teenagers are good, we have a model. Drink more hot water and drink more hot water. “If it is not allowed to make the ban, Qing’s must have a tiger word. @ 我 (用户 用户 用户, is not a king!” . . LMAO. . . Those vocabulary listed above are created, have a new meaning of new meaning. If you don’t care carefully, you may not realize that these vocabulary have been accused of new meaning. Lite gun, lying there, then poke him with a gun? Sell ​​Meng, how to sell, Taobao Jingdong spectacle sold more?

In this case, I still want to say a sorry, sorry, whether it is a new year network popular language, or enumerating the language library of various corners of the earth, does not help you really build a “ordinary language tutorial “. Sorry, the posture of the Saussian research “Voice” cannot be, I think the Jums base syntax analysis is not. – -! Sorry, a little regret … Sorry, at least in the “Mandarin Tutorial”, there is nothing. . . At least, Wang Yifan thinks.

Language not only has the characteristics of regional dialects, but language has time characteristics. The vocabulary for each language will be enhanced over time a year of vocabulary with new meaning. Of course, there will be a lot of old words, not very much, often used by people. (Timing and going to be myth, the philosophers and the Saussian said that they have laminated and spoken, I am sorry, I don’t think you use this new word to make us analyze how much, sorry)

Oracle, Tang and Song Dynasty, the new China, Chinese vocabulary showed growth trend over time, especially since the 1997 Internet Revolution, although there is no new word, there is a large number of words that have been assigned with new connotation.

The problem now is, why always have new words, new words appear? Why is the vocabulary expand? Why is it a birth word? Why is it a birth word? . . . So how is the language born?

Area, is the district of Both

Excerpted from 2019-06-05 DZH: “Doctor wears white coat; soldiers have white naval installations, blue air military uniforms, green land military uniforms; Bachelor’s degrees of graduation, liberal arts, science ash, engineering yellow. Here , I borrowed Biudie’s “District” concept: Different types of people in different types of different types of clothing … Doctor – Police – Cleaner – Businessman – Worker – Farmer, this referred to Group groups, they are consistent with the “function” of society, doctors, farmers, farm farmers, workers produce goods … So why did the mother want to call my mother, not a direct name? “Citation is written in 2019 , Then use this meta knowledge to today’s linguistics

In the linguistics, they have a classification standard for words, nouns – prepositions – verbs – adjectives, etc. Here I will take out the noun. This series is analyzed, the name of the animal – Tiger – Rabbit – Turtle, the name of the object – door – Window – Computer – Notebook – “Your name. “. . . We give her a name, just a simplest, most simple for physical “distinction”. My name is Wang Yifan, you are called XJ, take the name to distinguish me and you are two different “entities”. Two people with the same name are in the same class, the teacher will always do more, such as calling her two “big xj and small xj”, or call her two “xja and xjb.” The entire earth is not divided into races, national, nation, religion, gender, age, geopolitan, sexual orientation, physiological characteristics will give each person to each person, and the reason why this behavior is so universal, but it is extremely simple to avoid confusion. In order to distinguish, take a unique name.

In the language of language, the noun is the most obvious existence of the same truth. Bear – Panda-Cat as three vocabulary, pointing to three different species, this animal entity has different characteristics, when we use different vocabulary to describe them, we just marked a tag (symbol) to mark Areaped in the unique characteristics of them with all other things.

Taobao home page Classification: “Pop trend – sweater jacket small dark skirt wide legs pants treasure wool suit big cloth barbed pants no steel ring bra harsi back bra – upload – sweater sweater shirt T-shirt vena chiffon shirt – female Skirt – dress skirt cheongsam – women’s pants – casual pants jeans leggings cotton pants down pants – jacket – down jacket cotton clothing short outer plug woolen dress peel clothing suit suit leather – special women’s clothing – large size women’s middle-aged women’s clothing – Set – Fashion Set Sports Set – Clothing Services – Laundry Services – Socks – Stockings Pantynesia Socks Socks – Home – Home Clothing Pack Warm Underwear Tempera Socks Skirts Vest Sling Dollar Pants – Pants – Women’s underwear Men’s underwear – Bra – Bra Bra Suit Tube top – Accessories – Milk Stickers Chest Pad – Body Shape – Continuous Slug Size Body Shaping Waves “

Baidu Keywords – Women’s Clothes Name Daquan: “The type of girl’s clothes is: pants: strap pants, pencil pants, pure shorts, hanging pants, high waves, horn pants, strap ultra shorts, denim shorts, straps shorts, leggings , Skirt pants plus velvet bottom, trousers, leggings large size, autumn and winter pants, trousers, trousers, white leggings, one trousers cotton leggings, leather pants safety pants, ice trousers, Seven pants, bottom three pants, out of the trousers top: Short outer casing, T-shirt female, set … “

The presence of each of the vocabulary here is to distinguish (septally), the purpose is to highlight the properties of different styles, materials, functions, and the like, which are used to specifically point out (dissection) a feature. I am wearing a pants, I wear a tights, I wear a skirt, these three points to different entities, emphasizing the meaning of the meaning (thinking).

Humans give human own name to distinguish (district), in order to avoid confusion, I think this is a common sense of knowledge (fact). However, here, it is actually included a subtext, and human beings have a “unique” name to humans. If it is not unique, why not directly, my name is human, you are also called humanity, he also called human beings? It is to distinguish you, my me he her her. It is a different entity, and then starts to take the name … take a unique name.

Take the name, the words in the language, all the words, all this, just for the purezing distinction (disappearance), in order to avoid confusing each other, in order to highlight some different, highlight certain characteristics, however With a new vocabulary, unique vocabulary is described to mark an object.

Take it from the world, with a vocabulary area, unique.

Unfortunately, you are disappointed, not just a noun, and you will be in the language of the miracle of human culture. The reason why the vocabulary will appear, just to distinguish (district). . . At least, Wang Yifan thinks.

The real interesting story is just beginning -!

Today is temporary today. For five facts in the language, send three first, and then send it later. “Thinking” series – General principles of human thinking 12: Wang Yifan ordinary language tutorial 1, five facts about language @ 2021-04-15 01:16:08 End-108- yuan knowledge FOQ

Wang Yifan’s ordinary linguistic tutorial 1. Five facts about language

[Fact 1] The sign language also has a dialect (field).

[Fact 2] After the Internet (1997), there will be a lot of new nephew (assignment) every year.

[Fact 3] Differentiation of name words is to physically distinguish (district).