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Use the mystery of the time to interpret time, see the clock masterpiece of Lego Great God

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“People can’t step into the same river twice”, the ancient Greek philosophers, Hercules, to explain the philosophy of “changing”. It is time to change with river motion. The river cannot be reversed, and the time is even better. This determines the finish of material, so it is still the mystery of time until people still feel enthusiastically.


In order to accurately plan, we invented the clock, it can clear the time change. At the same time, it also became the incarnation of time. It is true that you have already caught today’s theme, yes! It is the clock.

How will Lego creative masters use bricks to shape clocks?


It is clear that the first set of works rely on the famous super-realistic painter Salvador Dallley, the eternal “memory of memory.” Author Brick Danger does not avoid his admiration of Dall, he believes that “the eternal” of memory has unique and popularity, and this advantage can help his work harvest more favored.

Brick Danger is directly named “The Persistence of Memory” for the submission, and he wants to create a decorative work that makes people who see it feel the importance of time.


Side views can more reflect their structural difficulty. It is undoubtedly a challenge to create a weight-bearing upper base with a weight than the lower layer. In the end, Brick Dangerous opened 1040 pieces, completed this challenge, and let us have an intuitive understanding of the product volume.

Unfortunately, Brick Danger is failed to resolve the “fault” problem in the turn. There is no doubt that the surface looks like being cut, weakened in Dali’s soft, and losses some soul temperament.

The second set of contributions “Functional Mantel Clock” is provided by marcus.v.s.


The style is classical, and the realistic is also exquisite. Two high candlesticks and clock surface decorated with the front position, ingeniously improve the feeling of the clock.


Marcus.v.s. Refers to your own creation, there is no submission about Lego clock. He believes that for Lego enthusiasts, the time to record their time on his own Lego will be a wonderful and ideal choice.


The finished product consists of a technique and a normal brick. The mechanical structure of the clock is encapsulated inside, we can start and replace the battery by opening the “door” on the back. It can be seen that the table head and the lower pendulum should be working together, and it is not different from the real clock.

Through the close-up, it can be seen that the hinge mechanism of “door” is translational, different from the ordinary vertical side, and the design is chic. The finished product is 52 long 28.8 width 25.6 unit cm, which is equivalent to the clock size in reality. A total consumption of more than 2,800 parts. Marcus.v.s. It is also a “decent clock”. And he did not provide the close-up of the pendulum and the bottom decoration.

The third set of works is also written, but the style is more playful, and the fun is highlighted.

This group named “Working!) Kit-Cat-Cat-Cat-Cat-Cat-Cat-Cat-Cat-Cat-Cat-Cat Clock” submitted by Mukkinn, a member of Wanzan Club. To be honest, I first glanced as the surrounding of Spike Batman …


From the carefully designed introduction map, you can see that the author Mukkinn is a creative master with unique aesthetic fun. The black and white color is both classic and exaggerated, Mukkinn wants to use this retro atmosphere to enrich our environment. Most importantly, this Lego clock uses the same work as reality.


Thanks to the magic of Lego Engineering Technology, the legendary clock can completely rotate the motor within 1 hour, and connect to more than 15 different gears to indicate the time; while the “cat” eyes and tails are swung together. MUKKINN encouraged us to hang this vivid clock in the living room, after all, this is likely to be the only one after another.

For personal concern, “The (Working!) Kit-Cat Clock” is my favorite set of clock submission, I don’t know if you are the same? Leave your choices and views in the comment area. If you like this content, don’t forget something, share and collect!

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