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It is not exaggerated: only mixing, can save the hardcover room

Most people who bought a hardcover house, they think about it.

In the soft pack, you can directly

, But when I collected:

Rustic mosaic tiles, exaggerated broth wall, really better to smash


Don’t panic,

Ugly crying hardcover room, you can use local transformation of hardware and soft decoration to pull back the value

At this point,


Designer sweet rice

I really have experience, almost everyone is impressed with her transformation case.

The hardcover room becomes a very personal style, must be bold with space, color, and soft.

Do not exaggerate, only mixing, can save the hardcover room!

An Yusong: Southeast Asian style + French elegance


The house owner is in the eighth day of studying in France, and the needs of their future, the needs is clear.

Like black and white pattern, big earth color and retro green

Do not want to limit it in a fixed style, but


There must be natural + vacation wind in Southeast Asia, the comfort of the wind + French style


Before the renovation, the hardcover room is easy to be old, so the designer is more decorated in a soft match, flexiblely uses different materials, patterns and colors.

Location: Hubei Wuhan


Housing: four rooms and two halls

Building area: 190m2

Decoration costs: 400,000 (local hard work + all soft)


Entering from porch, the first eye can’t help but send “Wow” amazing,


Demolition of the original marble and glass brick wall background

After that, replace it with the simplest white latex wall to be more resistant.


Transformation of the former

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The door cave of the porch is to the living room and the doorway of the restaurant

, Background wall with black retaining wall, with dark vines, calm, stable and atmospheric,

Geometric carpet

Medium and relaxed atmosphere.

As for the concern of the porch storage problem, the household retainer has already had a wall locker.

Motto is more “landscape space” as inside and outside the indoor

After transformation

Establishment table: real wood

Xule Carpet: Michaby Home

Demolition and demolition of the living room

, Continuing the black retaining wall of porch, replace

Light gray whole rug and pattern wallpaper

To order the tone of the entire space, the remaining large pieces of furniture are balanced in light color.

Curtains, pillows and stainless steel edges are partially embellished.

Cassina LC4 classic lounge chair chose a dairy style

, More fashionable than pure color,

Blending is the ability to control the pattern and colors

Three sofas: casaMance

Lounge chair: Cassina


Coconut bamboo pattern wallpaper

Used as a sofa background wall, and


Bamboo chandelier with oriental temperament

The stunning angle of the composition creates the natural and lazy atmosphere;

Customized silver gray high sofa,

The fabric is imported high-grade flocking, the gousy of the glaze, enhances the quality and use of the comfort from the details


Beige single sofa and lounge chair, fabricated in the middle

Thild leg rotating coffee table

Visually enough light;

Located on the textured rug of IKEA, echoing wallpaper


Single sofa: Nordic expressions

Living room center carpet: IKEA

Tea: Maison Dada

After the ceiling is removed, the projection screen is installed, and there is no need for traditional TV walls, and the designer has made a super-beautiful fireplace wall.


Choose the black and white contrast tile of the house owner, the roughness and the exquisite sofa background wall contrast.

Rattan furniture is easy to show natural, relaxed atmosphere, with Eastern charm

The emergence of green plants is

Increase space vitality

Not bilateral choice.

Vine cabinet: real wood

Where the fireplace is close to the porch, it is

European small side table bought in China

The classical decorative paintings and female houses in the upper part have a few points, becoming a hidden egg hidden at home.

Interior door to the study, also carefully

Replacement into black frame

And the overall style coordinated.

Connect living room and study

8M big balcony, is one of the most loved corners of the owner

, Well-light and spacious,

The middle wall is the same as the porch, transformed into an arched door, and the bail is divided into a leisure area and laundry area.


Classic black and white chessboard tiles, and black sides, hook,

Take a large space to settle down through the dark color

The rattan chair, the antique chandelier and the large greenery, avoiding the space, full of exotic exoticity.

The laundry area is the deep wooden locker in the top, and the brass handle increases exquisite;

The washing machine and dryer are embedded in the cabinet, no ugly drying racks, liberate the balcony more functions


The black box folding door of the tail can be opened, and the interior is maintained.

When I got home at night, open the balcony warm light, and the lazy nest chatted on the vine chair, swept the tiredness.

The 4M long restaurant benefited from the position of the window, and the lighting is also very good.

The original floor tiles and ceiling were retained, and the original background wall was replaced with camel wall cloth.

, In line with a warm atmosphere.

Customized striped fabric chair, echoing of the whole space

The sun is coming in, and it is the most beautiful moment.

The dinner cabinet is customized along the wall, and it is convenient to clean the storage space.

Choose black + cane elements in porch

Simple atmosphere.

The master is used for half a wall, and the classical natural licorice green is above.

Pure white wallpaper, more shiny than latex paint, carefully watch and fan-shaped dark lines

, Highlighting.


Simple retro column bed is customized

, Match the black and white colored wall lights on both sides, is the resort Hotel STYLE!

Main bed: real wood


Bedside table: real wood

Bed opposite

Vine side cabinet + wine well, a copy screen decorative painting


And with blue and white porcelain, the charm of Oriental aesthetics, showing it.


The second-bedroom design is more simple, the main tone is a big earth and black and white embellishment,

Fish bone wallpaper, is a small white match, it is not easy to make an error.

Second bed: oxygen

Fuji bedside table: real wood

Dressing table: real wood

Compare the bedroom style,


The study is smoking, and the texture of the material is better.

Woven wallpaper, leather seat, zebra carpet, metal textured table lamp and wall shelf.


To ensure that different elements are comfortable and harmonious, they have to cultivate the accumulation of the basic work and time of the designer.

Desk: True wood

Work chair: Nordic expressions

The corner is a lovely robot cabinet, accompanying learning / working hours that spend the study.

Wall brush brush deep olive latex paint, and walnut wooden bookshelf is a perfect match.


Pay attention to small details: Curtains also choose the same texture as wallpapers, each can see the careful considerations of designers.

Light: Classical Strip + Light luxury

The second case is also a hardcover room transformation.

Almost all of the hardcover rooms are almost a different kinds of households and decoration style, and the utilization rate of space is also very low.

So the biggest difficulty is that in the case of limited budgets, there is constantly improving living quality between reservations and innovations.


Like retro drama style

The owner also put forward a relatively special functional demand:

As an audio and video enthusiast, I hope to build a spacious sound space at home.


The final home is like a movie scene, which is generally immersed, and it is also inseparable from the master’s precision details.

Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu

Household: Three Rooms and Hall

Building area: 141m2

Decoration costs: 500,000 (local hardware + all soft)


Decorative geometric pattern wallpaper


, Directly laid the atmosphere of the whole home,

The color of the family is black + golden

It is best to match a combination of light luxury.

Decorative painting cover meter box

Black high feet, meet the storage function, the countertop is convenient to place items;

Vintage table lamp as an atmosphere lighting

I can enter the classical movie world in one home.

Looking at the local room

The partition between the living room and the study can reserve a full projection and viewing distance, directly enjoy the 160-inch large-screen visual experience.

The house owner likes the homework, and after opening two rooms,

Even if boldly decorated, the north-south transparent lighting will not let the family depressed

Projection installation diagram

Deep gray with texture, ground and cabinets are unified dark,


Golden a magic weapon with lighting space, improve space level and brightness

Three sofas, curtains and big carpets choose light brown system,

All furniture in the family chooses thin leg design, which is convenient to clean, and increase light feelings.

Near corridor

The column display stand, the migration distribution, four sides can be stored,

From the porch to the living room, it plays a certain occlusion function, increasing the deep feelings and fun of space.

The production of the display cabinet is also a wave of three fold,

The first manufacturer not only customizes the wrong structure, but also exposes all fixed connections.

The owner did it.

Open hole positioning template

, One drilled, on-site assembly, there is final perfect effect.

Open study at the same time is a casual area at home

, The wall surface and porch wall echoes, while highlighting the room, maintaining the overall homework style.


Black cabinet is separated,

Handhered private space


, Walnut color desk and work chair modeling Fang Zheng,

Simple design, no matter what style of scene, you can SLAY audience.

In addition to the second, the cabsee of the whole house is removed.

The original bay window next to the book is now become a comfortable seating area.

The balcony connected in the living room,

The east side is a conventional laundry area, and the west side is arranged into a plant angle.

The floor-to-ceiling window guarantees an open vision, and the steel pipe armchair of the fabric is a good place to drink tea.

The restaurant continues to retro style,

Golden imitation crystal lamp style chandelier, styling wrought iron dining chair and smoked oak color table

It is very good to balance classical and light luxury.


The restaurant is limited, and the aisle is relatively narrow, in order to better practical,

The designer designed a custom-made sideboard, the style of drawers + sliding door

On the basis of doing thin, the door panel has to consider the ratio of the border track to ensure the smoothness of the push.

Decorative painting is pure hand-made three-dimensional solid wood fellowship wall


Filled with the owners and designers’ careful and enthusiasm for this home.

The main bed of the earth is suitable for relaxing sleep, and the wallpaper can create a small.


The wardrobe is changed from the original entry to the bed.

While increasing the storage space, the field of view enters the bedroom is more open.

The paid window of the master bedroom is removed, and the sofa angle is placed directly.

After reserved a reasonable movement size,

The main design of the Guaway design, the arc is broken, blocking the line of sight

The walls of the corner are all available, just able to put down the high bucket.


The main security space is completely the world of color.

Burgundy red shine brick + almond color bathroom special waterproof coating


Black fine waist line separation

The black and white grid mosaic echo the ground, add more feminine and romantic atmosphere.

Boblin is a more mature atmosphere

IKEA wrought iron bed frame, not covering the beauty of vintage floral wallpaper,

Bright colored bedding and small table lamps, add fresh breath

The dark tone is the best to bake the rich atmosphere, first define a primary tone, and then through the fine change of the magicality and saturation, combine the material texture, and express color matching.


The identification of personal style must be made according to the preferences and needs of the household;

For example, the same is a living room.

[An Yao] more emphasizes the visual effect

To meet the wishes of the house owners at home experience;

And [Light], the living room is a home theater, and it is more appropriate to use retro dark tones.


“Mixing is not a fixed style,

But a design technique,

Different style elements complete unique recombination. “

According to the designer’s sweet meal,


Any material can be matched together, the focus is the shape logic, scale ratio, color area, etc.

Formal US diversity is the fundamental guideline of harmony

And the reason why mixing is suitable for hardcover rooms, and Xiaobai can also be implemented.


Shorthair + atmosphere

Double efficacy, depending on these common elements:

• carpet:

Geometric pattern of first selection and repeating lines.


• Wallpaper:

Choose a classic low-key pattern (such as vegetarian dark lines)

It is more duty than net red explosion.

• Wall:

Ning deficiency,


It is easy to make cheap and visual fatigue.

Learn to leave white and restraint.

• Thin legs dark furniture:

Line simple square,

There is no excess carving, steady and texture.

• Brass, metal and leather, etc.

Self-contained light, small area embellishment home.

Like today’s case sharing,

do not forget


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